WEEKLY TOPIC: Simple ways to make your day more magickal

In last week’s topic discussion, we explored what’s holding us back. A theme that popped up is not having enough time. I gave a few suggestions how to sneak in magick throughout your day. Here’s the link:

This week, I’d like to discuss this more because I know we all have tips and tricks to make our daily lives more magickal.

What SIMPLE things do you do to make your day magickal, especially when you’re short on time? Let’s face it, there’s never enough time!

I found and wrote some mini chants, as I call them. I say them stirring my coffee :coffee: and :tea: tea, lightning incense
:incense: or a candle, :purple_spell_candle: washing my hands, :clap: etc… I say them 3 times.

Here’s the post:

Feel free to use these or make your own.

Other ideas:

  • Enchant or bless your shower/bath and beauty products :lotion_bottle::shower::bathtub: (which I keep forgetting to do!)

  • Wear or carry a crystal :crystal_ball:

  • Cleanse your space by visualizing your space being filled with bright light :bulb:

  • Take some deep breaths while you’re driving or even on the toilet :toilet::laughing:

There’s a few to get us started! I could list A LOT more, but I want to give everyone else a chance :laughing::rofl: (I should also take my own advice!) I’m going to make a list and start using them!


I always wear an amethyst on a rope necklace. This is also my pendulum I use for divination.

While I’m the shower every morning I do a cleansing ritual with a chant I repeat three times. I just say out with the negative energy in with the good/positive energy. And end it with so mote it be.

While cooking I always bless the food I’m cooking by asking the universe for the blessings on health for the meal I am preparing.

Then at bedtime I take a few moments to meditate and thank the universe for all I have been blessed with throughout my day.


I have begun starting my day with a coffee or tea spell and meditation. I take 5 minutes so it isn’t overwhelming and it starts my day off magically and mindfully perfect.

I have crystals on my desk that are within sight and easy access to calm, ground, center and inspire me.

I say a little spell when I’m making cookies, bread, or any meal I make from scratch (which is almost every dinner) to imbue it with health and love. I take 5 minutes at the start.

I also use the empath shielding spray and mist my office the first time I enter it for the day.

On my runs, I thank the Goddess, Artemis, or Hekate for the beauty of the day and for my ability to run.

I probably could go on and on too now that I think about it :laughing:


Same here. :sparkles:

I also wear a few small pieces of jewellery with intentions attached. My engagement and wedding rings feature moonstones and moon and stars shapes, which I specifically asked for when designing them.

I don’t do chants while making drinks or cooking, but I infuse them with intention nevertheless. It seems to work, given the feedback I get from others who try my stuff.

I also take lots of baths with lit candles and lovely things added to the water.

I probably do a lot more things, but they’re those kinds of things that I just do without consciously realising I’m doing them anymore.

Nah, that’s my only mobile gaming spot. :laughing: Although, the games I play on my mobile are also on my computer. They’re not “mobile games,” just games that happen to also be on mobile.


Crystals and magickal jewelry are lovely, and so are witchy songs, chants and mantras :blush: :sparkling_heart:


Your ring is stunning!!! :star_struck: I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at it if was on my hand! You did a great job designing it!


I have this group of pages (yes in a spreadsheet @MeganB :grin: ) that I print out to go in my planner each year when I put together one before the beginning of the year.

These are the morning daily’s I choose from (I do several every day and then choose a different extra couple to mix it up each day) :
Awake with the sun
Greet the Sunrise
Charge yourself with the Sun
Ground yourself
Go for a walk
Say an affirmation out loud
use moon/rose water refresh your face
Clear your mind
Light a candle
5 Minute Meditation
Draw an oracle card
Coffee or Tea magic
Do movement of the body
Clean/Cleanse your space
Drink Water

Here are the evening ones I choose from:
light some candles
turn the lights low
listen to calming music
burn some incense
take a relaxing shower
annoint yourself in magic oils/sprays
drink a relaxing potion
cleanse your energy with selenite
banish toxic habits at sunset
welcome healing at sunset
charge yourself under the moon
Read a Book
get a good nights sleep

Any of these can be done at any time, like the coffee ritual, (stirring deosil and widdershins) you can do that anytime you fix yourself something to drink coffee, tea, flavored water, koolaid (does anybody drink that anymore).

Light a candle, do it before you start getting dressed for the day and be sure to snuff it before you leave the room.

Charge yourself with the Sun (does not matter if you can see it or not, it’s still there), as you’re going out to get in your car, stop for two minutes, turn your face up to the Sun and give thanks for your blessings.

Charge yourself with the Moon, same here basically, just because you cannot see it does not mean it is not there. Before you turn in for the night, step outside, turn your face up to the Moon (or sky) ask for blessings, be grateful and say thanks.

Any small thing you can build magic into your everyday mundane things you do will make those thing way less mundane in my opinion and incorporate good habits in the things you do which to me is always a blessing in itself.


Thanks. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The jeweller did most of the work with the designs, tbh. They mocked up my ideas and sent me CAD drawings.

The surprising part is really what they cost. Two custom rings, white gold, moonstones, moissanite, and alexandrite… $750 AU/$450 US.

And yep, they’re two rings.

Them fitting together like one piece was part of the design.


@starborn So beautiful that ring is. (I sound like Yoda, it’s late/early :rofl: I’m too tired to backspace), the ring is gorgeous :sparkling_heart:


Meanwhile, I sound like Yoda even when my brain is at 100%. :laughing:



They’re gorgeous, I love that you could take part in the design process, makes them so much more special :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :black_heart:


Same. To be able to make it moon-themed made my da-- I mean, lifetime. :heart_eyes:

It ended up being the cheapest option I could find, too. One of the cases when supporting small businesses is way more affordable. :star_struck: I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford white gold at all, but because of this, I could. I would’ve been happy with silver, but it tarnishes much more easily, from what friends and family told me.


Thank you for this @Sivonnah :heart:



I wanted to add that I do limiting belief exercises such as overcoming fears, or breathing exercises for relaxation, or going outside and walking, or doing something to put a positive slant on my day.


I have a prayer I use to start my day… I usually say it in the shower, which is the first thing I do when I wake up. I have a perfume that I made with moon water and some oils that I adore that I spray after I’m dressed and I set an intention for the day. I have a coffee ritual from Spells8 that I do… and I repeat my intention for the day while stirring.

I have reminders to breath and be mindful set on my phone, which can be hard as a teacher, but even if I just remember to take 3 deep breaths, it’s helpful.

I also have a fabulous book that I found called Everyday Witchcraft… it’s a witchy devotional. I have been reading a page a day and trying to jost a few notes in my journal each night (this is new for me… so it’s not a routine YET!)

I am also insisting that I do something to celebrate each esbat starting with tonight. I’m really good about reading and writing and thinking about the craft, but I am lacking in the practicing part. I gotta DO something… so that’s where I’m starting!

I’m so excited to read everyone elses repsonses!


@Mystique amethyst is a great crystal! I also have a shower ritual. That’s a great bedtime routine! :purple_heart::blush:

@Artemisia sounds like you found some great ways to add some magick into your day! :witch_pentacle: :sparkles:
@starborn I think those are the most beautiful rings I’ve ever seen! My engagement ring is made from Grandma’s. I took the main stone, it’s a cheap pink stone, but very pretty! I put it in a new setting. My wedding ring is abalone. I never thought about enchanting or putting intentions into it. I think I will! :blush: Baths are quite lovely! I like to let my mind wander, a sort of journey. I can’t get out of my tub by myself anymore and I’m getting a roll in shower. Hopefully I can get one more bath in! :bathtub::blush:

@suzanne7 having a list of options is a great idea! And on a spreadsheet! :wink::grin: @starborn had an idea like that putting them on pieces of wood! :wood::blush::purple_heart: I also spoke with @MeganB about making lists for high energy and low energy days!

@Phoenix_Rose Thank you! :blush::purple_heart:

Who is the author of that book?

I can’t seem to get in any sort of a routine, let alone practicing! :angry: Reading and writing is important and part of your practice! Give yourself credit! :purple_heart::blush:

I can’t seem to even get in a simple routine! I do say a little chant 3x when I make coffee or tea. (Could do any drink!) I also say a chant when I light incense :incense: or a candle :purple_spell_candle: and when I wash my hands.

I’m working on morning meditation and prayer and drawing one tarot card.
At night , meditation, prayer and gratitude and reading.

Thank you all for sharing! :hugs::slightly_smiling_face::heart::purple_heart:


I do a daily tarot reading in the morning along with meditation. It allows me to set the mood for my day and get an idea on what I need to be aware of. I’ll do an afternoon meditation as well and then a ritual of some kind in the evening. I’m also always learning either here or through books in my downtime.


That’s great! I love it! :blush::hugs:


That sounds beautiful. :black_heart: It’s lovely to keep such things from our ancestors~ :sparkles:

Neither, until I stumbled across a store selling jewellery that was all about doing that. They recommend giving each piece a different intention and then choosing what you wear at the time based on what intentions you want to rock that day. It’s pretty neat. :smile:

What about adopting the foot bath as the new bath when you’re done with “regular” baths? The steam will still rise and surround you with its scent all the same, and the warmth on your feet can be had in any room of the house. It’s much easier for someone to come and lift your feet out, too. Perhaps that could be an idea? :black_heart:


That’s a wonderful idea! We used to have one, but I pretty sure it’s gone. My feet and ankles don’t work anymore from muscle loss. I can’t move them at all. They just hang there. A foot bath would be heaven! Then I’ll have someone massage them with the massage gun!