:witch_hat: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Witch Fashion


So here is my post about Veiling just added a new pic today in there. I have been doing this fashion for a long time without realizing it.

Now for Shawls I have always had a facisnation for them, I have a few that I have purchased and this one my aunt made for me. I have never thought to use them for meditation but I think I will have to give that a try. My aunt is always crocheting things for me, hats, scarfs, among other things. Anything that she has made me has always been purple too. I adore her for this because I do not have the niche for it lol.


You look pretty and I love it. I can’t wait to celebrate Samhain this year. My birthday is in October and I love Halloween and fall. It has always been my favorite month.


@Kasandra what a beautiful necklace.

@Susurrus I love the tree of life. I also love me some skeletons as well. That is awesome that you are making your own prayer beads. I plan on making my own soon as well.

@CelestiaMoon Omg that store is amazing and my heart skipped a beat on those skirts I saw coming up on the page. I have always been a dress and skirt girl.

@crystal59 that is a beautiful sweater.


@Susurrus Wow a beautiful collection. I love the dancing skeletons- you make me feel alive. :joy:Makes me wanna sing, “you make me feel like dancing, gonna dance the night away,” was that Leo Sayer? Showing my age now.
@Kasandra That’s a gorgeous collection of jewelry, the necklace is stunning :sparkling_heart:
@Heav3n What a beautiful shawl, so well made, I love the colour and the pattern, looks lovely on you. Looks nice and soft too. I’m looking forward to this Samhain too. Fabulous time of year. And your birthday too, double celebration. :sparkling_heart:


LOVE the colors! The. Again purple is my favorite haha


Thank you and lol, sweet.


Thank you so much and yes I celebrate all month long.


It’s beautiful and looks very warm, love the highlights, and it would be just the right color for me too! :blush: :purple_heart:


And I love how so many of you found things in that store that resonate with you! :blush: :revolving_hearts:
I haven’t ordered anything from them myself so I can’t vouch for them just yet, but what I’m seeing is all good, I think I’ll give them a chance when I have some shopping money again :hugs: :sparkling_heart:


151 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Witch Fashion

What a nostalgic subject!

I remember as children, when mom got tired of our noise, she threw us outside.
In the winter we told her it was cold and she’s sweetly reminded us to “dress warmly.
If it was raining, “put on your galoshes and rain coat”, and off we’d go.

We live way out in the country with no other children around. But we had ourselves and occasionally a cousin or two to play with. We could be wild beasts galloping across the plain, a noble Knight out to fight dragons, Kings and queens. Our costumes were only limited by our imaginations. We learned to read and a world of literature opened to us.

Plus Mom read fairy tails to us every after noon before our naps. She told us “the first one asleep wins a nickel”, which she always won. God Bless her.

We got our first TV in the fifties. It was huge and had a little bitty screen. It was the latest in technology for its day though. Black and white could be so much more dramatic, don’t y you think?
I saw The Wizard of Oz and became a heroine running from a witch and at
others I wore the pointed hat and black dress. I think I rode the bristles off mom’s old broom.
I watched Yankee Doodle Dandy and begged Mom for dance lessons.
The parts and people we played were only limited by our imagination. It was a fun time to grow up.
But TV also brought us Superman, Batman and Robin, cowboys and Indians.
Today we have space aliens, the terminator, and others. Cinderella remains a timeless tail of love and spender, beauty and justice. Instilling us with a strong sense of right and wrong.
TV is so much more sophisticated now, but still impresses young minds.

Today I don’t need all the whistles and bells, but they’re still reside in my mind. Like magic, it doesn’t need to be spectacular or flamboyant, but if that’s what you want? Charge on my noble witches! It’s your world now.
Be kind, be blessed, stay strong


Challenge Entry: I am not sure if this exactly counts, but I do my own nails and this is my favorite witchy set. I also am wearing my crystal bracelet for fertility. I will also include my favorite witchy outfit, it would definitely be complete if I just had a big hat! This challenge has made me want to buy a meditation shawl, as I think that’s a great idea! So many of these entries are adorable and inspiring. Thank you all for sharing! :grin:


Witch Fashion :black_cat: Challenge Entry

I have created a collage for this entry with some of my shirts, charms, keychains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more! Trust me, I have more, I have been collecting these things for many years… :rofl: As you can tell I love cats, and the color black. I also love purple, but it’s a little harder to find purple clothing. :smile:


@marsha I have so much black or gray :laughing: Most times if I’m wearing actual colors my family thinks its a special occasion :rofl: Don’t get me started on charms. Oh! I have hair wrappy things… you put them around braids & they have charms that hang from them.

@Heav3n it’s a variation of it really, I have the Tree of Life carved into a box on my dresser & a few necklaces too. I also have a couple meditation shawls thats I’ve made too!

@CelestiaMoon I have to wait for my spending money to return also. I’m hoping & staying off of my normal sites that suck me in. I even unsubcribed from quite a few emails that would send me sale coupons :rofl:

Thank you @BryWisteria it is quite a bit… I’m positive I forgot things.

Oh! My sundress that has like vines & earthy things… its hard to explain… I wear my tree of life wire wrapped quartz crystal with it. I have a witch hat with a black & dark almost maroon type of dress they match :joy:

@tracyS now I have the song stuck in my head & can’t recall the artist :laughing:

@Missa I wear quite a few of those styles, some of them I didn’t know they had names for :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I love your outfit girl it’s giving me sexy witchy vibes lol and your make up is super cute too! :pentacle_tarot::sparkling_heart: :full_moon: :waxing_gibbous_moon: :first_quarter_moon:


@Missa Love this, who thought clothing could be so magical. Such a choice. I stopped using Etsy, spending too much, now I’m going to have to reopen my account. :joy:
@Garnet thankyou for sharing your memories. They’re beautiful, our imagination is such a wonder. Those were fun days, dressing up as kids. Me and my friend used to dress up as ABBA, (they wore such wonderful clothes), and sing into our hairbrushes :joy:
@amandakay Wow, your nails are a work of art. You look beautiful in your outfit and the bracelet is very pretty.
@marsha This is amazing. It would look great in a frame on a wall. Proper modern art. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you so much! I wore it on a night out it was fun! I also love to do my makeup, so thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: blessed be :sparkles:


Thank you so much!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am loving your nails and that outfit is cute.



I am going to be honest here :roll_eyes: I have no sense of fashion, and have reduced myself to a regular subscription to one of those clothing sites :face_with_peeking_eye: For years, the only thing you’d find in my closet would be basic black, brown or navy and a splatter of pink, purple, or green. I am employed as a professional where reasonable office attire is expected, and wear my hair up. Don’t get me wrong, I am drawn to Goth, Renaissance, and Bohemian type-style clothing and would love, love to wear it more often! Definitely showing the feminine dynamics :smiling_face:

When it comes to gathering with my sisters and performing rituals, for me - it’ll just be what I am wearing, but perhaps I may have loser fitting clothing, colors associated with the ritual being performed, and wearing an EO. BUT - and this is a must for me - I have to have my hair down and free flowing, and my feet, bare. Don’t really care what I am dressed in - I just have this dreadful feeling approaching an alter prior to performing a ritual that if my hair isn’t down or feet bare, I am performing some sort of sacrilege. Once the ritual is done, I cover my feet, and will most likely put my hair back up.

I was particularly curious about this as no one has ever told me to unbind/pin my hair - and its waist length. In ancient times, a woman unbinding her hair and wearing it loose before worshipping a deity is perceived as acting in a manner of humility and reverence, hence, similarly with bare feet. I am not digging at anyone that practices “Veiling” - my experience only pertains to me. In some Eastern cultures, and Native American cultures, the hair is considered a spiritual aspect of a person and leaving it unbound, and free, increases the sensitivity for the other five senses. Thus wearing loose hair an individual can attract energies, both negative and positive. My favorite is in an article written by Patti Wigington, Learn Religions, March 2019, “…a woman with long hair who wears it up in a bun, pulled back from her face, while she does her job, tends family, so forth…once she steps into a magical setting, she removes the pins and combs, letting her hair down…it’s a liberating feeling…brings a primitive sense of wildness and raw sexuality to the moment, and that in itself can be very powerful indeed…”. In my experience, I sense an increased awareness and energy.

Now… my spoiler alert… I love JEWELRY and GEMS! While I may not have witchy clothing (YET :smiley:), I do have rings and necklaces that I prefer to wear while doing spell work and rituals. I have a heavy preference for Moonstone, and have an artisan silver moonstone ring; an amber ring which is almost my daily go-to ring along with my black spinel, and my a locally made tiger’s eye ring.


Moonstone: I believe that this enhances my intuition, energy, and femininity; my rising is Cancer. This is a must when I am spell working and doing rituals.

Amber: I wear this ring almost daily, and feel naked without it. Its instantly warming to me.

Tiger’s eye: Yep - definitely wear this as a talisman when I am feeling plagued, or feeling attacked.

Black Spinel: Another daily ring worn - and I feel naked and unprotected without it. As an Empath, I feel like a volcanic magnet for negative energy, and those emotional vampires :face_vomiting: If I leave home without it, my stress level is up and I feel weighted down with negative energies!

I am looking at gathering my sisters together to make our own personal talismans, perhaps some bracelets, and witches ladders. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

To all, I love the recommendations and will be coming back to this page for all the sites and want express my gratitude at being able to share my practice with you. Blessed Be :heart:


I have been trying to figure out what to do for this challenge and I just can’t come up with much :laughing: most of the clothes I wear are practical rather than witchy because, well, I’m a mom on the go!

I do wear some jewelry sometimes, mostly necklaces and earrings. I don’t like to wear rings or bracelets - things on my hands just don’t work well for me.

So, today I’m wearing the element necklace that my sister got me for my birthday many years ago, an open heart pendant that my fiance got me for one of our first Christmas together almost 15 years ago, and a plain silver chain choker. Oh! And I’m also wearing some pentacle earrings I got from Astoria, Oregon when we went there on vacation several years ago!