Where to start?

Where do i start on this journey i have been drawn to it for a long time but get overwhelmed and give up. What kind of witch, meditation, spells, alter, i want to learn who i am and embrace all that comes with it?


Hi there Sara! Welcome to the forum :blush: I know first starting out can be quite overwhelming but we’ve got some ways to help with that! If you haven’t already, check out the courses that are available on the main Spells8 site. They can be done in any order you want so I recommend starting with something you’re interested in.

You might also want to spend some time flipping through the forum and the tags we have here. There are a range of tags including #deities, #altars, and #divination

Overall, a good rule of thumb is to choose one or two things that interesr you the most and start there. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with information, too. Take it slow and enjoy the processing of learning and experiencing, especially to avoid burnout.

And as always, we are here for you! If you come upon something and have questions, feel free to ask us here. That’s what we’re here for!


Hi @sara22! Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

I second going through the courses, they’re chock full of good information for you to have. Using those basics as a springboard you will find your way into your own, unique practice that’s just for you!


Welcome @sara22 I agree the courses are the place to start even if some of the information isn’t new & go from there. I would also check out the Weekly Challenges & the entries of others to see how things resonate with you about your pursuits on your path.

I know that at first it’s like you want to know all the things & have all the things… but from someone who learned the hard way, start with 1 thing at a time. Everything else will come to you in time. :hugs:


Hello @sara22
Welcome home :infinite_roots: I’m so glad you are sharing your journey with us. I hope to get to know you better.
Love :heart: and Magic :magic_wand: :sparkles:


I echo all the above and you know, I think the lunar spells are a really nice place to start, if you are eager to try something. I am doing this lunar spell tonight!


Welcome! It is overwhelming so take your time. This forum is really supportive and can answer your questions. I started with the first course and worked my way through. I intend to do it again! I was very surprised at the different forms of Wicca. Something will fit! Don’t give up! One beauty is that you can go with what you are drawn to and it will be right. There’s no rule book, but loads of information. Just take your time and ask questions. And follow your heart. Welcome!


Merry meet @sara22,

Welcome- we’re blessed to have you here! :blush: You’re not alone, there is a lot of witchy content out there to explore, which I know can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time!

Like many of the others have said, the courses are a really great place to begin. I recommend choosing just one and following through the lessons one at a time. Read the information and watch the videos- you can sit back and relax, all the information is presented to you, which takes a lot of the stress out of studying! :books::heart:

Whenever you have questions, know that you have a friendly coven full of fellow magick-lovers here to help. Simply share your question in the Q&A Category- you’ll be sure to get lots of help, advice, and support :infinite_roots: :handshake: We’re all enjoying and exploring the exciting world of magick together!

Blessed be, Sara! :sparkles:


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