💯 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Hundredth Challenge

Ahhhh so much to choose from! I like almost everything :crazy_face: Don’t have the time now, but today I am traveling for two hours. I think I will use this time to wonder and ponder


Cheers! Congratulations :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::partying_face:


I think I may wind up doing a couple of them. I know the 1 I have to makeup & I’m looking forward to that, but I think I may be able to do another one in a different way than I originally did the challenge. Kind of like an updated version of my original entry from a different aspect because I’ve changed so much since I first started!

@Amethyst, you’ve done a great job & I’m happy that you are able to be here for them each week to complete them!


I’d love to read about your updating


I am so happy your husband is okay @AileyGrey! That was a scary thing.


Once I am home from my morning excursions, I will go through them & pick at least 1, maybe 1 more depends on how I decide to approach them, but I will keep you posted on the entries I plan on doing over the next few days :heartpulse:


@MeganB The pleasure is all mine- I get so excited putting the challenges together, I actually start daydreaming about what kinds of spellwork and things everyone will do for the theme :joy:

And ohhhh you’ve got some fun choices in there! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Have fun!

@Kasandra Three is a magickal number indeed! :heart: And probably better than attempting 14 and risking potential burnout- goodness knows it’s hot enough out there, inner burnout is the last thing anyone needs right now :sweat_smile:

As for working with a new deity- feel free to spread your wings and look beyond boundaries! Perhaps learn about an interesting deity from another part of the world (I keep thinking of your kitsune entry from the Beasts Challenge- I really enjoyed it! :fox_face:) or learn about rituals/spellwork in other traditions. The sky is your limit- I’m sure you’ll find something interesting and fun! :blush:

@stavroula Kitchen Witchery, Magick of Music, and Ocean Magick are all awesome choices- feel free to follow your heart and jump into whatever topics call to you this week! Have fun with it, Stavroula! :two_hearts:

@Amaris_Bane The sky is the limit- pursue and explore to your heart’s desire! :partying_face: And I know, how did 100 get here so fast? :joy: I guess time flies when you’re studying magick! :sparkles::wink:

Gorgeous work with astrology in the other entry, and great work with your ancestry in this post too! :raised_hands: Your ancestor altar is lovely- and I think the electric candle is a very mindful choice with curious kitties around! :cat2:

The pictures are beautiful- there’s something really powerful, something echoing (if that makes sense?) about old photos of loved ones who have moved on. Seeing their faces makes it feel like time hasn’t passed and they’re still here with us- the photos are a great way to reach across the veil and stay connected :handshake: :heart: Beautiful work- thank you so much for sharing!

@Alarm Beautiful entry to the Solstice Challenge- although I had a shock when I saw that gator :crocodile: :astonished: Wow! Was he really just chilling near the walkway!? I feel like if I lived where gators were I’d get gobbled up in no time- I’m so distracted that I probably wouldn’t see it until it was too late :sweat_smile:

A monk abbey sounds like a perfect place to relax and meditate in nature- it really looks beautiful there :blush:

Happy Midsummer and thanks again for sharing, Alarm! :sparkles:

@Katnabis Aww thanks, Kat! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s a pleasure making the challenges- I always enjoy (and learn so much!) from everyone’s entries. Yours are always a delight to read! :two_hearts:

Have fun with the themes you choose this week- I’m looking forward to seeing which you pick! :grinning:

@Siofra_Strega Me too! Gosh, I was so excited for the Ocean Magick Challenge- I had all these ideas running through my head. But life has been a tidal wave lately (lol) and I haven’t been able to do much hands-on spellwork at all lately :sweat_smile: So I feel you, my friend!

Have fun with your ocean magick this week- can’t wait to hear what you’ll do! :ocean:

@Phoenix_Fire Sorry it was posted after bedtime for you, but tada! Here it is now! :grin: And haha perhaps it was best you caught it in the morning- I’m glad you got some good rest, Danni- I know you said you’ve been working very hard lately! You deserve the rest and relaxation!

@Amethyst THREE CHEERS TO AMETHYST!!! You, my friend, are a legend- that is quite the impressive feat!

As a special something to the one, the only, the challenge extraordinaire, I think you’ve earned the exclusive badge for this challenge :trophy: :blush: If you’d like to jump back into any of your favorite themes with another entry, please feel free to- but rest assured that you are getting the special badge for all the amazing work you’ve done. Thanks for all of your wonderful entries! :heart::tada:

@Ostara The Monday holidays really do throw things for a loop :crazy_face: The days slip by fast enough on their own, but the day off really makes it easy to lose track of the days haha!

@AileyGrey So many reasons to be thankful- it was a terrifying situation indeed, but it sounds like things all worked out in the best way possible :blush: Add in my gratitude too- I’m thankful the danger is over and that you and your loved ones are safe, Ailey! :heart:

Really beautiful work and a very heartfelt entry- thank you for sharing!

@Martje Safe travels, Martje! :heart: Hahaha there is indeed a lot to choose from- I can’t wait to hear which one(s) you jump into! :blush:


I haven’t gone for doubles, if I started I’d want all of them to double and that would take a year and a day of catch-ups. I’m weird that way. LOL!

Thanks for the kind words, love!

Thanks, love! It was fun doing them! And I learned a lot!

Thank you, my dear! I really learned a lot about myself and my magic doing these. I can’t wait for next week’s!

Whee! I got a cup! LOL! Thanks, hon! Like I told @Siofra_Strega if I started to do one or two I’d get all weird and have to do them all. LOL. I enjoyed going through them though!


I haven’t really done much work on past lives so I decided to l :eyes: k into the “Peering into Past Lives” challenge while I wait for paint to dry.

I started out by doing the lonerwolf regression test and the results I got is that I need to work on listening to my intuition more.


Made note of challenges interested in doing. One i found i did incidently. Lol but im going to note down challenges as complete n do post with the title of which ones i do and what i did, just so its all in ones place. I hope that makes it easier. Tbh, taking time out to focus on path n practice actually seems to help. Esp when i go 10 plus hours non stop n full ball. Taking time outtojust plan which challlenges interested n what could do after the day at work was such a relief n a positive.


Ok for my first of ? entries this week, I chose to try out meditation last night before bed. I had downloaded the Insight Timer on my phone weeks ago but never opened it. I’m determined to get through as many challenges as I can (reasonably) and figured this would be the perfect time to knock this one out!

I picked Deep Sleep Meditation with Affirmations by Kenneth Soares popped in one earbud and laid down. It’s been a long time since I’ve used meditation regularly but one of my favorites was guided mediation that led you through a field to a stream so it was familiar when this one started me at the top of a set of stairs that lead into a garden. I get lost in the imagery recalling many a summer day as a child wandering fields in search of flowers and butterflies.

Image source

It was a wonderful, peaceful experience that did indeed lull me into sleep perhaps earlier than I’d expected. Being able to focus my mind on something vivid, pleasant, and relaxing was the perfect way to end my day, and might need to become a habit again!


I am looking forward to them


It totally makes sense! I love old photos. My husband laughs because when we go to antique or oddity stores, one of the things I stop to look at is any old photos they have. One place we went had shelves full of boxes of old photos. They ranged from early days of photography to probably mid-80s. They even had some post-mortem photos from the Victorian era! I look at them at try to image what they were like, what their lives were like, what hardships they went through. It makes me appreciate the little things in my life.


I’m going to have to update my spreadsheet!


Entry #2
I chose to have a mug of iced lemon balm tea before working on some other things. I chose lemon balm, in part because I grow it and dried some from last year’s crop as well as for its calming effects.

From my herb garden

Did you know that Lemon Balm Melissa officinalis is a trophoresorative? That means it can help restore an exhausted nervous system? I hadn’t until today when I did some digging into Lemon Balm.

Since we are back in another heat wave, I chose to infuse my tea with hot water and a bit of sweetener. Then once it was properly steeped add some ice before drinking.

I found a lovely website afterward that gives instructions for making cold infusions in addition to hot. I think next time, I will try some fresh leaves in a pitcher of water!

(Image source: Kat Sanchez https://gardenerspath.com/plants/herbs/lemon-balm-tea/ )


I did not know that but now I’m on the hunt for some that I can use in tea!! As an empath as well as a migraine sufferer, I need to have this on hand! I would grow my own but the Texas heat is killing all of my plants this year, even some of my succulents are having a hard time!


Third Entry: I will combine them into one post from here on out to avoid spamming this thread. I just had unexpected free time and was inspired to work on challenges this morning!

I chose to do a Green Candle Meditation. I feel like I have been withdrawn and feeling weak and unmotivated lately and NEED to kick myself out of this funk! I know what I need to do, I’m just having trouble motivating myself/not procrastinating.

I gathered my tools, dressed the candle in frankincense oil and placed it in a fireproof container (on a wooden coaster), and filled the vessel with salt. I added the feather :feather: that I found on my morning run as it seemed appropriate. After finishing my tea, I lit the candle, held my green adventurine heart, and clicked start on the meditation.

I will admit I was very pleasantly surprised to have another guided meditation take me into a field and forest. It’s honestly one of my favorite places in real life and is easy for me to bring clearly to my mind’s eye. I chose to keep my eyes open but fixed on the flame during the entirety of the meditation. I chose to set my intention firmly in regard to my business, thanked mother earth, and extinguished the candle.

I did jot some quick notes in my BoS / All Purpose Magickal Journal just to put thoughts to paper (reality).

I’ve got a few more ideas and some energy left today so I may work on a couple more. Otherwise, I’ll tackle them tomorrow or Monday. Weekends are much too busy for me to eek time out for this.


I know I said that I was only going to do three challenges, but I decided to add one more to the list: The Thrifty Witch :dollar:! A while back, I posted that I was going to buy a dragon dish for my offerings, but they’re currently out of stock and may not be in stock again for some time. I have always thought that maple trees were the dominant tree in my area, but I noticed that we have about the same number (if not more) oak trees. And I thought, “Why not place some oak leaves on my altar and put my offerings on them?”


That’s a lovely idea @Kasandra!


That’s so awesome @Amethst congratulations :partying_face: :tada: