Weekly Witchy Dragon Magick Challenge Entry

This is going to be a little bit involved, so I made it’s own thread. I have been going through… something since last week. I’m doing much better but taking this week slow, a little bit of unplugging from socializing in all forms. I have been focusing on taking it easy this week. I also entered the Shadow Challenge that was posted by @SilverBear. Part of that is grounding work before digging in so I made it a little different & incorporated a new incense (to me, not a new scent or anything).

I made a Grounding & Protection Salt Bowl & tweaked it a little bit.

Supplies Needed

Salt - Purification & Protection
Rosemary - Protection
Parsley - Purification
Hematite - Grounding the mind
Red Jasper - Grounding
White Candle - for cleansing & purifying dressed with Harmonizing Oil, Rosemary, Sage for grounding protection & cleansing
Black Candle - to banish negative energies

Dragon’s Blood Incense - to dispel negative energies

Add-Ins of My Own

Goddess charm - to represent Brigid with me & in my home for Protection & Healing
Small Shell - honestly it just felt good

Orange Kyanite - to dispel any negative energies

I lit the incense & dressed my white candle. I gathered the rest of my supplies & carefully placed each ingredient in the bowl. I took 3 cleansing breaths & meditated on Grounding, Protection, & Purification for a few minutes. After I was done, I ran the bowl through each flame to cleanse & protect & rid the bowl of negative energies. I then placed the bowl in my living room by my door. (When I start feeling off, I can run my fingers through the bowl; as suggested in the video for the spell)

It felt good to do something witchy today. I feel lighter & I really like the scent from the Dragon’s Blood. I’m happy that I found a spell to do that coincides with how I have been feeling too.

:dragon_face: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Dragon Magick


Well done!!! :clap::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love it!!!


This sounds so comforting, I can smell that dragons blood insense from here :yum:. I l :heart: ve this challenge.


Neat! And very brave of you to do that shadow work. Well done!


Beautiful spellwork, @Siofra :heart: I know it can be tough to work up the motivation to do a ritual when we’re feeling down- congrats to you for pushing through and working to overcome the negative energy :muscle:

May your lovely grounding and protective work and the scent of empowering and uplifting Dragon’s Blood help you in the coming days :blush::dragon_face: