☑ What Type of Witch Are You? Coven Roll Call and POLL!

That is beautiful @B.Dane :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m a water and fire witch. :ocean: :fire: And I’d say energy witch. Word witch too. Tantric witch. Maybe a bit of a chaos witch. I can never just pick one :smile_cat: :witch_hat: :sparkles:


There is something very soothing and deep about rainy days- like the outside world fades away and there’s only the cozy, safe present moment. I guess that makes us both Pluviophiles (rain lovers)! :cloud_with_rain: :blush:

Thank you very much for sharing, @B.Dane! :heart:


This is lovely. I totally agree about the rain. I find it satisfying and even comforting to watch the rain run down the livkng room window while I am cosy on the couch…being in Scotland, that happens A LOT! I also thing there is nothing better than lying cosied up in bed while the rain batters the window.


In the desert, here, we don’t get much rain. Sometimes I feel like I need it. I’ve put together a CD for myself of songs celebrating rain so I can take a rainy day whenever I need it, no matter what is happening outside. It helps me a lot.

Still, there is no replacement for the energy of a good thunderstorm. I like to recharge with the lightening. It’s a rare treat.

When we have a rainbow, I go out in the rain and just stand there enjoying the colors. People look at me like I don’t know when to come in out of the rain. I find it refreshing, and I wonder if some of them have any color in their lives at all.


I love to dance in the rain and sometimes just stand there and I would get the same especially when I would bring Little Cuteness with me when it’s warm enough

Hey, that’s a good recovery goal. Thanks for the brain spark :laughing: :cloud_with_rain:


To be fair, my wardrobe basically is just black, grey, and white. :joy:


Mine is mostly navy and black, but that’s because people tend to believe big people don’t deserve to have a style of their own. I look and feel good in pastels and brights, but nobody wants to use that much fabric. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.


Well, those people can go choke a little on some charcoal. Damn.

You ever see anything over on these shores you like, let me know, and I’ll send it over. Aussie beach culture lends to a lot of colourful clothings.


Thank you. Where would I look? Does Australia have something like Woman Within (whom I am black balling for mistreatment, btw.) or Just My Size? Desperately seeking poly cotton pants in 2X petite, preferably with pockets in yellow, kelly green, pink, fuscia, and cyan.


I’m not a very good clothing shopper. It’s been a few years. :sweat_smile:

Oh, 2X… That’s only like 24 in our sizes, I think. Okay, lots of places should have that size. Where to begin… :thinking:

I’m gonna have to learn clothing shopping again. It’s probably about time, anyway. My partner is very attached to some t-shirts riddled with holes, but they have to go! :joy:


Some say the holy shirts are just getting comfortable.

Mom simply threw my clothes away, even when they were my favorites- please avoid doing that: it hurt my feelings. I don’t want to cause a rift.