Wire wrapping crystal spoons for altars

This was my first two attempts at wire wrapping spoons the first I made with an arrow head that my husband found for me at hurricane creek park when we first started dating. I’d been contemplating what to do with it for 2 1/2 years. The second one was just a random thing I tried out. I do not believe this is my niche but I’m glad to hear input from y’all :pray::heart_eyes:


Lovely wire wrapping, @phoenix_dawn! :heart: I think things look really good- especially considering this was your first time wrapping! Since these are going to be altar decorations (and not eating utensils) I think it’s absolutely fine to load them up with beautiful crystals and special treasures. They will make wonderful decorations for your altar :blush: Thanks for sharing!


I love them both! I can see them being used to serve a meal (offering) upon your altar :pray:


@Francisco I use the one with the arrowhead to scoop spices and herbs for incense and spell work. I’ve taken the other one apart and I plan to remake it. I just wasn’t happy with it