What's your Favorite Movie? (Witchy or Not)

Dear Witches! I am looking for movies that have great messages or moments to learn from.

Mine would be “Groundhog Day”, the day is coming soon (Feb. 2) and that’s an awesome movie! It’s funny but deep at the same time: Showing kindness to others in order to move on in life.

What is your favorite movie?

Ok, so I know you said witchy or not, but I absolutely love Practical Magic. It has been one of my favorite movies almost my entire life. The aunts in that movie are role models to me, and the home they live in - surrounded by herbs and ingredients that they know about and how to use - brings me a sense of homesickness that I can’t quite place.

I aspire to be like them one day, to have the ingredients and herbs and plants, the attitude of not caring, and the patience to know when lessons need to be learned.


I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m watching the trailer and it looks like my kind of movie!

“Magic isn’t just spells and potions!” - Thanks for the recommendation!


I definitely recommend you watch it!

I have never seen this but I will add this on my list of movies to watch! :slight_smile: woo!

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You’ve never seen Practical Magic?! Oh my goodness, it is one of my absolute favorite movies and I watch it every time I see it on TV.

Oh me too! Love that movie

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@MeganB Practical Magic is awsome!

I totally understand what you mean :star_struck:

Personally my favourite movie of all time is The Goonies, followed shortly by Braveheart, Dragonheart and Ladyhawke :black_heart:

I love all the Epic Sagas, such as The Lord of The Rings or Star Wars and Alien. :alien:

I love also videogames related movies, like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and The Last Starfighter. :space_invader:

I am probably the last one standing that still buys DVD :laughing:

I don’t have a single favourite film. I love a variety; anything with Leonardo Dicaprio or Johnny Deep in, I love Shutter Island, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean.

All Tarinto films! :heart: Especially Django, I also really enjoy Guy Richie films; Snatch and Rock n Rolla.

I also like superhero films like Suicide Squad and Deadpool, I’m a bit of a geek so fantasy is up there, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter :zap:

For a weepy I like The Green Mile, The Colour Purple or Marley and me, the only films that have ever made me cry!! :sob: I think they all have important messages; like judging someone based on appearances and learning just how cruel some people are, so it’s really important to be kind, always, and chase the darkness away. Also Marley & Me just the pure love and strength of bond you can form with an animal :broken_heart:

Favourite childhood films include Space Jam, The Goonies, Adams Family, Hocus Pocus, Jumanji, Aladdin and Robin Hood :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

For a good creepy film I like IT and The Conjuring- especially the 2nd one as I’m obsessed with the story of The Enfield Haunting :ghost: