:raven: Which Pagan God is Calling to You? QUIZ!

Merry meet!

Have you been curious about working with a deity but aren’t sure which deity would be a good match for you? Perhaps you sense that a higher power is calling, but haven’t yet figured out who it could be? :mag:

This simple 10-question quiz is designed to help you sort through signs and match your personality traits with a God.

Note: This quiz is meant to be a fun guide- please be aware that deities reach out to people in many different ways. Although this quiz is simply an introduction to a few popular gods, the hope is that it can help you take the next step on your journey to connecting with a deity! :sparkles:

This quiz is Part 2 in the Find Your Deity Quiz Series - if after meeting your selected God you’d like to be matched with a potential Goddess as well, consider heading over to Part 1 to give it a try!

→ Deity Quizzes Part 1: :star: Which Goddess is Calling You? QUIZ!

Which God did you get? Do you feel it’s a match, or is there a better deity out there for you?

Feel free to share your answers in the comments below! :grinning:

Blessed Be! :sparkles:


I got the beasty :rofl::partying_face:


I got Odin - interesting!
shapeshifter and associated with animals, especially his two ravens. :raven: :raven:
I don’t currently work with deities - but Odin would be a good match, I think.


Odin Norse God

ODIN :bird:‍:black_large_square:

God of Wisdom, Poetry, and Magick

Ruler of Asgard, the Kingdom of the Gods in the Norse Pantheon, Odin is a mighty leader who commands respect. But despite His prowess at war and strategy, He is also a lover and supporter of both magick and the arts.

Odin is known as the “All-Father” and is associated with divination, especially Runes. Like His son Loki, He has the ability to shapeshift and is associated with animals, most specifically His two ravens: Huginn and Muninn, who bring Odin information and knowledge from afar.

Odin is a divine match for those who find themselves called to many different paths and interests , value wisdom , and enjoy expressing themselves in creative ways .


Lots of Norse gods here, me thinks the trickster is messing with the quiz :thinking::rofl:


I got Odin, too. I’m comfortable with that. I like the tale of hanging himself on the World Tree to gain wisdom via the runes. The crows are a wonderful bonus!:sparkling_heart:



God of Nature and Cycles

The Horned God is a deity with many names and wears many faces, associated with numerous local deities and nature spirits across pagan traditions. In Wicca, He is the masculine counterpart to the Wiccan Triple Goddess.

I got the Horned God, which makes sense. However, so far I have resisted having a symbol of him and the triple goddess on my altar.


I did mine twice, once with my goddess isn’t listed (Artemis) and once with Hekate but both gave me

Which isn’t a surprise considering the goddess quiz gave me Gaea. Thanks for making this it was fun! I might play around a little bit more since there were a couple of questions more than one answer worked for me.


by Etsy, Hades Art Print Digital

HADES God of Death and Transformation

The “God of the Underworld” in the Greek Pantheon, Hades stands at the liminal boundary between this life and what comes after. Much like the Death card in Tarot, Hades represents death as a form of transformation. It is a necessary and natural part of the cycle of life and death.

Hades is a compatible deity for those who seek deep healing, aren’t afraid of the dark, understand that death is part of life, and can look beyond the surface to see deeper truths.

Thanks, @BryWisteria for another interesting quiz!

Much like the Death card in Tarot, Hades represents death as a form of transformation. It is a necessary and natural part of the cycle of life and death.

Let’s see… I drew the Death Card this morning, this quiz gave me Hades, and today is the New Moon in Capricorn!!! :scream_cat: Do you think there’s an important message in there somewhere? …it’s time for more transformation which will bring lots of changes! :smiling_face:

With love :heart: always



Great quiz, spot on


Look who I got


Huh. I got Hades. I’m gonna have to think about this.


Thank you to everyone who jumped in and gave the quiz a try! :heart:

@TracyS Yay! :partying_face: And also * wipes brow * whew- if you didn’t match with Loki I know I’d have to reprogram the quiz! :joy:

@BlueAngelite It sounds like His energy aligns with yours! :blush: Odin is a fascinating deity with a lot of resources and legends available to explore. If you decide to learn more about Him, I’m wishing you all the best with the journey! :raven: :sparkling_heart:

@Shadeweaver & @georgia & @Devenne Nice! :raven: :sparkles: Thanks for giving the quiz a go!

@Phoenix_Rose I’m glad the result made sense for you! :deer: :blush: I don’t think it’s required to have a symbol of your deity on the altar- there are many ways to appreciate and acknowledge the divine within our space and our practices! Not right or wrong answers there- just whatever works for you and your deities :grinning:

@Artemisia Sounds like The Horned God really wanted to be your match, Artemisia! :green_heart: :blush: Considering your talents and love of nature and herbal magick, I’m also not surprised as (quiz spoilers) choosing the nature-based and herbal choices will lead to Him.

@marsha The Death card in your daily draw, the New Moon, and now Hades- it really does sound like the universe has a message for you, Marsha! May your transformative work go well and may any coming changes be positive for you! :fire: :blush: :sparkles:

@Nixi Yay! I’m so happy you think so, Nixi! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@john1 & @Amethyst Nice! :skull: :sparkles: :black_heart: Thank you both for giving the quiz a go!


I’ve heard that some folks like to play around with the quizzes after their initial run! For anyone who would like a brief guide of how the results lead to who, here are some hints:

(hidden for those who haven’t yet done the quiz/ don’t want spoilers)

Quiz Hints (contains spoilers)

There are many pagan gods out there- due to the limitations of programing, not every pagan deitiy is an option (apologies if your God is not listed here!)

7 popular deities from various pantheons have been selected as possible options.

  • Choosing a mix of knowledge/strength, Norse-related options, and Odin’s associated animals will lead you to Odin

  • Choosing fire, chaos, Norse-related options, and Loki’s associated animals will lead you to Loki

  • Choosing nature and herbal choices will lead you to The Horned God

  • Choosing darker options, things associated with death/afterlife, transformative, and Greek/Roman-based options will lead you to Hades

  • Choosing wisdom, healing, moon, and Egyptian-based options will lead you to ??? [not yet revealed here]

  • Choosing light, sun, fire, healing, and Celtic-based options will lead you to ??? [not yet revealed here]

  • Choosing power, air, strength, and Greek/Roman-based options will lead you to Zeus


The first time I took the quiz, I got Odin.

I took it again this morning and got Zeus! :clap: I don’t feel particularly called to either of them, but I’m more attuned to feminine deities than masculine ones :joy: I can see how these relate to my choices and my practice, though.

Thanks for another great quiz, @BryWisteria :tada:


Nothing wrong with that! :grinning: I actually think it’s a pretty common theme, at least judging from post levels here in the forum. We have a lot of wonderful content and discussions on the many Goddesses and feminine deities, and while there is content on the Gods and masculine deities, there’s definitely more of one and less than the other. I imagine it’s likely because many pagan paths (such as Wicca) have a focus on Goddesses and feminine energy :bride_with_veil:

It’s my pleasure, Megan- thanks for giving it a go (times two)! :grin: :sparkles:


I figured which prompts led me down that path. When I retook it choosing a few of the other options that were close seconds, I got Odin. :slight_smile:


Nice! Another lovely deity to be matched with! :raven: :grinning: :sparkles:


Quiz Update: It looks like we’ve hit the ceiling with the quizzes - they have been completed for the maximum number allowed this month! Apologies- the limit should reset in a few days and then the quizzes will be open once again :+1:

Thanks to everyone for playing through this and the other quizzes - I’m happy if they’ve been enjoyed so far! :heart: :pray: