When you just prefer showers

I’m just not a bath person. We have a tub, it’s in the kids bathroom, so there’s that… but I just prefer the idea of things running down the drain rather than sitting in them, if that makes sense.

So! Any suggestions on how to turn ritual bath spells into shower spells? Teach me wise ones! :laughing::heart::herb::sparkles: thank you :pray:


I’m very rookie but what I do since I don’t have a bathtub is steep the herbs in boiling water (after removing it from the heat) for 10-15 minutes. Let it completely cool. Light a white candle and take a shower in dim light if possible. Sometimes listening to music to aid in ritual, but sometimes in silence if I feel that’s what is called for. Before getting out, pour over/wash myself with the steeped herbs. Give thanks to the plants for their assistance.

Like I said, I’m a total newbie so I look forward to reading any other comments! And open to feedback :grin:


I have no bathtub :bathtub: so I do believe this topic has come up a time or 2 because I have a walk in shower :shower:

I did post this & since have learned to take the herbs :herb:, salts, what have you & mix them in a large pot before I take the shower then after I cleanse myself, I use a cup to pour the mixtures over me or use the salts :salt: to cleanse my skin or both. I have herbs that I hang in the shower & have made DIY shower tabs.

I listen to my “Witchy” Playlists that I have on Spotify or YouTube. I usually use YouTube for Celtic meditation music or I play Woke Nation cleansing music. Depending on other things I may have done or I am doing, I will also listen to my Brighid or the Morrigan playlists :musical_score: :musical_note:

I use incense along with lit candles :candle: & do a cleanse with soaps that have crystals in them for different intents. I use Lavender & Oatmeal body wash.

There are a lot of ways to incorporate rituals, spells, magic with a shower & not a bath tub :hugs:

I hope this helps!


Yup! I actually have an entire video with different alternatives when you don’t have a bath or can’t use one :blush:


Oh my gosh, awesome! Thank you all for the help. Great responses :v:


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