What's your guys opinion on Black/Dark Magick?

@pedros10 I agree with you completely! Words are very powerful! Your mood can dictate what your words can cast. Like i stated before. I never work on spells when im in a bad mood or angry. I dont want that energy to manifest itself in the ritual or spell.


I agree that mood is a very important factor in any work of Magic. However if you can skillfully channel your emotions (e.g. anger) towards your intent (e.g. banishing something) you can get powerful results as well.

I think the “focus” part in “focused intention” is key. Don’t let your emotions interfere with your focus; but also don’t be afraid of casting a spell just because you may be in the wrong mood, because then you might be limiting yourself.


@Francisco ,thank you for advice! Always worried/afraid to cast a spell if im feeling angry or moody… Great to know!

Blessed be.


I won’t get into details why I did a spell when I was angry - but it probably was the most intense spell I have ever done. I watched the outcome unfold in my favor. I wanted justice. I got it. I wanted to keep that spell going and going and going forever, but that was my anger talking.

However, once I calmed down, I realized I was wasting a lot of energy. I set out to do a spell, I got the outcome I wanted. I got justice. So, I became grateful and let it go. I’m not going to lie, it was hard to let it go! But, I feel it was the right thing to do.

So, while I do not believe magick is neither good nor bad, it does become an ethics issue. I believe that is the responsibility of the practitioner. I personally like to use magick responsibly…even though my emotions get the best of me at times - I do try to reel those in.

I typically practice an eclectic mix - but lean heavily on green witchery and green witches tend to be healers, but we also aren’t afraid to put your a$$ in the freezer either. LOL.


Another 25 :heartpulse: for you Fancisco!


I admire your openness to the opinions of others about a topic you believe in.

I’ve always said that “it doesn’t pay to piss someone off.” After all, they might be a witch… I have not worked with that kind of magick, and am unlikely to without experiencing grievous harm first. The world has enough negative energy and I don’t need anymore bad karma.

Just my opinion, doesn’t apply to you - unless you choose for it to.


As a black woman, I really don’t like the term black magic, because of the historical connotations. I prefer the term baneful magic., I believe there is a time and place for everything. I do believe that what you put in the universe comes back to you. Sometimes, I have been in a place where I felt the need to do what I had to do, and took responsibility for the consequences. I am not oppose to baneful magic, that is well thought out, and consequences considered. I also believe in protecting yourself. I come from a hoodoo background, where it is believed there are no consequences for your action. However, my mentor always asked the question is this work justified. Only you can be the judge for that. Every witch has the freedom to practice in a way that works for her. It is none of my business how another witch practices. My practice and how I practice, are my choices. Just my thoughts.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We’re always happy to have more added to the discussion! I generally fall into your line of thinking as well. I’m not opposed to baneful magic but in my practice, I do feel that there is a balance that needs to be kept. If I am going to do a baneful working, I must first give offerings of goodness to make sure the balance doesn’t tip too far in one direction :balance_scale: I’m with you entirely on every witch having their own freedom to practice :pray:t3: Thank you for sharing!


I don’t think it’s a good idea to play with dark or black magick. I believe we all have to answer for our choices, either in the present or some distant future. Since all we can truly control is our actions and reactions, I don’t think it wise to use our choices recklessly and miss an opportunity to do good. There is already so much evil in the world and contributing to it, even in a small way seems like a reckless way to spend our chances in life.


I personally don’t have any issues with it, I’m fact I’m searching for people who have mastered the dark side for guidance and help with a major issue I have going on. I’m not that’s experienced in a lot of this as I am new to it and have been experimenting with it. If anyone knows of someone I can contact I need help


Welcome to the forum @thowell1! What do you need help with, may I ask? We have a lot of people here who are knowledgeable who are willing to help.


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I’ve really been enjoying the responses posted here- this is such a wonderfully diverse group with all varying opinions and thoughts around Baneful Magick!

Just want to give a shout out to everyone- thank you all so much for respectfully sharing your personal thoughts around this often controversial issue.

Looking forward to continuing to hear and learn from everyone’s examinations of the role Baneful Magick does or doesn’t take in their practices :blush::sparkles:


@MeganB I love those freezer spells, LOL. I have a bunch of them in there now.


@jada1 i have no qualms about dark magiks. Magij isnt light or dark, its all in the casters intent that make it light or dark. But magik itself is neutral.

And ive dipped my toes in the darker bc, as like u said, and for defense.


Most people here, who read my posts, know where I stand on this topic. I practice Santeria, and am very deeply entrenched in The Religion. I am also scratched in Polo. I do have a Prenda.

I practice more “grey, dark, black” magic than light. That was what I was taught by my mother growing up, more of the darker arts than lighter arts. Everything has a positive and a negative side to it. The positive and the negative can differ, or shapeshift depending on your perspective. I try very hard to walk down the middle and keep a balance.


Personally I don’t go near hexes or curses as I feel you are intending to hurt someone or do harm in some way, so for me, that’s not who I am. I believe that there is a time and a place and if you do it, I respect your decision. My choice is to not go there.


Personally i avoid dark nagicks as i am wiccan and my t4adition forbids it plus it just doesnt vibe with me.


Baneful Magick I think has a place. The world is Ying and Yang, light and dark. I have used baneful magic in protection and to cut cords with toxicity, but not hexes or curses and I feel this doesn’t achieve anything, it just prolongs the bitterness, my view. But I’m not against the dark. In the dark is where I’ve done most of my healing and self evaluation. :sparkling_heart:


I personally dont use it but find it interesting from a academic point of view, but i always follow the rede and try and avoid harmful activities.