What is the veil

Although complex, and to some, frightening, one must understand
what the ‘veil’ is.
We are each separate in the shell we call our body.
Our lives are finite, but on another plane, we are eternal. There is no
beginning and no end. Are we then one with each other and everything?

I say yes.

The ‘Veil’ is a term used to describe an almost opaque membrane between
now and then, before and after, between this world & the next.
In its most basic form, it separates the ‘living’ from the ‘dead’.

Now, why does this Membrane, or Veil thin in October? I surmise that as the days grow shorter, the world of life & growth is winding down. Harvest is almost over but it isn’t gone.
It is a time of great change, a transition of sorts… a “doorway” between seasons, fall/harvest & winter/the great sleep, or death if you will.

Under our tiny realm of reality, there lays a massive space (let’s call it eternity). We all start there and we will always return there. But we are all one and the same, even at this moment. Before, after, now & then…

The 'veil is at its thinnest in October and we are drawn to certain events or themes.
For some reason, we are all drawn by the primary symbols of Halloween. Scary movies, ghosts, cemeteries, zombies, and skeletons are everywhere. I think that when the veil is at its thinnest, our short-lived or finite selves meet our infinite selves.

As I was putting this together, it made perfect sense, now…?
Perhaps we have all just entered, the “Twilight Zone”.

Blessed be



This aligns with my personal beliefs too :handshake:

It’s become a rather cliche phrase, but I do believe that everything really is connected. Everything and Nothing, although they seem to be opposite at times, if they could be placed on something as limiting as a circle, would be the same point. In a process where energy cannot be made not destroyed, the end of one existence can only be the beginning of the next.

I’m not able to write it as clearly and eloquently as you do, Garnet, but I have to say this really resonated with me! Thank you, as always, for sharing your very deep and thought-provoking pieces in such a beautiful, enjoyable (and digestible!) way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(The Twilight Zone theme song plays in the background) :joy:


Interesting. Thank you for this exploration. You have a lovely way with words.


I love that show!!


Twilight Zone scared the :poop: out of me!
Outer Limits was another.


See, that aligns with my belief, but if I’d had to put it into words it wouldn’t have made half as much sense. Thank you for that @Garnet