What happened last night? Possible Spiritual encounter. Long post

Really struggling to know where to begin with this post.
I knew I’d have to share this experience shortly after it happened last night but the thought of putting it into words without sounding crazy was incredibly daunting. :sweat_smile:

I guess the best place to start is with my cup of tea. :coffee:
For yesterday’s group meditation I made a chai latte - I split open a chai tea bag so I’d have leaves to read later, added some honey, milk and a spontaneous sprinkle of cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg. I stirred clockwise with intention as usual, muttering my little charms. :woman_mage:t2:

I set up my meditation space - 2 blue tea lights on my altar (in holders) for the God and Goddess and for this specific meditation I chose to use my Intentions jar (as I’ve done many times before since making it). I placed a pink tea light (out of it’s case) on top of the wax and lit it so it would melt around the jar, further sealing my intentions. Falala lovely meditation took place whilst drinking tea, all normal.

I’m coming to the end of my cup, glance in and see the word ‘splat!’ written in tea leaves… which made me laugh out loud. I looked more closely and can see it says ‘noom splat!’ followed by 3 different smiley face doodles. Confused and laughing I took a picture and added it to my meditation post.

Eventually I finished the last bit of tea and took the cup to the bathroom sink so I could drain the leaves without making a mess. I swirled the cup 3 times, asked for messages and signs and flipped the cup to drain the dregs. Splat - some of the leaves fell out and left a perfect paint splat shape in the sink. I just smiled to myself, rolled my eyes and said ‘Yes, that’s a splat, well done.’ rinsed out the sink and went back to my altar to do some leaf reading.

I found myself having a conversation with the leaves. It was very odd. Rather than just picking out symbols and shapes (as usual) a conversation seemed to be flowing… it’s hard to explain, but it felt like I was having a chat with a young child who was writing me messages and drawing pictures and doodles in the cup… and I just needed to keep rotating it to keep the conversation going.
At one point I saw two arrows pointing in opposite directions in the centre :left_right_arrow: and without thinking I just shook the cup from side to side and continued rotating and talking about my intentions, getting signs relating to them popping up. :hearts:
Suddenly the words OOPS appeared. So I said ‘Oops? What’s oops?’ and got nothing after that.

So I glance over at my intentions jar candle which is a couple of feet away and suddenly the flame is getting kinda big but rather than put it out I just seemed to be in some kind of meditative trance or something. :fire:
I quickly ‘realised’ that when I inhaled the flame got bigger and when I exhaled it seemed to get smaller so I decided I’d try to calm it down with my breath?!?!?!?!?! and it was working?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Then completely out of nowhere it just went BANG :fireworks:, made a huge spark and the whole room went dark - both the other tealights I’d had on my altar had gone out in that moment too. :flushed:
Obviously I jumped and said out loud ‘Is that what you meant by oops?!’ :astonished: :angry:
My cat Yvie who was sitting on the other end of the bed watching me jumped out of her skin so I quickly opened the door to let her out and turned the light on. :scream_cat:
Fortunately The Mother was downstairs watching TV so didn’t hear anything. :tv:

I went back over to the altar to investigate - The top of the intentions jar had cracked open and the beautiful scent of all the ingredients just came pouring out of the hole. I quickly grabbed a dustpan and brush from the cupboard and made sure there weren’t any pieces of glass anywhere - there weren’t. Just the one big piece from top which had landed on the dish next to the jar and embedded itself in the wax.

I’m feeling kind of weird… because it felt like the charged intentions had just been released into the universe? :hearts: Which is a good thing…? But my beautiful jar has a hole in it now :cry:

Anyway, I figured I’d just calmly put everything away for the evening and go to bed as that seemed to be the end of that. :sweat_smile:
Oh and that’s when I got all caught up in Haley’s amazing art :joy:


Wow, @Limeberry. I got nothing. That’s amazing. It certainly seems like you connected to something, but what I don’t know. I’m sorry about your jar. Maybe if you took it to a glassblower they could fix it?


Ah that jar cost £1 and I have a dozen more! Haha it’s more that it’s my intentions jar and I hope the fact that it’s opened in this way is a good thing rather than bad :sweat_smile: I had intended to open it when my wishes were fulfilled.

But yeah the whole situation is crazy, right? I just hope whatever I connected to is good, kind and helpful rather than evil or dangerous… hearts and smiley faces and nice messages and chatting… And then what could’ve been pretty dangerous with the fire and glass exploding with an innocent ‘oops’? I’m lucky the whole thing didn’t shatter :worried: eep.


This time of the year the veil is lifted which makes it easier for spiritual communication. But yeah, you definitely communicated! :grin: I think it may have been a child too. Maybe oops is when he/she realized that they were supposed to be in spirit bed and mom came in and caught him or her :rofl: idk that’s what I thought.it reminds me of my daughter playing when she’s supposed to be sleeping and when she jumps at my voice, she knocks her toys all over on accident.


Very lucky! I’m glad you and your cat are okay. But yeah, I hope it’s a good entity. Or it could be a fae letting you know they’re around. Either way, good luck with it! I hope things keep calm.


Oh man @Limeberry that is an intense spiritual experience if I’ve ever read one. I’d say trust your gut that you may have been talking to a child that was channeling themselves through the tea leaves and yourself.

This is funny to me because it sounds like something a small child would do. Like, oops I broke this thing and now I’m going to run away so I don’t get in trouble :laughing:

I get the feeling that your jar breaking and releasing your intentions is a good thing. It sounds good to me and I hope your intentions are well-received :sparkles:


This makes sense - thanks!
Haha bless your daughter knocking her toys over @christina4 :joy:
and lol

That is an interesting explanation- it’s just weird that the oops came a good minute or two before the bang.
The whole flame breath thing… is what’s weirding me out too- like normally if I see a flame getting a bit big I’ll poke it around and put it out if it doesn’t get under control so why I just sat there meditating and it seemed to be responding to me (until it exploded) I have no idea.

:flushed: I don’t know much about fae but from what I’ve heard that’s not a good sign :sweat_smile:

I needed this. Thank you :sweat_smile: :hearts:


I think maybe you just knew you needed to wait for the candle to do its job :candle:
It needed to break. Maybe your intentions were ready to be released and, instead of waiting for you to release them from the jar, it did it by itself :cherry_blossom:


I don’t know much about the Fae either, but from what little I know it is a possibility. I’m watching a video right now on Working With the Fae. But Brownies are supposed to be house spirits that are tricksters.

Still, when you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras. It was probably a child spirit stopping in.


Do you think you got a fairy involved? Or maybe a house spirit?


honestly I’ve no idea - this morning I saw the word ‘SOON’ in my coffee and there weren’t any grains at the bottom of the cup when I finished… which is a bit ominous :sweat_smile:
Think I might need to do some more tea reading and meditation with the intention of contacting a spirit? And I guess I’ll just see if anything else happens :joy: this is so weird.


Very weird. I hope if anything happens today it’ll be a good thing.


@Limeberry :flushed: WOW! I would have been like your cat and jumped out of my skin! :joy: Kudos to you for holding your own. I’m feeling a child as well, and not an omnious intent stands out at this point. Reading tea has always been interesting to me.
The “soon” message, could it be they will communicate again soon? Or that the intentions held in that jar will come to light soon?
PleAse keep us posted ! This is amazingly interesting like a suspense novel.:joy:
Love & Light


Ok so for those who are following along… :sweat_smile:
I tentatively attempted another ‘chat’ last night. After watching the video @kasie linked I figured I’d choose my words carefully and try to communicate respectfully because who knows who I’m dealing with :sweat_smile:
Fortunately I took a couple of pictures of my cup because this morning I woke up with no memory of what had happened other than being freaked out and suddenly really exhausted and going to sleep.
I now remember seeing ‘YES’ when I asked a question and a small face in the leaves and asking is that you? not sure I had an answer to that but the convo seemed kinda friendly - not quite as fun and lighthearted as the other day though…
Anyway here’s some of the good stuff :joy:

The heart and the key which I took a picture of… and then I just sort of stated/asked ‘the key to my heart?’ and rotated the cup and saw ‘ME’ which freaked me out.

So I’m like ‘who are you?’ and swirled the cup and this came up which to me looks like The Tower tarot card?!

So at this point I’m like :scream: so I took a pic and then I got really sleepy. I remember asking ‘who are you?’ and swirling again but not seeing anything else and I guess I just went to sleep?
I don’t even know where to go with this. :sweat_smile:


That is so very weird. It does look like the Tower! I don’t know what to say.


It seems like you’re learning a lot about yourself during this wild tea-leaf ride @Limeberry!!! :sweat_smile: :tea:

Those last pictures you posted all seem to be pointing in the same direction. Did you do any other type of reading for some cross-checking?

The Tower can be quite ominous… but it really depends on the question you asked! Also, you said it was inverted so and inverted tower can be more about personal transformation or resisting change. Maybe that’s what’s happening “soon”??

Thanks for sharing!! It’s really interesting!


I definitely need to do some more cross-checking! Thanks @Francisco! The tower was definitely upright by the way- when I say I swirled the cup I mean I closed my eyes, asked a question and shook up the leaves- it’s kind of a habit I’ve gotten into during these longer ‘conversational’ readings when I’ve run out of signs/messages or when it just feels right :joy: and then as I’m talking/reading I’ll slowly rotate the cup clockwise after I’ve read each message… if that makes sense? Not that much of this makes sense but ya feel me :sweat_smile:


This is so exciting, @Limeberry! :star_struck: I agree with @Tamera- it’s like reading a suspense novel and I’m on the edge of my seat, I can’t wait to hear what happens next :laughing:

I agree with what others have said- it doesn’t seem to be a force out to do harm or bad things. It does sound like some kind of young or playful spirit!

That really does look the tower card… might be time to ask the cards and dig deeper into that symbolism. Really interesting! It feels like a story is unfolding :open_book::blush: Good luck and keep talking to the tea! :coffee:


Any chance you are going to decide to have a child in the near future?


HA! I would love to be a mum but it’d help to have a partner first :sweat_smile: