Mini Chants

I wrote/found some mini chants. I took screenshots so I’m not sure of sources :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

For my morning coffee :coffee: (I stir my drinks clockwise as I say this):
Coffee strong and true,
Bless me with this brew,
Bring me joy :heart: this day anew.

For other drinks :tea::
Fill me up with love and light, :star2:
Help me trust my gift of sight,
May this be true both day and night

I light incense in the morning and say this :incense::
I banish all darkness and pain,
Only joy :blush: and love :heart: remain.

Hand-washing/sanitizing :clap::
With this cleanser I use today,
I banish all negative things that come my way!
Hear the words that I say
It is peace :peace_symbol: that I seek today!

I light incense for mini cleansing :incense::
I cleanse my aura and my spirit.
An abundant energy comes to be true
My soul enlightened and heart :heart:
now bright,
I start fresh, giving thanks :pray:
To the magick of love :heart: and light :star2:

For cleansing as well :
Creator, please help to protect and bless :heart: this space from negative energies and help us create a home :house_with_garden: that is peaceful :peace_symbol: and joyful :blush: for me and my family.

Here’s a few links I found:

Fill me up with love and light,
Help me trust my gift of sight,
May this be true both day and night


you are a great poet @ Sivonnah !


Wow, these mini chants are absolutely enchanting! And I can see how they could be easily incorporated into daily rituals.

Thank you for sharing these lovely chants with us. The intention and positivity behind each one really shine through!


Thank you @Francisco :blush::hugs:


Thank you so much for these mini chants!


These are beautiful, @Sivonnah :heart: Such a great collection of chants both written and discovered (thank you for adding in the links you found too- it’s appreciated!) :hugs:

There’s something powerful about a long, story-like chant of course, but there’s a lot to be said for short and sweet chants too - these are fun to say and don’t take much time! They are great for weaving a bit of magick into the day :blush:

Thank you for sharing them, Sivonnah! :two_hearts:


Love the coffee one. You just made me realize that i have been saying little chants every morning while making my coffee and I guess I didn’t think anything of it. I should write some down :heart::heart:


Love these. My motto is believe and make be :pray::pray:


These are great! Thanks so much for sharing!


I love these! Hope it’s ok if I use them.


I love these :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It’s so inspiring, how just a line or three can crystallize so much intention. Makes me want to stay open to opportunities to make some of my own to use in my daily life in and out of rituals :blush:

Putting a melody into it really seems to help me with chants :heart: Like this one

Hearing and relaxing to this one in one of my first tantra classes got me to fall in love with Sanskrit mantras :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There’s just something about this language that reaches into the depths of my heart and soul. This one brings me back to the floor of a candlelit yoga studio turned Kali temple for that dark November night, the energy was just something else :blush:


These are all so lovely. Thank you for sharing them! :black_heart:


As alt beautiful @Sivonnah :gift_heart: wonderful job lovey :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I forgot to mention…there are 2 that have a word underlined. That is there so you can change it to meet your needs for that day. Obviously you can change any of them to meet your needs.

I put these on card stock and cut them out and put them near my coffee pot, sink, etc…

@assyla555 of course you can use them!

@CelestiaMoon I also enjoy chant music. These are absolutely lovely and with a memory and/or emotions attached they are so special :heart: