Weekly Witchy Challenge Topic

Hello everyone! I’m not sure if this topic would interest anyone but I was thinking about choosing a Witch’s Name, if you dont have one. How would someone go about this. Why would they choose that particular name. Does that name have a magical reference and so on…

Blessed Be
Medéá :revolving_hearts: :man_mage:t3:


Warm greetings, Medea! :blush:

While often the first thing we share when meeting someone new, a name is a very personal thing- unlike our birth names which are presented to us at birth, a witch name (aka magickal name) is a gift we give ourselves :gift_heart: It’s something special, chosen with care to represent ourselves as we are in our magickal path :sparkles:

I definitely think it’s an interesting topic, and a great one to explore! :grinning:

There are a few forum guides and discussions out there on the topic that might interest/inspire you, so I hope you don’t mind if I leave a few links here:

Lots of love and blessed be! :sparkles:


No of course I don’t mind I chose my name and it is a special name to me as it is one of Hekate’s daughters name I thought maybe others might be interested in the topic if they were choosing a name thank you for your feedback as always,
Medea :revolving_hearts:


After having this as my name, honestly, I can’t say that is necessarily my witch name. There are absolutely references to my heritage & practice with each word, I don’t use it anywhere but within the forum & my witchy friends that I speak with outside of the forum, don’t refer to me with it & most don’t even know about it :laughing:

I chose it based on the happenings around me & how I felt inside & out while continually learning & the twists & turns of my path & life around me. (if that makes sense? :thinking:) It does have a special(ness) to it for me absolutely & I’m connected to it. I just don’t associate it with a “witch name” for myself. That’s my personal preference though.

Some day I may have a witch name that I regularly use during spells, rituals, or other times… but right now I’m happy… it will come to me when it’s meant for me.

I think exploring the options & how you would choose or receive one could be made into a Weekly Challenge somehow though. Or even someone’s personal username for the forum can hold a special meaning or direction for them in their practice too.


I may have said it before, but I think “Medea” is a beautiful name on its own, and a particularly fitting name for one who studies magick! You wear it very well :heart::blush:

I agree 100%- choosing your magickal name is often a big step in a witch’s journey (although not all choose to take on a magickal name, and that’s fine too!) so it is wonderful to have resources and welcoming places to discuss/find inspiration about the process. Thank you so much for opening up the discussion, Medea! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Well, I guess I’m lazy and decided to use my birthstone. :revolving_hearts:


I myself don’t have a witch name :woman_shrugging: I’ve never felt like I needed on, to be honest, and I’m finally at a place where I connect with my birth name so that’s the name I use :blush:

Also, may I just ask here – were you suggesting magickal names as a challenge topic? Or were you just wanting to open it up for discussion? Either is fine, I just wasn’t sure :sparkles:


Well, it was only a thought for others. I chose my name with special and very important meaning to me. I was looking up something regarding Hecate, when I saw that name, it resonated with me immediately. I am proud of it and like I said, it was only a thought and no need to bother you with the details.
Thank you for your feedback. Blessed Be Always,


As a matter of fact, yes but from some replies back, I would rather withdrawal that suggest. Thank you and as always Megan, Blessed Be!


Thank you for being as positive but it looks like I would rather withdrawal that idea. Blessed Be!


Ahh, I see! I think there was a bit of confusion then. I’m sure @TheTravelWitch_Bry would be happy to keep this as a suggested topic idea! I know there are a few of us here that don’t have magickal names but there are just as many, if not more, that do have magickal names! Of course, the choice is yours on whether or not to withdraw your suggestion :heart: whichever you choose is okay with me :blush:


@Medea I think its a great idea for a Weekly Challenge & thats great that your name has that meaning for you in your practice.

My reasons for choosing the name I use in the forum is the word Siofra is Irish/Celtic for changeling, elf, mischievous (paraphrasing for an idea of the meaning)… & when I chose it, I am mostly Irish & very connected to Celtic :triquetra: Irish :ireland: beliefs & practices but at the time I was scattered & everywhere & no idea what I was doing & just everywhere with everything. Also why my current badge is Master of Chaos.

I’m also Italian :it: & Strega is actually Italian for witch & I am connected to that side of myself also through my family & upbringing.

So yes I am connected to it in that way for a witch name. Yes, I am connected to it & I can say its my witch name within the coven Infinite Roots :infinite_roots: & thinking about it, more than a username because there are actual connections to the name aside from username for me. :thinking:

I think its great that you have connection to your name too! It should be something connected to you & your practice for use however you would like within your craft.

It’s absolutely a great idea to explore how people would choose one or how they would come to someone.

There’s many ways that it could be approached also. Should it be given, chosen, used all the time, privately, within ritual or spellwork only.

There was a misunderstanding of the post & I apologize for that, I use mine within the forum only. :bowing_woman: :frowning_face:

I was in no way trying to discourage you or anyone else from exploring the topic or having a witch :mage: name. Or from it being a weekly challenge topic.

We do have many members & its a good topic to explore & how it would fit within someones practice. Whether only within the forum or elsewhere & how it would be used for them. Or if at all.

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I meant no ill will or offense to anyone who has chosen their name for any reason. It’s going to be up to each person & everyone will have a different reason for or for not using one here or elsewhere.

Again, sorry for the misunderstanding :revolving_hearts:


Hey Siofra_Strega,
No, I probable said it wrong that is why there was misunderstandings. I have way too many negative issues coming at me, that I have to separate Tracy and Medea. I believe my father threw away my mother’s BOS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: My sister and I did not even know we had another set of Grandparents, Aunts, Uncle and 1st. Cousins…at the age of 59 I still don’t know why. When we were old enough to figure that out, I asked my father, the reaction was not worth (at the time) asking again. So now that I am alone in life, I can concentrate on me now. I really wasn’t looking for a name, it just jumped out at me.

Anyway, if I were to tell you all the reasons why the separation in names, it would be as long as a book. It helped me, so I thought maybe others might be thinking about it, too. I just assume withdrawal my idea. Not because of anything or anyone, I just think it is not a Challenge topic but more for private discussions. For example, how do you tell your children. That might now even be for Spells 8 at all. I am still trying to figure things out.

I appreciate your reply back to me, it means a lot.
Blessed Be Siofra_Strega
Medea :woman_mage:t4: :old_key: :revolving_hearts:


Oh you are very welcome @Medea

I can understand the feelings regarding the BOS & not knowing about other close relatives. I have been through something similar too & also not worth diving into with my father about when I found out based on the way I found out & things I had heard & found.

I’m sure it helps others & that they do think about it. Maybe not at first but there may be times when they have questions or as you said run into things like telling your children.

Take your time figuring things out & if there is ever any kind of question about those things, you can always start a discussion in a more private area of the forum too so it’s not on the open internet. We will help you in any way that we can even if it’s just through being able to support you. :revolving_hearts:


I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a rough time @Medea :people_hugging: Family is…complicated :laughing: there are many of us here in the forum, myself included, that are currently struggling with family relationships. Granted I don’t think mine are as complex as yours and @Siofra_Strega’s but they’re there anyway.

This could be very possible! Sometimes the names we choose for ourselves have very personal meanings – take yours, for example. You said you were looking up information about Hecate and came across the name, immediately resonated with it, and chose it for yourself. That has power! :clap: You’ve chosen a strong name for yourself as a witch, allowing you to separate your witch self from your more mundane self.

I think I would personally be open to a witch name if one ever came to me. I think I haven’t found one yet, for one reason or another :laughing: I know a few people here that chose their witch name just because they liked the way it sounded. That’s valid, too :blush:

I thought there was a misunderstanding! I’m sorry about that! Sometimes it’s difficult to tell exactly what someone means on the internet. Please accept my apologies for misunderstanding :pray: :sparkles: I think the topic of magickal names would be a great weekly challenge, even if we just explored the different reasons why someone would choose a magickal name, how to choose one, or where to get inspiration.

However, I respect your decision to withdraw you suggestion :people_hugging: You’ve got my good vibes for your family situation if you want them!


Thank you. The good vibes are desperately welcome, but for me and my kids (cats, too) only. Yes, agreed names have deep meaning, like tattoos. My tats have major depth in their meaning.

Thank you so very much and much love to you :revolving_hearts: :tree_of_life:



Absolutely – you’ve got it! :sparkles:

Much love to you as well :heart: I hope everything gets easier for you soon!


I’m sorry to hear about the negative issues and stress you are dealing with at the moment :people_hugging: Sending love and light to you and your loved ones! :cat: :two_hearts:

You have a very kind heart, Medea :heart: And I agree- oftentimes if there is something on your mind, there is a good chance someone else is thinking about it too! :blush:

I agree with Megan- it really is a great topic for discussion, and the more resources/opportunities there are to explore it for those who are comfortable doing so, the better! :grinning:

I also apologize for any misunderstanding on my part here- I currently have this idea written on the challenge to-do list :scroll: And, if it is okay with you, Medea, I would be honored to have an “exploring magickal names” challenge for anyone who feels interested in the topic- it really is a wonderful idea for a theme! :two_hearts:

Much love and many blessings! :sparkles:


@MeganB & @Medea… family complications are always tough to navigate, but you both will make it through. Be easy on yourselves & one day at a time do the best you can & what you have to so that you can take of yourself. The rest will work out & it does get easier as you move through them. I promise it does.

In some way, I bet everyone has some kind of family complication or situation & this time of year tends to bring then closer to the surface. You both are in my thoughts & if you need anything please let me know. :people_hugging:


Bry of course, that would be really helpful and of interest if someone wanted to look into that topic. You are so thoughtful…as a matter of fact, everyone has been understanding and helpful to me on my confusion, insecurity and misunderstanding on that topic (I don’t even want to say that topic…lol).