⭐ Which Goddess is Calling to You? QUIZ!

Aww you’re gonna make me blush! :blush:

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I got Gaia!




The Triune Goddess - Mother, Maiden, and Crone

This is interesting…
It fits because I can relate to the Mother, Maiden, and Crone! I’ve seen some images that portray Brigid as a triple Goddess, my rabbit hole is calling me… Let the research begin!

This was fun, thanks so much @TheTravelWitch_Bry

P.S. Whilst living in Ireland I learned that in Irish English it’s treble, NOT triple as we say in American English! So I wonder if they say “The Treble Goddess?” Hmmmmm… :thinking:


I got the triple goddess


I got Hecate :new_moon_with_face: :black_heart:

Loved doing this quiz it was fun :smiling_face:


I got Hecate. :mega: :mega:

I actually have thought for a while about working with a deity but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I’m still learning so many things each day! But, I loved seeing this as the first post in the forum and I immediately clicked here because I have been searching for what higher power I am needing to speak to. I will say I do have similarities with this Goddess. I am interested to see where this takes me while working with Hecate.


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I guess, you are tooooo sweeeet! Maybe more than a sugar cookie even! :blush: :cookie: Blessed be my moon girl! :crescent_moon: :sparkles:


Wow sweets, you got the Triple Goddes! :first_quarter_moon_with_face::full_moon_with_face::last_quarter_moon_with_face:


Incredible! She is a beautiful goddess! :heart_eyes:


@Janae_Rochele and @Missa Wow! You two got a serious power packed goddess! Hecate’s purple hair is just mesmerizing!! :star_struck: :purple_heart: Blessed be with the power that can control the shadows, and glisten like the stars in a night sky!! :black_heart: :purple_heart: :white_heart:


That’s sooo lovely! Welcome to the Gaia Group! :blush: :innocent: :earth_asia: Also that picture is just…breathtaking! :heart_eyes: Lots of love to you dear! :hugs:


For some reason I thought this was a revival of an old post I had seen so didn’t look until today.

I got the Triple Goddess.

I have not had an intention to work with a goddesss and have done no work or investigation into them. …. So funny thing…:woman_facepalming:….I didn’t think of the triple goddess as a goddess per se but more of a concept. I always thought of the goddesses as being like the ones from Ancient Rome/ Greece, Brigid so I didn’t think twice about connecting.

I am excited now to go and explore the triple goddess and develop a new understanding!


Aww, from a lovely soul to another: thank you for the kind words :sparkling_heart:
I never thought I would have similarities with her though, i always felt closer to water deities if I am honest (my friends jokingly call me mermaid :crazy_face: ) and maybe some fire ones. Maybe I need to search my inner self a bit better :thinking:


I got Brigid. That was a fun little quiz!


@CelestiaMoon It’s my pleasure- thank you for giving the quiz a try! :heart: And awww that is beautiful- She always has been and always will be with you, Celestia! :full_moon: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Solasta_Amore Oh that’s perfect! You and Gaia are a lovely match, Solasta :earth_americas: :green_heart: :blush: Thank you very much for giving the quiz a try! :two_hearts:

@Amethyst The lovely Brigid may be the most aligned with you from the possibilities in the choice- apologies! I would have loved to program all the deities in, but due to quiz limitations (and time!) there are six possible deities to match with. Possible answers are here (blurred in case people would rather it be a secret!) : Triple Goddess, Brigid, Isis, Gaia, Hecate, Bast. Thank you for giving the quiz a try, Amethyst- I appreciate it! :heart:

@brandy20 The beautiful Brigid- very nice! :fire::blush::candle: Thanks for joining in for the quiz, Brandy!

@Kasandra I can see you getting the lovely Triple Goddess, Kasandra! Thanks for joining in! :full_moon: :sparkling_heart:

@MeganB As a kind, nurturing, and very earth-mindful soul, I can most definitely see Gaia’s traits in you, Megan! :green_heart: :blush: That being said, I’m surprised it wasn’t Brigid- perhaps I need to go back in and tweak some of the branching logic to make sure it all aligns properly :sweat_smile:

@Siofra_Strega This one is expected- as the loving tender of Her flame, I’m not surprised at all that you matched with the beautiful Brigid, Siofra! :fire::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Sarafeena_Sage It’s my pleasure- and I can see you matching with the lovely Gaia! :earth_americas: :revolving_hearts: Thanks so much for giving the quiz a try, Sarafeena! :blush:

@AIRAM Beautiful! Nice match, Airam- thank you very much for joining in for the quiz! :green_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Marsha A wise and beautiful deity with a kind, motherly nature- I can see how you matched with the lovely Triple Goddess, Marsha! :heart: Very interesting about the language difference- to be honest, I don’t think my ears would be able to differentiate between “treble” and “triple” when spoken. I’d probably never know until I saw it written down! :laughing: :+1: And it’s my pleasure- thank you so much for trying out the quiz! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@nikki12 Wonderful! Thank you so much for giving the quiz a try, Nikki- I appreciate it! :heart:

@Missa I don’t think I said it yet, so welcome back, Missa- it’s wonderful to hear from you again! :hugs::two_hearts: Thank you so much for giving the quiz a try too! :black_heart: :old_key: :raven: :blush:

@Janae_Rochele Congrats- Hecate is a really powerful and interesting deity to work with, and a very popular one for witches! If you feel there may be a deeper connection, I would definitely say to jump in and do some more research about Her. Good luck and many blessings! :black_heart: :blush: :new_moon: :sparkles:

@Phoenix_Rose There are some who see some deities as facets or aspects of other deities, others who see all deities as being connected, and others who view each deity as their own unique individual- no right or wrong answers when it comes to deity worship and beliefs, I think! :blush: The Triple Goddess is a being of many possibilities and a really wonderful one to work with- I wish you all the best with your research and I hope you can learn more about both this goddess and your own practice- good luck, Phoenix! :pray::heart:

@stavroula You are very sweet- thank you! :hugs::two_hearts: As for the water aspect, while Gaia is very strongly associated with the element earth, looking at Her in a bigger picture She is the embodiment of the whole planet Earth- which is 70% water! I think that as a nature deity, She relates to all of the natural elements but most strongly earth and water. Just my thoughts on it though! :grinning: There are many lovely water deities out there- you might consider exploring around and seeing if any water deities/spirits/goddesses call out to you too! Good luck and blessed be :hugs::two_hearts: :mermaid:

@Ostara Another match with the wonderful Brigid! :fire::blush: Thank you so much, Ostara- I appreciate you joining in and giving the quiz a try! :heart:


haha I was surprised, too! :joy: I’m not sure which answers pointed to which deity (which I love about quizzes, btw – it’s no fun when I can tell which answers will give me what result) but I may take it again and see what happens. Different answers for different moods! :laughing:

Edit – I took it again and got Brigid :joy: I think I know which question it was that turned the answer – the one about kids. I first answered that I feel neutral about kids because I’m one of those people that tend to enjoy my own kid but not always other peoples’ kids. But then really thinking about that this morning, that isn’t always true so I answered that I love kids! I mean, my kiddo had her best friend sleep over last night and they’re practically part of the family. Like…if the door is unlocked they can just walk right in :joy:


Hmmm…I’ve never felt a connection with Gaia. While I do love nature (especially animals), I am not drawn to the Earth element and definitely do not have the mothering gene. Maybe it’s the Divine Feminine?


Cute and fun little quiz. I also got Gaia. I suppose to be fair of the choices it offers, this might be the closest to accurate but Gaia herself has never been a big influence in my life.

Always fun trying these little quizzes out! Thanks for sharing!


Hmm, if you feel love for animals and nature, I think you ARE having her traits! Especially if you feel you have that pull towards the divine feminine then I think…you just might be a perfect match with Goddess Gaia! Even if you don’t match with her other quaities…however it’s also possible that you just might feel connected to some other goddes (I honestly don’t know much about them yet! :sweat_smile:) Maybe, you should meditate and try to find out which goddess is actually calling to you, in real life. I look forward to meet you in our group tea ritual with our beautiful goddesses tomorrow @Amaris_Bane! :hugs: :smiling_face: :two_hearts: