What are some good defensive spells and shields from a spell designed to manipulate a person's loved ones to hurt said person?

Hello, and how I wish I wrote this question under better circumstances, most of those active here know that as much as possible, I will not cast any defensive spell which could hurt the person/s who performed the original spell of harming another person, it just so happens that last night I found myself in the brunt of someone casting a curse towards me and used my own mother for it too

I know that my Anito already warned me that Karma would deal with the person who did the curse, it will not show up instantly but it’s there (I’d rather not mess with Karma too) and the deity I work with is really kind to everyone however he did hear my cries last night, both Abba and nature heard it, whether I want vengeance or not, it’s part of nature’s rule to give out consequences for such actions, so now I ask what sort of spells can be done to avoid anyone from manipulating those I love and care for to hurt me?

This incident happened when I was helping out in selling the goods my mother asked me to last night, I won’t judge or give out any verdict for the actions last night which actually affected my focus for academic performance, I just want to know what defensive spells can be done to myself and the household discreetly and one that won’t cost too much, in addition to the ones Abba or Karma would put to the one who casted the curse on one of my parents

Blessed Be,


I would do a protection spell & carry something that repels negativity. Like a small spell jar or pouch. Something that you could leave at your parents that would bring in positivity to their space. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that would be from the site.

If you know the person that did this, do you have something of theirs, a picture of them maybe? Use that to focus your intent of protection from them. Or maybe put them in the freezer to stop them from doing anything else to you or your family?


I can’t speak from too much experience, and these are definitely just my own personal beliefs – I’m not trying to push you to believe a certain way; I just thought I’d share my personal beliefs and how I’d approach the situation myself :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t have any specific spells I can recommend, although I have seen some good ones here on Spells8, but I haven’t tried any of them personally.

I don’t know your specific situation, and it’s none of my business, so I’m going to generalize a bit here :sweat_smile: My personal belief is that if someone is wishing me and my loved ones harm, there’s nothing wrong with doing a protection spell or a return-to-sender spell. I believe in the “An’ it harm none, do what ye will” tenant, but at the same time, I’m not going to tolerate anyone intentionally harming me, my loved ones, or anyone for that matter.

I usually take a multi-step approach to situations like this. First, I’ll petition the Universe and any deities or other energies to make the person aware of the harm they’re doing. I’ll also send out positivity and love to the person and Universe/etc. to try to maybe see if their behavior will change when they’re given love.

If things don’t change, and they continue to wish harm on me or my loved ones, I’ll pray to Hekate for justice – you can pray to and petition your own deities based on your beliefs, so it’s not just a Hekate-specific thing. I believe as a human, it’s not my place to interfere with Karma, as you’ve said. I try to keep it vague by praying along the lines of “Hekate, please grant me and my loved ones justice as you see fit” so that I’m not overstepping any boundaries, and I’m letting the Universe/deities/fate/Karma/etc. deal with things as they see fit.

In more extreme situations, I also don’t hesitate to do a binding spell to try to keep the person from doing any more harm. To me, the “An’ it harm none, do what ye will” also applies to taking responsibility to help other people from getting harmed. If I know someone is doing something extremely harmful, and I don’t take action to stop them and to help in any way I can, I’m just as guilty for people getting hurt as the person doing the harmful actions – at least in my personal opinion. There’s a time and place for everything, and sometimes you have to resort to extreme measures to protect yourself and your loved ones.

I do recommend approaching it lightly though – don’t do anything that will affect your Karma in a way you don’t want to live with :slight_smile:

I hope that all makes sense :sweat_smile:

Blessed be! I hope the situation improves and that you and your loved ones stay safe! :purple_heart:


I agree with @Siofra – a freezer spell would probably work well for this situation too! :slight_smile: (again, from my limited knowledge and experience)


That’ll work until you take the said item out to defrost.


I have had someone in my freezer for quite some time. She is staying there! Since I put her in there, my daughter & I have had no issues with the woman. So the freezer is where she lives now. :rofl:


I found this spell:

Good luck


This worked out well for me!!! Like @Siofra said, just leave it in the home, maybe in a main room like a living room or kitchen but out of sight. And it wouldn’t hurt to make a protective pouch or carry protection crystals, like black Tourmaline or black obsidian, Fluorite, selenite, lepidolite helps with emotions. It’s one of my favorite go-to’s.
I wish you well, no matter what you decide. But you are in my thoughts and prayers!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray::hugs:
Blessed be :pray::two_hearts:

Edit: there are crystals that reflect harm or ill-will that which is placed on you.
Pyrite is a great idea to use.
Black kyanite, lapis lazuli, malachite, black tourmalated Quartz is another great one.


I’ll attempt the freezer spell then @Siofra and @wade , sometimes certain scenarios really leaves a person with no other choice but to it. I do know the name of the person who performed the curse and many times did I actually attempt to coexist with said person, a picture of the caster though is one thing I do not have

I’ll see if both Abba and Hecate can help out although I know the first one is very respectful as he didn’t affect the prosperity spell I did in his name for the family to earn money prior to the curse however when angered his sense of justice is actually terrifying for any of its receiver in a way I’m oddly reminded of Zeus when that happens, the latter I did read a few minutes ago Hekate is a goddess of justice too, I’ll need to search her up more to know more about her @wade


Thank you I’ll check it tomorrow afternoon @Garnet , I’ll learn what I have to learn if only to keep myself and my loved ones free from curses


Hello @christina4 , would Honey and Pepper do for the jar (it just came out of nowhere)? Or maybe I should use both salt, vinegar, jar or bottle, and the pen and paper, I am already thinking of doing a banishment spell @Francisco sent in some other post for another topic , other than the defensive ones I would use, Thank you too


They would work fine!! It’s all in your intent! You could use grass from outside and as long as you give it that job, the grass will protect you or whatever your intention for it is. You’ll do fine! Have faith most of all!


Haha :rofl::rofl::rofl: I needed this laugh badly!!! :grin::pray::pray::pray:


You’re welcome, I do what I can. :heart: :rofl: