💯 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Hundredth Challenge

:cup_tarot: As part of my challenges, I am going to try to go out of my comfort zone and offer free tarot readings for 3 people. I am still learning but I know that practice makes perfect.

:pentacle_tarot: While I have never read tarot for anyone other than myself, I would ask that if you are interested - please message me directly with your question or if you don’t have a question for a general read.

:wand_tarot: Please NO health or medical questions/concerns or YES/NO questions.

:cat2:I will be using The Grimalkin deck for these readings.

:sword_tarot: It may take me a little bit to get back to you privately, but I will send a picture of the spread and my reading. I would ask for feedback as to how you felt the reading answered your question or fit your situation so I grow and learn from this as well!

:tarot_card: Yikes!!! Now I’m excited and nervous!!! But let’s give this a try!


Wow, this is exciting! It feels like destiny that I saw this post, because I was just checking out some old Witchy Challenges. I completed the Symbols & Sigils challenge earlier today. Using the Sigil Engine, since I’m a newbie still learning how to draw them, I made 2 sigils:

  • “I am calm”
  • “I have energy”

Pictures below:


This sounds so beautiful! Wow. And yet, if you still long for a dragon dish, I hope you get one some day.


Your pictures are so lovely. They bring us on a journey. I love how you’re using such natural tools, glass, etc. It’s very beautiful and calming to look at.


wow love your painting!


:100: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Hundredth Challenge

Entry for:shield: Powerful Protection – ‘Powerful Protector’ Badge

As a ‘once upon a time Christian’ whenever I was afraid, I would recite the Lord’s Prayer. I had nightmares that I was being attacked by evil and when this would happen I would repeat the prayer over and over and over…

Over the years I have learned many different forms of protection. One of the things I used to do was to place invisible air sharks around my home to keep the evil away.

I recently found a visualization by Autumn Storm, Sacred Haven Coven, to protect your home. So, for my entry, I am sharing the page I created for my Book of Shadows.

Spider Web Protection.pdf (171.1 KB)


Entry for Chaos magic

The first one, I don t know if I am doing it right but the word chaos magic kept going round my mind. Then I saw what happened to the sigil I made out of my birthday and name. You know I used it for my protection circle with the clear kristal point on the eye, surrounded by obsidians, lights and sunflowers.
The original one looked like this.

And I wrote my name on it.
The color was orange, color of the second chakra, element water. The sunflowers were wet because I laid them in a basket of water as long as I did nt use it. I did nt notice it earlier but water was spilled on the sigil and now it looked like this

My name disappeared and it looked to me like flames around the drawing. I also felt the urge to make it yellowisch
Chaos magic has no rules I read. Ha! I like that! Just combining things so I did and made it like this

The thoughts I had with this one. “ water made air ( sigil) into fire.
This is what really happened . Because I felt so emotional, vulnerable, I knew I had to change my perception of me, how I see myself, present myself, and therefore I had to use fire, a strong willful energy.
Also my name dissolved in the drawing, and changed into fire like figures. It dissolves in something bigger and less personal.
This to has happened. By making myself little I made in fact my ego bigger because it was trapped, it couldn’t flow and grow into something bigger. And now it did, by being strong and willful and standing up I made space.

I have never really looked into this type of magic so I am not sure if I understand it the way it is meant to be. I used an unforeseen happening and made it my own. Turned it around. I did’nt plan it. And I do like it when things like this happen and I can find meaning in it :blush:


My second challenge will be working with higher powers.

And I choose not to work with a deity but I will work with the energy of the great central sun. I don’t know why or how but I always knew this was very different than our sun, the sun of our solar system. So very bright and so much energy. When I imagine this sun I can feel it making me lighter, brighter and I am so much wiser, loving. It really changes me . But I often don’t think about it, forget, or I just can’t reach it.
So I challenge myself, tomorrow when I wake up, it will be the first thing I do. I will meditate, visualize and command this energy to come closer and flow through me. I will fill myself up with it, into my body, my cells, my grounding, and my aura. And then I will ask what it wants me to know, to do , to see, to understand.
And ofcourse I will share my experience and see if I can find a picture which does right to it


You are amazing @Amethyst!


Thanks, @marsha! :blush:

Oh gosh, taint nothin! LOL! Thanks, love!


Challenge working with higher powers

To get more in touch with this energy I used this meditation. You can download it for free at the Orin and Daben website. If this meditation is to long you can also download shorter ones. I choose this one because of the title . These are channeled meditations Orin: The Dawning of a New Light
Then I reached out my arms above me and say “ I call on the energy of the great central sun, and I ask it to flow through me” I imagine this bright sparkling light above my head, and try to feel it with my hands. Then I use my hands to guide this light going down, very slowly. I feel it getting warm and bright and tingling above my head and concentrate on visualizing this light and feeling it at the same time while I guide it with my hands down through my whole body. Until I get to my feet. When I was doing it I saw the image of a stone circle, a holy place. I imagined myself in it. Then I ask the light to flow through my body cells. This felt like champagne bubbles.
Then I ask the light to connect with my grounding. To flow through my roots, I felt warmth under my feet and then and connect with my earth star. It became very hot under my feet!
I visualized my earth star as a big bowl of light, shining bright. I saw a bit pink coming through.
Part of this energy goes further down to the center of the earth where all roots from every other being comes together.
And part of it comes back to me trough my feet back up into my body, where it goes where it needs to shine.
Then I ask this light to connect and flow through my chakra’s. I breathed with this light in every chakra. While I did this I felt a warm glow in everyone of them.
And at last I ask this energy fo fill up my aura.

I feel completely energized!

Now I am asking this light some questions.
I ask if there is anything important that it wants me to know

I need to stay in this bubble. And then breath into my heart and breath it out outside of me. I breath it out to you, all of you here on this forum. I see figures, can’t exactly see what, look like sigils. Soft colors in blue and pink. Gold now. Every color comes along but soft pastel colors.
Now I see a very bright big crystal shining in the middle of this forum shining every site like a watchtower.
You can imagine it to make the connection stronger. It is there for everyone and it can connect everyone.

This is it. I am going to ground myself and get back to my day to day life. Have to clean my house🤪

Love to all of you


Yay for 100 challenges!! :clap:
We all make this possible. I love being a part of this coven and team!!!

For my entry, i chose ✨ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Magickal Blessing

I performed the Bast Devotional.

I cleansed with palo. I made offerings of cotton, catnip and a huge feather. I lit the black candle for protection. I do have labradorite for protection. Tiger eye, flower agate, brown jasper and quartz geodes chosen intuitively.
I then said the prayer and left the cane burning for a while as i meditated on what brings negative energy in and around my life.

I noticed in the prayer that a word was spelled wrong lol it’s supposed to be harm and it says ham :laughing:

Thank you :pray:


@Amethyst I don’t think that’s weird at all- I think it shows that you’re very organized and like to finish the things you start! Both are very admirable skills :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Congrats again to you! :partying_face: :two_hearts:

@Torista Ohhhh Torista- look at that painting! It’s coming along amazingly :heart_eyes: I really like your art style- the dark borders on the mountains make them pop and give it such a vibrant look. Really beautiful! :art::sun:

Interesting advice from Lonerwolf- perhaps delving deeper into your intuition and inner space will reveal more to you about your past lives? It’s an exciting prospect! :star2:

@Phoenix_Fire It seems like keeping a list of challenges that interest you is a good plan for tackling them! :grinning: But 10 hours non-stop is exhausting, my friend- please get some good rest and keep on taking care of yourself! I’m really honored that you’re excited about them, but please remember your health comes before the challenges- be well! :heart::pray:

@katnabis I always love hearing about others’ meditation experiences- and you had such a beautiful one! :butterfly: What a peaceful, happy way to follow the butterflies into sleep- and the best part is, you’ll likely find it again (or something similar!) each time you listen to that meditation. It’s reassuring to know you can always return to that wonderful meditative place :blush:

Tea challenge! Tea challenge! Yay! Maybe I shouldn’t pick favorites… but I do (:joy:), and the tea challenge is def one of my faves. I’m so excited you jumped in to explore tea magick this week! :heart::tea: Lemon Balm is a lifeline here- it’s the “happiness tea” and never fails to help pick me up when I’m in a funky mood. It also helps sleep when the mind only wants to run in circles. Fantastic tea- thank you so much for exploring it! Cheers! :tea::blush:

I am loving your motivation with the challenges, Kat- keep 'em coming (as long as your energy holds, that is- be sure to rest up afterwards! :heart:) I think your green candle spell came into effect even before you cast it- may the energy continue to flow your way and help you beat the procrastination :raised_hands:

And you’re amazing for stepping out of your comfort zone to offer readings- that is both brave and very kind of you! Plus I can’t help but love that deck- I can see why you’re drawn to it :smiley_cat: :heart:

Fantastic work! :star2:

@Amaris_Bane How neat! The Victorian photos must be really cool to see- such fun clothing! :grinning:

It’s hard to put into words that kind of deep, soul-resonating vibe of looking at our own ancestral and family photos, but I’m struggling even more to word the feeling of looking at other old photos- especially those that lurk in the corners of antique and thrift shops. It’s like peering into a piece of someone else’s history- a very out-of-body experience that usually gives me shivers :laughing:

@IrisW You have a challenge spreadsheet too!? It seems quite a few of us do- and here I was thinking I was the only one! :joy::+1: :heart:

@Kasandra Oak tree leaves are a very clever offering tray, not to mention they are earth-friendly too! I bet they look really lovely on your altar as well :herb::two_hearts: Saving the money, looking good, and easily disposable- sounds like a great decision to me! :grinning:

@chaitea43 Look at those awesome sigils! :heart_eyes: Those are gorgeous- the first one radiates calm energy. It looks to me like someone gently bowing their head in prayer, or do a meditative yoga stretch. Meanwhile the second one definitely has energy- it looks like the busy bees swirling and spinning around the garden, buzzing from flower to flower! :honeybee:

These are really neat to see- thank you so much for sharing your sigils! :heart:

@Marsha You’ve collected some really wonderful methods of protection- I don’t think there’s much that could overpower invisible air sharks! :shark: :sparkles: I get spooked by spiders, but the web analogy is actually really pretty- it could be scary when needed, but it could also be beautiful too- like a web with sparkly morning dew :spider_web: :sun_with_face:

Beautiful, Marsha- thank you so much for sharing your protection methods! :shield:

@Martje Hooray for chaos magick! It sounds like chaos came to you, Martje- and when chaos calls, it’s time to answer! :grinning: And answer you did- look at those beautiful sigils! I love the bright colors and intense eye :eye: It reminds me of the eye of protection, but with inverse colors- you’ve made it your own and it’s amazing to see! :yellow_heart:

May the fires of chaos burn away any doubt you had and help you rise from flames like a phoenix, on fresh new wings :fire::two_hearts:

The sun- as a deity, a force of nature, an elemental being, or simply as a celestial body- is a really lovely power to involve in your practice :sun_with_face: Thank you so much for sharing the meditation as well as the process you went through- it sounds like a very powerful visualization! :heart:

These are lovely entries, Martje- thank you so much (and good luck with your cleaning)! :blush:

@Christina4 Your altar space is really stunning, Christina- it sounds like you have a lovely offering and blessing spell! May the negative energy be chased away by Bast, and may She continue to watch over you :two_hearts:

Thanks for the heads up about the spelling error- I don’t think anyone needs to be forgiven for ham! :laughing: We’ll fix that :wink: :+1:

Beautiful work and thanks for sharing! :black_cat:


Challenge Entry-The Veil Between Worlds

A lot of you know that I like to visit cemeteries, but there is one that I have always hated to go to. For me, this cemetery was all about pain and heart break. I go every few months to change the flowers on my parent’s grave and I feel ashamed to admit that. I just hate going. I have my ancestor altar, and I feel my parents all around me. To me, the cemetery is just where their earthly shell is. Yesterday, I didn’t know what I was going to do for the challenge, but I did know that I needed to go to the cemetery to change the flowers. @Amaris_Bane mentioned The Veil Between the Worlds.

Today was so different then the regular flower exchange because I was honoring my parents by bringing them flowers and I had never looked at it from that perspective before. I usually exchange the flowers and leave, but today I didn’t. I talked to them for a while and started walking around. I live in a very small town and this is the main cemetery. I know so many people that are buried there, and that is what makes it so different then a cemetery where you know no one. Parents and grandparents of friends that I grew up with and so many class mates of mine have passed. I smiled so much at that cemetery today remembering times with the people that are buried there and will visit a lot more often.


I did more sigil work! It was so fun. I watched Megan’s “Round the Cauldron” 2 sigil videos and decided to redo my “I am calm” and “I have energy” sigils, this time drawing them myself.

I used Sketchpad.io to make these, and I gotta say, I’m pleased with how they came out:


I have really missed a lot
Hope I will be able to catch up☺️


They look amazing! Love the colors :heart:


I was raised to believe spiders :spider: were good and to leave them alone because they eat a lot of bugs. I talk to them… but if they bite me I kill them :headstone: which makes me feel sad. I love the large spiders that protect my home, and I’m so thankful for them, and I tell them so.


That’s beautiful Marsha


Your sigils look great! And I’m happy I could inspire you :blush: :heart: