We've lost a bright star

Robin Wood, creator, and artist of the Robin Wood tarot deck has passed away from cancer according to this site. I regularly use her deck and love the artistry and meanings she worked so hard to portray.

For all you Dragon fans out there, she also collaborated with the Queen Dragon Herself, Anne McCaffrey, on The People of Pern, giving faces to all of our favorite characters.

According to The Fool’s Dog, Robin Wood was the first artist to include pagan imagery into her tarot deck.

Evidently, there is some worry about end-of-life expenses, and The Fool’s Dog put out an app with her tarot. So if you have a few bucks, go buy the app for your phone or buy her deck. I also found out she wrote a book on ethics for the pagan community and look forward to making it my next month’s book club project.

She will be greatly missed.


Oh no, I’m terribly sorry!! This is horrible news for you, I can tell!! If you need anything let me know and don’t hesitate bc I would walk to you if need be!!! You’re my sister in this family!! I loves you :sparkling_heart:


@Amethyst , so sorry to hear, my condolences. I will look at her site. Thank you for sharing the news.

Blessed be.


I’m so sorry! :heart: :hugs:


Sorry to hear about her passing.:cry::broken_heart: I’ll go take a look at her work.


Sorry to hear this, you sound like you really loved her work and what she stood for :heartpulse: I will go and see about purchasing the app :heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


Aww, I love you too! It’s not too terrible for me, I didn’t know her but it seems like such a loss. She had to back away from her painting because of physical issues but had started writing. It’s such a shame.

You’re welcome!

Thanks love. I also found out the guy who wrote music for Meat Loaf died. So many creative people passing. Makes me wonder who is next.

Thank you.

Thanks, hon. She really was a great artist.


My deepest condolences to her friends and family. Also for the loss to our coven.


So sorry to those who have lost this one, and beautiful blessings to the family and friends close to her. :frowning: :heart:


Farewell, Robin Wood. We shall continue to honor and appreciate all of her amazing talents and contributions to the pagan community for many years to come. She will be missed indeed :pray:

Although it is somber news, thank you for letting the coven know @Amethyst :purple_heart:


I got the app and the artistry on the deck in beautiful :heartpulse: I really recommend it for anyone trying to learn the Tarot, it has a copy of her book with it and lots of other options for learning or drawing cards :heartpulse:Blessed Be :heartpulse:


Thank you @Garnet, it’s a terrible loss to the community.

Thank you @autumn7.

You’re welcome, dear heart. Just think of all the different tarot decks she paved the way for. It’s such a shame she’s gone.

I’m just learning the app myself, I got it yesterday. But the cards are just beautiful. I’m glad you liked the app.


Every time I think, “What’s next.” Today I learned humility as our group responded so kindly to the loss of a great person. Thanks for this lessen, it helped keep me centered.