What reconnects you when you wander off the path?


My life is busy, long working days, lots to do at house, teens are busy. My mind hounds me with all I “should do” to ensure I keep everything safe for my boys and berates me for what I failed to do. Yes, I am hard on myself. I work hard on shutting up that part of my mind and focus on positive things and balance.

When it has been too much and I am just exhausted I stop meditating, spell casting, etc. At a minimum I will pull tarot cards so I do have that.
It has been months since I have meditated. The spells I have done recently , which aren’t many, have been quick.

I am currently watching The Lord of The Rings and I find it so inspiring. It makes me want to reconnect and sit and meditate and cast a few spells. I have a feeling I will be rewatching these again as soon as I am done watching it this time.

What reconnects you when/if you wander off the path?


Spirituality was explained to me like this. There are 2 forms of spirituality .

The first: You can have your altar, your gods on high, and you give fancy offerings, big rituals then life gets in the way, the mundane takes over, as sometimes it has too, and everything spiritual gets lost. Then you feel guilty and try to catch up, and that turns the spiritual into the mundane, then it’s a mudslide. :flushed:

Or: The gods are with you, in you, everyday. They hoover the house with you, Loki says, " hey you missed a spot, or look the sun’s out, let’s do the garden today, or to hell with the housework, have a coffee with me let’s sit under that tree"
They come to work with you. You’re in the car, someone cuts you up and you want to yell, then you hear Odin whisper in your ear “chill girl, be wise, do you want to have a crash, it’s no big deal I’m here”
Yes, you have an altar, but the offering is a coffee when you have a coffee, a piece of cake when you have a piece of cake. A little kiss on Loki’s head and a “hey, how you doing mate”.

Does this make sense? Inviting the gods, the spirit into your everyday life you don’t wander off the path because the path does not exist, your gods are at work with you, telling that idiot on the phone what they think of him too :rofl:, they cook dinner with you and so on. I’m always muttering whilst I’m going about my day, but it’s not crazy (though to outsiders I look it), I’m chatting to the gods.

Your spiritual life is in everything you do, it’s in Lord of the Rings, your feelings when you watch it are connecting you to spirit, and Freyja is watching it with you. :sparkling_heart:


Yes it does make sense @tracyS !

At one point I was mindful of the spiritual in everyday. I have been so focused on adding in more structure that I lost sight of the everyday spirituality. :woman_facepalming: :crazy_face:

I hope the deities don’t mind being invited into a messy house!

For some reason those words brought tears to my eyes. In a good way. :heart: Thank you​:heart:


Love you sweetheart, enjoy the film, I’ve watched it a thousand times and will never tire of it. :sparkling_heart:


Not necessarily good to shut it out. Makes me think it’s your shadow your shutting out which in turn can make it worse. Things have to be addressed and dealt with in a healthier way. If we ignore them they just rear their ugly head at a random time. Shadow work is super important along with selflove and positive rituals and spells to combat any sadness they may bring

Making sure I spend time in my temple everyday. Daily one card tarot pull to ask my deity if I need to know anything. While in shower I play a shower meditation even when I don’t have time to fully follow it. Journaling All of ur stuff card pulls , feelings, about your day. if I don’t meditate and practice daily I can’t be fully connected. I’ve been spending at least an hour a day in there if not a couple. Easy to get lost in there :laughing:


Ugh! I know you are right. But ugh! I feel like all I do is work in all ways and I just need a break. It probably stems from feeling completely trapped in my current situation. Ugh ugh ugh! I wasn’t balancing my shadow work with the lighter side so I started shutting that down. So back to both sides- that must be my focus going forward.

Thanks, @Devenne!!


Maybe start with the self love, self care, and finding a way to make some time free to yourself. Make sure to journal everyday it can help manage stress and bad feelings. Do you have anyone that can help you or a way you can take an extra half day to full day off a week? I used to run myself ragged, but it is just not worth it if it’s causing detriment to ur mental health. Now when u need a break and to walk away. Or talk to someone who can make this happen for you. I’m sorry your going through a hard time. I am. I’d say after you are feeling better then u can start some shadow work. But don’t go to fast spread it out. Make sure u leave enough time to recover to positivity before u do another shadow work session. :people_hugging:

I’d say focus on freeing up some time each week for yourself first. In some way or the other. We all need a break. I’ve gotten better with this. Then being ok with it.

Also @SilverBear if u look up her name and topics she has a million nice easy spells and jars to combat sadness or create positivity. I’ve been utilizing that. I’d start that ASAP :grin: get some love and relief in there. If u need anything I’m here


Big heartfelt thank you @Devenne and @tracyS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I didn’t realize how much I needed to ‘hear’ the words you have both written until my eyes watered as I read them. :hugs:

I will start with some self love and work on forgiveness as that is what I need I think to move forward.

I will look up more of @SilverBear ’s posts and make time for perform some spells. Then to a balance of shadow work and self love.

I must make journalling a top habit.
Many many many blessings to both of you!!! :heart::heart::heart:



Ohhhh- I am inspired. I would insert a happy dance gif but I am not sure how to. I have tried with the link below.


I looked up some of the posts suggested and I have found one that should help tremendously AND I decided not to wait until I am set up perfectly. I just did it while I was watching LOTR.

I wrote out a bunch of negative thoughts and then burnt them. I lit a white candle that I had rolled. Then I read my list of things to be grateful for that I developed with a very gifted friend.

I will make this a daily ritual until I feel a shift. :grin:

Hope really does float.


Yes it does. I love that movie too, Hope Floats Sandra Bullock :heartpulse:


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I know of a few posts that might help. Let me find them.


Thank you @Sivonnah !! These will be helpful! :heart:


Just saw this on facebook and couldn’t resist sharing :joy:


I Love it :joy:


I love this, thank you. You make such good points - magic is with us always, in everything we do. Breathe deep and remember x


I open dialogue to those mean thought if I have any in my head ask why it feels that way. Validate it but use u higherself to discern to shadow that there is a better way and work on thought process too. Just thought of it seeing ur cute meme