🏆 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Challenger

I like the idea of a charm bag/gris gris bag because it would be easy to tuck into a pocket while you are carrying boxes. But when you said calm, grounding, etc. what came to my mind was an epsom salts bath because of the magnesium and it might make your sore muscles feel better, if you like baths. You sound like you have a very strong connection to your tools! I hope you are not parted for long :slight_smile: Good luck with your move!


I love the chant you did :sparkles: awesome I feel that it was a strong spell!

Magdelina- thanks for the recipe!

Happy Fourth to everyone!

Amethyst- Can I lite a blue candle for healing? To send some positive energy? You did an amazing spell! So powerful! :pentagram:

Lisa- I hope you, indwell in your high priestess!

Christina- You are a light in my eyes with lots of love
Jeannie, I liked your candles! You are so talented! And are so creative!


I want to get into mediumship


Great practice, keep doing it! You can do anything! I saw your coverpage so it’s true! You can!
I want to read Buckland’s spirit communication 1st before I dive into this practice. & I am reading a book by Sharon Farber choosing to be a medium, and has given me some good pointers! I have both printed copy and audio. thank you for sharing! This gives me some insight and if you can, I can!

Iris- Looks like you learned a lot about crystals and thanks for sharing your findings!

Steph - I love


I walked by a magnolia tree today and told my hubby look it’s a Magnolia! I love them too I know your runes are going to Turn out great!

Iris -:heart::black_heart::heart:Thank you for the pdf I kept it for the Bos and I hope the crystal grid went well!

Robin - I was on the fence too and was inspired by Christina’s candles :candle:



:crown:You did great for your first time. I know you have been doing this for a while!!:hushed::grinning:

Blessed be!


Thank you Jeannie, such sweet words for everyone! Also, feel free to message me about mediumship, I don’t think I am the best at it, but I am learning :man_shrugging: It might help us both to exchange notes! I also have Buckland’s book of spirit communication, and a book called ‘Seance 101’.


This is for the 50th challenge entry!

Making a Besom

  1. Search for a Willow or Burch twig
    Besoms? Did you make yours?

2.:toolbox::hammer: Tools are a Scraper, Electric Palm Sander, Sand Paper 80 Large Grit, Pencil, Wood burner, Symbols, Corn broom from Wallmart, 3 nails, hammer, Twine, and Charms.
🜹 Magical Symbols for Protection Amulets

  1. Use the scraper to scrape the twigs first layer of bark

  2. Use Electric Palm Sander till the top of the bark is completely gone.

  3. :pentagram:Draw symbols with a pencil, that is meaningful to you for your magickal practice.I used Hekates keys! Libra symbol, stag, masculine and feminine symbols, Earth, Air, Fire, water, Spirit, & triple moon.

  4. Get out your wood burner and burn the symbols in the wood

  5. Stain your broom :broom: with any stain that you feel is pleasing to the wood that you picked for your besom.

Dismantle a Corn Broom and take the wire off and cut the thread.

  1. Nail in two inches apart a nail. One on the bottom of the besom. Two inches apart, Attach a wire to nail from the corn broom. Wire and wrap the corn straw to the besom and connect to the second nail on top. Totally of three nails one is for the twine.

  2. Attach the rest of the corn straw to the besom using the twine and attach to nail.

  3. Chant

Twine Twine

All around the besom

To keep the negativity out

All the negativity shall be out

I banish all that is profane

Only the clean and

positive remains!

So mote it be!!

  1. Do a second coat of stain

  2. Add any herbs to the besom that you want

  3. Add a charm

  4. Now your besom is ready to be consecrated and ready for ritual.
    Here is the final

I had such a great time learning how to make a besom. It was nice creating my own besom with my own hands. I chanted while I did my twine. And I did it rhyme. So I followed the wiccan reed.

A lot of work went into my bosom. I am glad to know before I do my ritual ill have a besom to cleanse my ritual area.
I found a concentration ritual used for a new moon or full moon so I’ll wait till then. I might add to it later.
Too bad, I didn’t use birch wood! Know I now to look out for birch wood. I won’t mind doing it again!
I am learning that being a witch and it is not easy because it takes a lot of planning. I wrote it in my Book of Mirrors! And maybe ill find something to go in my bos for my besom. I know there is a lot out there about besoms so if you have any suggestions I am open for discussion.

I found an altar cleansing ritual for my besom and there is one on infinite roots

How to use Besoms/Broomsticks? :broom:
Thank you!
Love :heart: and light & be magical!
I tried to make my own page so I didn’t hog up the content my apologies! I forgot how to do that! Can someone help me with that please?
Blessed be✨


No worries, Jeannie! You can follow the instructions in the new How-To post: How to Make a New Discussion in the Forum. Hope that helps! :blush:


That’s a beautiful Dragon Tarot Spread, @Princess_Tara- thank you so much for sharing it! :heart_eyes:

Good luck, @wasantha- enjoy exploring Dragon Magick! :dragon:

Thanks, @Jeannie1- and congrats back to you! :partying_face: As for the lovely stick you found, it’s tough to tell. Maybe run the pictures through a Plant Identifier? @Susurrus recommended a few you could try :deciduous_tree: Your besom is beautiful- great job!

It sounds like your Draconic Self-Love Mirror Spell went well @Kasandra, right down to the singing candle and the power of the Rose Pink Dragon! :rose: Beautiful work and thanks for sharing your spellwork experience!

I bet your candles smell amazing @Magdelina- you choose some wonderful ingredients to include :candle: Great job!

Thank you for sharing about your experience with mediumship, @Katy_Mysticsens, it sounds like you really have a talent for it! There have been some discussions about using angels in magick and it seems like angels have helped some witches a lot- they do have a place in magick! :angel:

Thank you, @robin77- Congrats to the coven! :heart: Spell jars are always a great choice. Enjoy your spellwork, whatever you may choose! :blush:

Beautiful and heartfelt spellwork @Amethyst- I’m adding my prayers to yours for the healing of your infection :pray: Your altar is lovely as well- may your wish come true!

Excellent job exploring the Ogham, @Steph! I think the magnolia you have would made a lovely base for your staves. Good luck and enjoy :deciduous_tree:

Lovely spell jars, @THCLEMONADE- they look amazing! Congrats to you for your very first spell jars :sparkles:

My entry to this week’s challenge was on the long side, so anyone interested can check it out in the separate thread: How to Do a Double Divination: Tarot and Tea :tea::flower_playing_cards:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Whoo! Looking good! Are you going to use the straw from the broom you bought for your besom?

Yeppers, whatever candle you like. I’m glad you liked the spell. I’m certain it will help!

Whee, yes you did use the straw. I was wondering about that. It looks great, very witchy and you drew the symbols on so well! Great job!

Thank you, hon! And thank you for your prayers, every little bit helps.


Ow that’s great, thank you Katy_Mysticsens! I’ll let you know about any feedback I have! We can learn from each other! :wink:
:innocent:Good job on the meditation, keep doing it soon you will have an opportunity to make clear messages! I heard that it’s a muscle and you just keep working on it and you will see and hear from him or her.


What a good idea @sarah29 , especially given your situation.
I do hope you find the peace, calmness and grounding you’ll need, while you move.
Peace to you.


I’ve been enjoying reading what y’all have been up to for this challenge – lots of cool inspiration for things for me to explore! :heart_eyes_cat:

For my challenge this week, I was all over the place. Honestly, I’m exhausted from having covered almost 500 pages of a textbook on medical terminology in the past 4 weeks, and my brain doesn’t currently have much capacity for learning things that I don’t absolutely have to learn at the moment. So I took it easy again this week.

I’ve never really done much work with bath magick, so I decided to try the “Bath Spell to Beat the Heat” that was included in one of the most recent Spells8 email newsletters. It worked WONDERS for me, and I will DEFINITELY be doing it again! I copied it into my BoS and even marked the page with one of those bright page-marking tabs! Next time I do it, I might try adapting it to turn it into a spell to cool my physical temperature, but also cool down my stress and grumpiness from being hot and stressed by adding additional cleansing ingredients like salt or Florida water to give myself a bit of a spiritual cleanse as well.

Another thing I have focused more on this week is my connection with the land. I have some black raspberry bushes that we discovered growing wild a few years ago at the back of our propertly. While I’ve been picking them, I’ve beend doing my best to try to tune into the energies of the raspberry plants, as well as the energies of the nature spirits in general. I make sure to take the time to thank the plant for each raspberry I pick, and after the past few days after showing the plants my true appreciation for them, I feel like they suddenly exploded into life and have produced much more fruit already than they did the whole season last year.

A third thing I’ve done, in tandem with my previous discussion of trying to connect more with the land, is being more aware of the plants that are growing in my yard. Today alone, I’ve found several new plants that I didn’t know were back there: swamp agrimony, Canadian honewart, and even yarrow! :heart_eyes_cat: (Sorry the links for the swamp agrimony and Canadian honewart were so boring – I just thought they had some of the best, most clear pics of the plants :sweat_smile:)

Hopefully at least one of those were acceptable for my entry to this challenge :sweat_smile: If not, I still thoroughly enjoyed my Witchy adventures this week! :heart_eyes_cat:


Travel Witch
I used seek app for guidance on what type of stick it was but it could not identify it.
I’ll try google Lens
Thank you :blush:


That sounds like an awesome and complete, rich spell.
I admire your practise; I send you positive wishes that your spell has healed your leg.
Blessed be.


Thanks so much @Sherylanne! I’m glad you liked the spell, and thank you for the good vibes! Every little bit helps.


I am so happy to see every one’s choices for the 50th weekly challenge. You guys are so creative in your own little way :blush:. For this challenge I am still not quite sure what is wanted to do until a moment ago :upside_down_face: I have a love for spell jars but only tries it a few times but they were the baby 1"×1" size that you could put on a key ring.

My challenge was to make a money jar for my home. I found this spell in a book I was reading for the book club ( Spell Caster) so I decided to take up this challenge in having a larger and more meaningful

My spell jar and a list of what I needed is listed below.

The best time to do this would have been either a new moon or a full moon, however I did this spell during this moon phase with the intention of banishing slow flowing Income or finances, so I added a incense for cleansing and purification. Did find the jar to work, since a few days after I received $20 :grin:. Seeing some improvements and very please with my jar.


For my challenge, I decided to take action on my desire to follow a green witch path and attempt to grow some herbs myself!

First, I did research on which ones I thought I would use the most and added these to my BoS.

Next I selected herbs and started my mini garden! I have mint, chamomile, thyme, oregano, garden sage, and rosemary. I had lavender but they are fickle. I had planted them in a self-watering container but this was keeping their roots too wet. I’ve tried repotting then in a hopes to save them. Fingers crossed

I really enjoyed learning more about each plant, what they are capable of, how to and not to use them, and how to care for them. I’m hoping I can keep them alive!


I just love it. I love all the symbols on it. Thank you for sharing all this information about besoms. Maybe I can make one before Samhain. I’m inspired now! :slight_smile:


I’m doing this during the New moon! I really like this spell. I have bay leaves and jars. Just need to rustle up some dimes :slight_smile:


Jessica55, :infinite_roots:
I am not the one with a green thumb, Yet anyway! Do you have any pointers for beginners? :green_heart: :brown_heart: :green_heart:
I am just saying, “really impressive”!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thanks for sharing Jessica, I cant wait to grow better next year!
I actually have sunflowers and they follow the direction of the sun! Every time I get herbs they die on me and I don’t know why!

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Yeaha! I am so glad I inspired you and it is you this time!! Last time you inspired me, I think with your nails right? You did a ritual with your nails and casted a chant with it?Then all that positive energy was sent to me and I sent it back!!! So magical I love it!! :heartpulse: :black_heart: :heartpulse:


@Jeannie1 This is my first attempt with herbs so I’m afraid I don’t have any tips yet! I’ve only ever done peppers and tomatoes.

My dad, who’s big on gardening, did say that the key is watering. You can easily over water just as much as underwater herbs. As evidenced by my possibly drowning my lavender. I had them set up in self-watering containers but decided against that route.

I chose to start most of these from what I’ve dubbed “juveniles” because I can’t remember the correct term (not a seedling but not a full grown plant either). In the past when I’ve grown tomatoes or peppers, this does better for me then starting from seed.

I did start the sunflowers, mint, and chamomile from seed. Sunflowers are pretty hardy and I found this little cute pot kit at Walmart for 99¢ +sales tax. The mint and chamomile I have set up in hydroponic systems. I’ll add a picture in the morning. They seem to really like that.


Oh my goodness @Jewitch- you’ve been charging ahead at full steam with your medical studies! Good for you, but yes, you’re right to take the time needed to rest your brain! It is believed that a lot of what we learn is consolidated and memorized when we sleep, so it’s worth it to take those breathers and rest well :pray:

I’m glad you enjoyed the Beat the Heat Bath Spell- and I love the alternations you are considering the next time you give it a try! Feel free to share how any of the tweaks work for you- it’s always educational to hear spell improvements and adaptations :star_struck:

And beautiful work with land connection- it sounds like you’ve found some lovely plants! :herb: Yarrow in particular is fantastic and a favorite of mine. If you have an injury while working in the yard and gardens, Yarrow helps to stop the bleeding quickly :adhesive_bandage:

Beautiful job, thanks for sharing! :heart:

Sorry the app was stumped, @Jeannie1. If Google Lens doesn’t have an answer either, you could probably bring it to your local garden nursey and ask someone about it there.

But rest assured that it’s not necessary to know the identity- you have a gorgeous piece of wood, and there is some special value in keeping things mysterious! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Beautiful money spell @NickWick- it sounds like your book has some lovely knowledge! Thank you for sharing the spell and also your experience- may it help to invite some wonderful abundance and prosperity for you! It looks like it is already working very well :pray::money_with_wings: :blush:

That is some lovely Green Witchery, @Amaris_Bane- and you chose some wonderful herbs! :herb: Plants all have their own little personalities and can be finicky, so I think you did well to select a variety to work with. Great job- may your beautiful new garden thrive! :green_heart: