Witch name and path seeker

I’m still being pulled to the name damsel. I am not sure on how or what I need to do to change or add that name. I also decided to go with oils and crystals for healing. Can anyone help with suggestions on what steps I should take considering I’m still new at this.
Blessed be.


Here ya go for the name thing! Hope this helps! And congratulations on the new name Damsel!


@Damsel well, you can use “Damsel” as a part of your name. Its literal meaning is a young unmarried woman, lass, from the French “demoiselle” (think mademoiselle), unmarried woman of noble or genteel birth. Merriam Webster Dictionary - Damsel

In a more spiritual nature, it also refers to your own freedom & “rising”.

Maybe find another word or name that goes with damsel there is a list of Pagan Names that you can use for reference or for another term to add that has meaning to you:

100+ Pagan/Witch Names - Grove & Grotto

From Tea Leaf Dictionary - Damsel - “We all hear the term, “a damsel in distress.” This symbol in your tea leaf reading means you’re going to be more insightful. You will be able to see ahead with clarity and a sense of reassurance in life.”

Should you have any trouble changing your name, just let us know what you would like your new name to be & we will get it changed if you are unable to do so on your own :smiling_face:


I love the article about names! Certainly if I were in the Maiden phase of my life anticipating having children, I would choose a name from this article! Our names are so important as our identity, but we often name children without thinking of the bearing that name will have. Thank you, Siofra, for posting!


Thank you @siofra_strega


@kim7 I actually added to my name from that list. Although I lean/draw from :triquetra: Celtic & Irish :ireland: Paganism, another part of my ancestry & heritage is from Italy :it: So I chose a :triskele: Celtic word “Siofra” - faery, changeling, mischievous (a basic translation: at the time I chose it, there was some “stuff” & acceptance & it relates to a place in my life that I came from… there’s more to it than the “traditional” meaning & it fits, hard to explain.) & I chose Strega as the 2nd part because it means “witch” in Italian. So where I am coming from & who I am, I guess? :thinking: It just feels right now. :smiling_face:

However, speaking about children’s names, we put a lot of thought behind the meanings & all 3 are of Celtic/Irish origin. My oldest has a framed name with meaning from my mom, although, I believe I have it stored because of when he first moved out & then back… I’m kind of waiting for them to be settled before I give them the things I’ve saved over the years about them. I don’t want them to get lost in the moves & relationships & everything they have to explore.

My husband & second son were actually just looking up the name meanings for our children & comparing them to themselves. I was surprised that was even a conversation between them. :joy:

@Damsel… you are very welcome. If you do decide you want to add to it let us know! I hope it serves you well.


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