What a crazy dream I had

So before I knew someone was putting black magic on me I use to have dreams of the girl attacking me and I would be scared of her in my dream , and lately when I would have a dream with her in it every since I got some help and I am doing extra reversible work to make sure she leave me alone , she’s now afraid of me and this time in my dream long story short she was cooking a rat :rat: and I was yelling at her saying she put voodun on me because she is African and she was crying and I asked her why she didn’t like me she said because I remind her of her friends deceased daughter which was a little baby :expressionless: it was one of the weirdest dreams and just want to know, do this dream actually mean anything?


Greetings @Babywitchbxtch,

Dreams are curious and fascinating things- I particularly love dreams because the human mind and the layers of consciousness are still largely mysterious, meaning that this is an area where modern science and magic seem to converge.

In magick, dreams are a wonderful way to set aside the modern mundane and be free with endless possibilities. Within our minds, we are not held to the restraints of the physical world such as the laws of physics or the confines of our physical bodies. Through dreams we can connect more easily with the divine and open ourselves to messages- from deities, the Universe, or our deeper selves.

However, just like with reading symbolism in the world around us, I have come to believe that not everything we experience in a dream has magickal significance. That’s a lengthy discussion in itself, so anyone interested can read more here about the limits of reading symbolism.

Additionally, although dreams can indeed be a channel to the divine and a pathway for important messages, sleep and dreams also serve the important bodily function of processing memories and storing information:

There is now substantial empirical evidence to suggest that, during sleep, the neural-level “replay” of recent experience plays a critical role in the consolidation and evolution of memory, helping us to process our past experiences and prepare for future events.

From NCBI: Dreaming and Offline Memory Processing

Sometimes, the things we experience in sleep are simply snippets of our memories. They are manifestations of our fears and anxieties that appear as our minds are trying to sort through and handle them.

I have a much harder time reading dreams than I do with Tasseography, Wax Readings, or Tarot. Because with things like Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings, everything is right there clearly in front of you, a direct result of a spell or inquiry. With dreams the material is largely unknown- what is meaningful? What is just manifestations of anxiety or processing memories? It becomes very murky for the reader- even when trying to interpret their own dreams! :thinking:

Looking at what you’ve written, the only thing that clearly jumps out to me is that your presence and role within the dream have clearly changed- you have taken back your power and regained control of the situation :muscle:

My best advice to you is to write down your dreams and, through the entries, track any patterns or repeated scenes as those are likely to be the most meaningful :open_book: Then, look at the things that appear within the dream (such as the rat :rat:) and meditate on what that means to you personally.

Apologies that I can’t offer much more help than that- although I’m studying symbolism readings more than ever, I’ve put dream readings (especially for other people) to the side for the reasons mentioned above. Perhaps other coven members will share their thoughts and have more insight for you!

Wishing you all the best, Lotasha- Blessed be! :sparkles:


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