What is the veil

Although complex, and to some, frightening, one must understand
what the ‘veil’ is.
We are each separate in the shell we call our body.
Our lives are finite, but on another plane, we are eternal. There is no
beginning and no end. Are we then one with each other and everything?

I say yes.

The ‘Veil’ is a term used to describe an almost opaque membrane between
now and then, before and after, between this world & the next.
In its most basic form, it separates the ‘living’ from the ‘dead’.

Now, why does this Membrane, or Veil thin in October? I surmise that as the days grow shorter, the world of life & growth is winding down. Harvest is almost over but it isn’t gone.
It is a time of great change, a transition of sorts… a “doorway” between seasons, fall/harvest & winter/the great sleep, or death if you will.

Under our tiny realm of reality, there lays a massive space (let’s call it eternity). We all start there and we will always return there. But we are all one and the same, even at this moment. Before, after, now & then…

The 'veil is at its thinnest in October and we are drawn to certain events or themes.
For some reason, we are all drawn by the primary symbols of Halloween. Scary movies, ghosts, cemeteries, zombies, and skeletons are everywhere. I think that when the veil is at its thinnest, our short-lived or finite selves meet our infinite selves.

As I was putting this together, it made perfect sense, now…?
Perhaps we have all just entered, the “Twilight Zone”.

Blessed be



This aligns with my personal beliefs too :handshake:

It’s become a rather cliche phrase, but I do believe that everything really is connected. Everything and Nothing, although they seem to be opposite at times, if they could be placed on something as limiting as a circle, would be the same point. In a process where energy cannot be made not destroyed, the end of one existence can only be the beginning of the next.

I’m not able to write it as clearly and eloquently as you do, Garnet, but I have to say this really resonated with me! Thank you, as always, for sharing your very deep and thought-provoking pieces in such a beautiful, enjoyable (and digestible!) way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(The Twilight Zone theme song plays in the background) :joy:


Interesting. Thank you for this exploration. You have a lovely way with words.


I love that show!!


Twilight Zone scared the :poop: out of me!
Outer Limits was another.


See, that aligns with my belief, but if I’d had to put it into words it wouldn’t have made half as much sense. Thank you for that @Garnet


Very nice. You wrote that beautifully?


LOL, thank you :rofl: :heart_eyes:


Hi Everyone

That was was awesome @Garnet but I have a question… Me being in the Southern Hemisphere, winter is June… So is that then when the veil is the thinnest here?

It all gets very confusing because everybody knows that its Halloween in October… That’s when the pumpkins come out… Now bringing pumpkin’s out in June is just weird…

Everywhere here in South Africa everyone is celebrating Halloween but in reality the sun is shining and it’s hot… going into summer…


I think Bry posted a wheel for the s. hemisphere.
That is such an excellent question, I’ll give it some thought and research it.


Garnet is right! There are a couple of lovely Wheels for the Southern Hemisphere in the forum- although I’m afraid I can’t claim credit for them! @TheMuslimWitch and @Temujin_Calidius shared their Southern Wheels :wheel_of_dharma: :grinning:

I did a bit of digging, and found two:

Here’s another great discussion about it as well:

It is a great question, @yolande1, and if I can put in my personal two cents about it, I would say that the Sabbats are inherently tied to the seasons- Sabbats mark key points in the cycle of the year and are festivals and celebrations that honor being present within the current season.

That being said, I’ve heard of some Southern witches who follow the Northern Wheel of the Year, and there are certainly witches who live in climates (such as close to the equator) where there aren’t four distinct seasons :sun:

At the end of the day, I think each witch should celebrate and do what feels right to them and their unique practice :handshake: :heart:

However you choose to celebrate, wishing you a very blessed and happy time! Lots of love and blessed be :sparkles:


O my word that is the perfect answer and you are right @BryWisteria. I have been trying so hard to adapt and figure out what happens when that you tend forget what its all about… It is about the seasons and has nothing to do with all the holidays etc etc… Its about honoring the Lord and Lady… Being grateful to Mother Earth for getting us on to the next season. It’s a beautiful thing the seasons and the way the Universe works. That is what’s important at the end of the day.
As you say it doesn’t matter if the right season is being celebrated wherever in the world, the fact that you are there and honoring the change of season is what matters…

Thank you so much for that inspiration.


You’re very welcome, Yolande- it’s an honor if I could help inspire you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lots of love and blessed be! :heart::sparkles:


And it is perfect sense. Its your truth and thats whats amazing , we can all sharre without people thinkin were crazy! With that being said I just had the mosted heated conversation with someone… i swear if I could of turned them into a toad. I would of snapped my fingers. Sometimes people think im crazy when religion comes up. And it just makes me so mad… its crazy I just stumble on this post. So mo it sounds amazing! We should never have to question what our believes sound like! Thanks for lwtting me vent.
Blessed Be


You cannot teach the blind to see or teach the deaf to hear.
What we can do is forgive them.
They are so mired in whatever dogma was drilled into their heads as children.
Children are not born with sin, original or otherwise.
They are carefully taught by spiritual leaders and others in authority. Unfortunately, teachers and even parents perpetuate the misdirection of young minds and thoughts.
Can you see how their circle continues generation after generation? We can only send prayers or rituals into the universe and have their eyes opened with the truth.
Blessed be
Love you all


Opinions are like noses, everybody has one and no two are the same.
Your truth, is just that, your truth.
Now other religions may condem you or warn you of hell, but what is hell?
It came from the book, Dante’s Inferno. It’s the first part of Italian writer Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy.

Inferno (Dante) - Wikipedia))

The “church” at that time was corrupt and dictatorial, INFERNO, became the newest whip
with which it (the church) essentially tortued an ignorant and frightened population.


Some say they all smell.:wink:

I used to say that an old actor named Jimmy Durante had the biggest nose I’d ever seen. He died and took his nose (and his opinions) with him.

A lot of our opinions were created in our youth by the authority figures who were just as lost because they were influenced by others in authority. Some of this mess seems to be clearing, lately. Yay! May the cleaning work continue, and Blessed Be the workers!

Which is all of us, btw!



Noses also remind me of one of my favourite Asimov quotes:

People say ‘It’s as plain as the noise on your face.’ But how much of the nose on your face can you see, unless someone hold a mirror up to you?

Which speaks to the value of community (such as what we have here).


So I had an interesting interaction yesterday regarding the veil. Through a medium we channeled the other side. Several spirits came through. One said that the veil will remain open. Spirit is finding it harder to communicate with us and wants to leave the veil thin so they can help and guide us better. I hope this is true as I am reaching out to my spirit guides abd ancestors. I’ve definitely been connecting more the last few days. I guess we’ll find out soon!


As usual, I have a million thoughts lol. I was wondering for the last 2 days why is the veil there in the first place. Just a lil halloween candle got me to that point… Is it to protect us from the world of dead? Is it to protect the dead from our world? Or simply because they know more and should not disclose certain things to us? I like to believe it’s like a border of a country. We reach it and need a passport to go further, but in this case our soul and life is a one time ticket. As they say - let’s remember that down here, we all lost somebody. There, however, they lost all of us.