🪄 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Tools of the Witch Trade

Weekly Witchy Challenge - Tools of the Witch Trade

As I am still learning the Witchcraft natures, Covens, spells, and as I use these tools I do a consecration of my Tools at least once a month, so they are free from negative energy so that my spells are full of positive energy. I like to study the books about witchcraft and learn some more different things and how to use them. So far my best study of learning comes from Spells8 Lesson Courses, they are very informative and have so much information. These tools I use the most are:

My wand and incense burner

My Crystals

My Cauldron is a little out of focus.

This is my Crystal Ball, still learning to use it.

All my herbs, flowers, salts

My candles.

These are my Tarot/Oracle Decks

And a few of my books.

I have on Order three books about the goddesses, Brigid, Hekate, The Morrigan. Hopefully reading about the different Goddesses I will get the feeling they are calling to me.

Blessed Be :dizzy: :pentagram: :sparkles: :hearts:


Hi i am making my own besome, still a work in progress.


My favourite tool is the athame. I have a few I use for different purposes.


My favorite recent tool that I’ve been using is a set of earrings, actually :laughing: They are little silver roses!


It’s not the greatest picture, but these little stud earrings have been part of a visualization and protection practice I’ve started up when I leave the house. They’re roses, and the roses I’m accustomed to seeing “in real life” grow on long stems with thorns.

For these rose earrings, I put them on and call upon the protective barrier of rose bushes covered in thorns. From my earrings, the visualization spreads to surround me in prickly vines covered in thorns. Only the energy that I allow to pass through the barrier, through the roses, is permitted past the thorny bubble I surround myself with.

I don’t say any words during this, no chants or incantations. Instead, I speak plainly and call upon the thorns to provide a barrier between me and the outside world.


@MeganB those earrings are beautiful. :rose:


I used my mortar & pestle to grind my herbs that I added to make Legacy Bath Salts. I had made a turkey leg broom last fall that I used to clean my area. However I discovered my cat has eaten some of the corn straws.


Thank you! I have absolutely zero idea where they came from :laughing:


For this Challenge I had to sit and think about it because there’s sooo many “tools” involved in my crafting but I think I can narrow it down to the following:
The Moon: :full_moon:
I’m in love with her. I like to collect moon water and use it for certain spell work. I look for her on visible days and acknowledge her presence.

Nature: :wilted_flower::deer:
She inspires me daily with her beauty. So powerful!

Candles: :candle:
I took to making my own and add herbs & scents for crafting spells or burn regularly for meditation.

Book of Shadows: :scroll:
A treasured collection of necessary knowledge.

Herbs: :seedling::herb:
Valuable for spell work.

And like others have mentioned…myself! :mage: My willingness to do what works to keep my life harmonious and peaceful. :heart:


I have many tools that I regularly use, but I would say the items I get really attached to for my practice as it’s prominent, I either wear every day (Brighid’s Cross Charm, Crow Charm, Lugh’s Shield Charm, Goddess Charm) & my crystal turtles. They are all made up of a favorite crystal of mine to work with & they each get their own special cleansing. One of my favorites is the Tiger’s Eye turtle & the Lapis Lazuli was my first turtle. I think the Labradorite one is just adorable. I have a handful of others that I just love. Some of them can be put on a necklace to be worn. I believe one of those is a rhodochrosite. have to really look at it again.

Another thing that I love to do & I am getting very good at, is making my own fresh loose incense for the charcoal burners. I have 1 special blend for the Morrigan :triquetra: & Brighid :triskele: made up into jars. Then others I make depending on my intentions for that day & using what I have in my apothecary that just keeps growing :joy:

I also have a selenite wand with chakra crystals attached to it & a clear quartz crystal hanging from the bottom on my rearview mirror with a Black Tourmaline in a keychain for my daily set & a Rose Quartz keychain on my spare set.


Awesome entries, loving all the tools I see here!


Some of mine. Still haven’t found a wand, a few months ago tried to look for a big enough branch, but nothing stuck out to me. Still working on it.

This is what I use as a cauldron, and an athame (use a swimmers knife - like the set up of this particular knife and the hold of it). That plastic thing to the left, use it to prop up my yantra or whatever imagine I want to focus on. I personally don’t keep symbols out, but keep them tucked away and taken out or drawn up on a need to basis. My set up is pretty plain.

My binders for my entries on spells, journaling, readings, and dousing charts, and my pendulum and ruler.

My Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck and pouch for it.

I have a box of candles, candle holders, incenses, and other with yarns and certain herbs I use outside of the cooking (like mugwort). I have a bunch of crystals, not too many though.

In the deep back of my refrigerator, have tiny mason jars with Moon water for each month since August 2021 (missing Jan 2022 and Feb 2022).


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

I feel like I’ve wandered into an emporium of magick- seeing everyone’s favorite magickal tools has me in awe! :heart_eyes: Thank you all so much for sharing your wands, athames, cauldrons, and so much more this week! :sparkles:

A Props and Presents post will soon appear with shout-outs and prize details. Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums.

Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :magic_wand: :heart:


@LadyDennaRahl Absolutely gorgeous tools- your athame, besom, scribe, and wax seal are all lovely, and the loveliest of all was saved for last, you are indeed the most important piece of your practice! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I know you said this was a hard challenge to approach, but you’ve shared a gorgeous entry- thank you, Charlaine! :heart:

@Phoenix_Fire You have so many wonderful tools you use in your practice, Danni- I love how you have used creativity to make everything work for you and your practice :blush: Thank you very much for sharing about all your tools, great job! :star2:

@Sophie2Wands I completely understand- so many magickal tools out there, yet never enough in the wallet to get them all! :sweat_smile: But witchcraft doesn’t have to break the bank, and a little creativity goes a long way with finding and making magickal tools. It sounds like you have already started a beautiful collection of your own, Sophie- thank you so much for sharing about your treasured tools! :ring: :magic_wand: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Ostara Ohhh herbs are certainly a precious part of a green witch’s practice- congrats on your new plants, Ostara, you’ve got some really lovely ones to add to your beautiful garden! :herb::green_heart: Have fun with your planting!

And thank you for also sharing about the tools you haven’t used yet, Ostara- perhaps they are not meant to be in your practice (and nothing wrong with that, different things work for different witches!) or perhaps they are just waiting for the right moment to find their use for you :blush:

@Christina4 It’s really tough to have all your favorite tools packed away in boxes- I feel you, Christina! But I’m glad you have your lovely bracelet close by. Magickal jewelry is such a great way to keep favorite crystals close :prayer_beads: :gem: Good luck with the painting, thanks for sharing!

@Amethyst Not as many folks explored wands as I thought (I’ve been blown away by the sheer diversity of tools everyone has!), but I hope you still found some creative ideas for tool usage through the challenge, Amethyst! :pray: :blush: And that is a gorgeous chant to go along with the consecration- way to be creative with the unique properties of your wand! :magic_wand: :heart: It really is a gorgeous one too- may it always serve you well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Satu_TheGreenWitch I didn’t even think of hands- that is a great tool, and certainly one of the most important! :raised_hands: Your collection of magickal tools is truly lovely, I think I’ve mentioned it before but I really do love your asethetic- the colors, the combination of items, everything looks so comfortable and delightful :heart_eyes: And that hat!!! Ahhh I squealed a bit when I saw it- it is such a gorgeous hat, one that a green witch can wear with pride! :green_heart: Thank you so much for sharing your lovely magickal tools, Satu!

@Kasandra Beautiful and heartfelt cord-cutting spell- I feel that it is a particularly good time of year to cut away old negativity and leave room for fresh growth :seedling: Many thanks to you and Davliteau for this lovely spell! :pray: :fire::heart:

@Janis That’s a really great point you make about changing tools to suit your needs and energy in the moment- our energy changes throughout the day, and something that may not work in the morning may feel perfect to use later on! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Janis, along with your beautiful tools and that blessing, such a great way to close spellwork after working with tools! :sparkles::blush: Sending positive thoughts to your friend- I hope she is okay, although I am sure having you and your loving healing at her side is a huge reassurance! :pray:

@Rowan Hooray for knot magick! :thread: And you have such a lovely collection of magickal tools- thank you for including the computer as well! It’s one that I didn’t even think of when putting together the challenge, yet as someone who keeps their sacred book and logs on my computer it is definitely a big part of my Craft too :grinning: :+1: Great exploration for your magickal tools- thank you for sharing!

@Athena The days do slip away quite quickly! :laughing: Thank you for sharing about the tools most dear to you- you have so many wonderful ones, Athena! :heart: Your sacred spaces and lovely kitchen garden are so fun to see too- thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you have a blessed week as well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Marsha I can tell that your tarot and oracle cards are very important tools within your practice, Marsha- and what an impressive collection of decks you have! :heart_eyes: Hahaha I know the feeling with decks that it’s never enough- you can never have too many beloved cards! Thank you for sharing your collection :pray::two_hearts:

@Sarafeena_Sage There is never enough money for all of the pretty tools that call to us haha, I know the feeling well! :laughing: It sounds like you already have a really wonderful collection of magickal tools, Sarall- so many lovely things to aid you in your Craft! :sparkles: Thank you for sharing about all of your favorites, hope you have a wonderful day too! :gem::blush:

@Jem1 For a witch with music in their soul, voice and guitar are wonderful tools to help channel that beautiful magick :guitar: :notes: The emotions in songs carry so much power, and music is a great channel for magick! Thanks so much for sharing, Jem! :dancer:

@Debra2 Beautiful wand, incense burner, crystal collection, cauldron, crystal ball, herbs, flowers, magickal salts, candles, books and- of course- your beautiful decks too! :two_hearts: You have a gorgeous collection of magickal tools, Debra, they are all a delight to see- thank you for sharing! :partying_face:

@Julie8 Beautiful athames, and look at that besom! :heart_eyes: It is already stunning, Julie- I really like the addition of the dream catcher. Thank you for sharing your magickal tools! :broom::dagger:

@MeganB The silver rose earrins are beautiful, Megan- I love how you’ve incorporated a magickal tool into something you can wear and carry around with you easily :blush: The idea of wearing them as a protective barrier is genius, what a great practice! Thank you so much for sharing them :rose::heart:

@Bonnie Merry meet, Bonnie! Ohhh a mortar and pestle are great to have on hand for crafting, especially for bath mixes! :salt: And I’m so sorry to hear about the nibbles to your broom- perhaps your kitty wanted a broom of their own! :smile_cat: Thank you very much for sharing about your favorite magickal tools! :heart:

@Mistella That moon phase banner is gorgeous- may I ask what the pieces are made out of? From the picture it looks like they are hammered metal and they look so lovely :full_moon: :sparkles: Beautiful pictures of your garden and sacred spaces as well- everything is so organized and neat! :heart_eyes: You’ve really made your areas your own and filled them with such wonderful things, it is a delight to see, Mistella! Thank you for sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Siofra_Strega So many amazing magickal tools- I know your collection has grown over the months you’ve been practicing, and I always enjoy hearing about your latest treasures and newest favorites to your impressive collection, Siofra! :heart: Thanks so much for sharing about all of your amazing magickal tools :sparkles:

@Eliza_01 Keep looking, Eliza- I am sure the perfect piece of wood will find its way to you when the moment is right :magic_wand: :blush: Your cauldron, athame, journals, and tarot are all lovely to see, and it sounds like you have so many wonderful magickal tools in your collection! :heart: Thank you very much for sharing about them all!

You know that feeling when you wander into a cute metaphysical store or find yourself browsing through witch shops online? I imagine it’s like when a dragon sees something shiny to add to their collection- I feel such a sense of awe-mixed-with-envy while enjoying these lovely challenge entries! :laughing: :+1:

Thank you all SO MUCH for joining in the magickal tools challenge! The props and presents post for this challenge is now live in the forum and badges have been sent out to everyone who shared an entry :trophy:

Blessed be, Well-Equipped Witches! :magic_wand: :heart:


I picked these little brooms up from the Dollar Tree.
I purchased them in mind for protect my new home . There’s one places over my front , back and side door.

I did The Witches broom spell. I enjoyed making my own sage water for this ritual.

My new home is warm and welcoming blessed and protected.


Thanks, hon! I was surprised by all the tools too! I’ve learned a lot. And thank you for the kind words about my wand, I’m really pleased I found it.


That’s awesome your mom is supportive on your journey :purple_heart:


Thank you so much for the new badge! Yes, the moon phases are hammered gold metal and I found it on Amazon :hugs:


That’s where I found my besom too :grin: love me some dollar store! I love that you did a Witches Broom Spell :broom:


@MsQ Your brooms are adorable- what a great find at the Dollar Store! :heart_eyes: It’s a good reminder that witchiness doesn’t have to break the bank, a little creative thinking and thrifty shopping can go a long way in the Craft :+1: May your lovely brooms watch over and protect your home, MsQ- thank you for sharing! :heart:

@Amethyst I’m glad to hear you were able to learn a lot- I certainly did too, there are way more magickal tools out there than I had in mind when I was writing up the challenge post! :joy::+1: It sounds like you and your wand are a lovely match, may it continue to serve you well, my friend! :magic_wand: :heart:

@Mistella You’re very welcome, Mistella- thank you for joining in! And wow, the hammered gold moon banner is such a great find, it’s really gorgeous! :full_moon: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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