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My name is Francisco, I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and my Craft is totally mixed. I inherited my witchiness from my mom who initiated me in a Brazilian spiritist group when I was very young. As an adult, I moved to the US to live with my wife, and had to adjust to the Northern Hemisphere, which led me to learn about the Wheel of the Year and embrace Wicca. I started this website as a combination of my current learning path and my previous experiences.

Blessed be! :smiley:

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My name is Julie and I live in North Carolina. I am 44 and have thought of myself as a witch since I was a teenager. It wasn’t until recently that I have sat down and started to get serious and study and practice. I am an eclectic witch with interests in the moon, spirit guides and all things nature. I am still learning and looking to make some friends and absorb all I can.