What to do now?

Hi everyone, so i finished all the Spells8 courses and loved them all so much! I have about 4 books that arrived and read 3 and half way through the fourth… My other 14 books will take some time to arrive as postage here is like snail mail due to so much demand on the service… So i was wondering does any one have any other suggestions what i can do in the mean time? I love learning and get extremely bored when i do nothing…


Practice :pray:t3:

Just because you’ve gone through all the courses doesn’t mean you can’t still practice. Go through them again, but slower. Take your time and really practice the exercises. Give yourself a week for one lesson or exercise!


Reflect on what topics in the courses attracted you most, and research them on the internet. Having more than one source is good practice, and you may learn things that were not included in the courses due to space. I think the courses, while excellent, were not intended to be exhaustive and comprehensively detailed. So choose some topics to explore in depth!


This was going to be my advice too!
Also maybe look more into the Witch’s Pryramid, Cast More Powerful Spells with the Witch’s Pyramid
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The internet is your friend! Pick a subject you were interested in and go down the internet wormhole and research the heck out of it!


Good idea one can never practice enough… Thanks :blush:


This is something I do quite a lot… I love researching things I am very interested in and even more so when I don’t know what it is…. Recently I have taken an interest in sigils so I have been watching a few videos…


Thanks I will take a look :blush:


Sounds like a good suggestion thanks :blush:


You’re welcome! :hugs:


Congratulations on finishing all the lessons @TheMuslimWitch! :clap: :clap: :tada:

I agree with Amethyst. Now that you know all the basic and Witch 101 stuff, it’s time to decide what you want to specialize in. For example, astrology, ceremonial magic, cultural studies, psychology, philosophy, etc.

Find something that you are good at! Writing, painting, making music, crafting tools, potions and jars, researching, listening to others, healing… There are so many paths to choose!

We discussed this in an earlier topic here: Will we be told when all lessons are finished? - #2 by Francisco

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Great question. I asked Francisco the same thing and he said he’d be putting up new material all the time. In the mean time as lovely Megan said practice and visit with us. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow i didn’t really think about different areas in which i could specialise in… There are so many possibilities i wouldn’t know what to choose… Currently i am very interested in psychic abilities and sigils as well… I think i will have to read a few more books and research a bit more to see what really pulls me in… I also am quite forgetful so even though i love herbs and crystals and would love to study in this areas, i would not be able to remember most of it… Thanks for the suggestions and i am happy i have another thing to think about as well as what i want my witch name to be… Perhaps Fire fly? I don’t know fires my element and i would love to fly free (as in freedom on truly lol) :thinking: :blush:


There’s no need to worry there i am always on and love listening to each witch’s opinions and topics :blush:


Firefly fly freely! Find freedom, fame, fun. Face few feats, for faith flourishes!

I liked that name! :laughing:


Thanks lol I just realised last. Ignition that a firefly is an insect… can’t believe I forgot lol must had been a long day…


As always, my Mentor, you are so learned and entertaining.
Thanks, and 642.5 Garnet :heart:


When I started… I went through the courses & held off on the initiation for a couple of months. I read books & the things that I found areas that interest me & I incorporated them into my practice. I try to be more organized about what I am working on now than I was. I used to try to do it all, right now.

For instance, I took the Astrology Courses, worked with Birth Charts, & I keep on my transits & positions. I enjoy writing spells/rituals & I really like to do jar/pouch spells. I work with Brigid primarily, but I also ask for the assistance of other deities depending on what it is that I am doing. Before I do that, I like to learn a little bit about them.

My altar doesn’t face north, but it is in a great place for the things that I do. Everything that I would need or use is in close proximity to my altar. Since it is also in my bedroom, I have the ability to shut the door if I need more privacy because I have others home while I am doing my thing.