What's in a Grimoire? 📚 Your Magickal Books PLUS Tips and Tricks!

I wanted to share my newest video with you all :heart:

A grimoire is a personal collection of any information you need in your practice. Since it’s personal, your grimoire can be filled with literally whatever you want! Correspondences, herbs, crafting information, you name it! If you use it in your practice, it can have a place in your grimoire. Some other magickal books you might use are a Book of Shadows and a Book of Mirrors. In today’s video, get my thoughts on these three magickal books, how I use them, and some tips to help you along the way!

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Very nice video and I don’t think you were rambling at all. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your message of encouragement in regards to the grimore. I have been feeling so unmotivated because my craft isn’t perfect and my memory like yours is hard to work with! I only just started and l feel like I had a great start! For example I wrote the phases of the moon, tarot cards, elements. I just need to start need more time. It just takes longer and I always want that instant gratification. Id rather it look nice and neat.
My book of Mirrors is a reflection of self and you said it’s important to put tarot in there. Its starting to be like riding a bike. It gets easier and it’s important to just have fun with it!
Thanks for that program you suggested I will look into it dear.
Thank you Megan have a great day my friend!


This was a great video! As someone who’s still new to this stuff, it provided me with a lot of encouragement :slight_smile: Thank you! :sparkles:


Thank you all for your kind words!

@Saulamay - glad to know I wasn’t rambling :sweat_smile:

@Jeannie1 - that curse of instant gratification is so difficult to grapple with but I’m glad you’ve found a way that works well for you. Taking it slow and researching what you’re interested in is the best way to go forward!

@wade You’re welcome! I’m glad it helped you :sparkles:


I started out with Rosemary for correspondences and found that since I went a little deeper it helps. Rosemary is very useful.
Thanks for all your links!
Blessed be!


I have a Book of Shadows, Book of Mirrors, & Grimoire. They are made up of leather bound journals & decorated binders. I like to use parchment papers & regular papers. Keep it different. I havent gone through any of them in a little bit for reorganization, so maybe I can do some tomorrow after my appointment.


You’re welcome @Jeannie1 :heart:

That sounds really lovely @Siofra :heart: