Witch Familiars

Was wondering if anyone has a familiar. And does it matter whether you have one or not.


I personally don’t think it matters, and actual familiars according to lore were not pets like people relate them to nowadays. They were more like shape-shifting spirits.

I know most people now say that their dog or cat etc is their familiar, and it’s fun to relate to that. I know animals can be sensitive to energy. I lovingly say that my poodle is my familiar because of how he came into my life and follows me around. But he’s also a big baby and I’m just his momma. :heart:


I don’t have a familiar, or that I’m aware of :thinking: & it’s more up to you on the imlortance of one.

@SilverBear did a piece on them for us…

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I hope these help you! :revolving_hearts:


Hello @amelia4!

I think whether or not to have a familiar is up to the witch- it’s a decision that should be based on your path, needs, space, and availability to care/support a familiar :frog: :owl: :rat:

That being said, there are quite a few ways that people define “familiars”, so I should clarify that I use the same definition that @Melora_Fae and @Susurrus shared- that familiars and pets are not the same thing and serve very different roles within the practice.

I don’t personally have a familiar, but I do have quite a few furry friends who (sometimes!) like to join me while I meditate or do spellwork :cat: :sparkles: I think that pets (companions) can be very important and helpful presences in our practices and lives without being familiars (entities there to serve)- but again, that’s just my personal view on the topic! :grinning:

Thanks for opening up a great discussion! Blessed be :heart:


Personally, I don’t think it matters. I don’t have a pet or a familiar and I haven’t noticed a lack.


I don’t have a familiar. But i have a cat who comes and lays on me everytime i do anything witchy.


I dont have a familiar but i do have a dog that likes to join in from time to time in any spell work I am doing.


My pupper Alphie is always with me when I am in my space & doing anything spiritually or witchy… he likes to rest his head on my upper thigh or knee when I am sitting doing things. Almost like he is paying attention to my draws or whatever it is I may be doing at the time :laughing:


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