Witchcraft Labels? The good and the bad!

Do you label your witchcraft practice? Maybe you’re a green witch, or a cottage witch, or a kitchen witch? Labels in witchcraft are really prevalent in the online community. They give witches a way to define their practices, specialties, and interests. But are they always a good idea? In my opinion, sometimes a label for your witchcraft practice can have major downsides to your life and your craft depending on how you work with labels. So, are you a green witch? A kitchen witch? A cottage witch? A crystal witch? An eclectic witch? (Oh man, there are so many labels… :sweat_smile:)

In today’s episode, I give my perspective and opinion on the different ways labels can help and harm your witchcraft practice. As always, this episode is simply one witch’s thoughts! I don’t personally label my witchcraft, though I have labeled my polytheistic practice. Don’t forget that labels are community created and arbitrary – they only matter if they matter to you!


I kind of got away from necessarily labeling my craft, I guess I label my practice… maybe… but it took me a while to get to where I am & I don’t feel like there’s really any one label to put on it. It’s just really my practice because otherwise there are a lot of things that would have a label on them if I went through the things that I do & don’t practice or use…

I think I’m just a witch… not really a type or kind… my practice is my own & differs from probably most everyone else’s practice & I’m not really a fan of saying that I am a Celtic polytheistic eclectic witch… it’s a bit of a mouthful. :rofl: & I’m always learning new things that I do use that would fall under different labels of sorts. I’m still learning about Celtic practices outside of just Ireland.

I figured out after a bit of trial & error that I can focus on 1 thing at a time & be okay, but if I throw too much new stuff in there… I tend to get overwhelmed & lose what I have already learned. If that makes sense. :thinking: :green_salad:


This is an awesome topic to explore, and as always, you handle it with so much respect and grace, Megan! Thank you for the awesome video :pray::heart:

Hahaha there really are a ton of labels out there! :laughing:

In case anyone is curious about what are the most popular/commonly accepted labels (at least within our Infinite Roots Coven), we have a poll for that!

:ballot_box_with_check: What Type of Witch Are You? Coven Roll Call and POLL

Personally, I’m quite happy with the “Electic” label at the moment- I feel like it’s a great catch-all for the many different areas that make up my current practice. If I followed any one tradition or had strong ties to any one religion I would probably include that in my practice name as well.

Beautifully said! :raised_hands: Labels can help a witch define themselves, add a sense of validity, and assist in connecting with witches who follow a similar path, but at the end of the day they’re only important if you choose for them to be important. To each witch, their own! :blush:

Thanks again for this, Megan- as always, it’s very well done! :heart:


@Susurrus that’s why when asked i just say, “im a witch”. No labels just me


@MeganB beautifully done


This is what I have started saying more recently to people. I just use I’m a witch or depending on the feeling or people I’ll say pagan, but even that I have gotten away from & started using witch.

My daughter got me a hanging for my door that says “The Witch is…” & then there’s a slide, one way it it says In & the other way it says Out. So she will change it when I forget to if we are heading out or I’m not in my room but the door is closed. :laughing: I have a blanket that says “I am 100% that Witch” then I have a metal hanging for my space, I just have to find the perfect place for it… I got it as a gift & I’m stuck on where to hang it. So it’s in my pile of… things to be hung up… :rofl:


This is exactly what I use for myself. I don’t tend to label my witchcraft, but my faith gets a label or name because that’s how I do my research :laughing:

Thank you so much Bry! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:


My daughter and I are still recovering from being sick so we’re hanging out… I hope to get a chance to watch your video!

Labeling for sure can be crippling. I know for me, I tend to restrict myself rather severely. I’m relating to Wicca over the past months, but mostly because I love the tenets and my daughter calls herself one too. We enjoy practicing together, as I’ve talked about here. I think we’re probably just eclectic witches. But really… what you do and how you act is more important than what you call yourself! That’s what I always say.


I hope you and your daughter are both feeling much better now and that you’re both well on the way to a full recovery! :pray::heart:

This is very well said! :clap::two_hearts:


Great Topic @MeganB :grinning:
I refer to the label of eclectic solitary witch.
Also, meant to post a new post last week but got sidetracked.
In my townhome community, We keep to ourselves, not that I wouldnt be neighborly just that I dont really go out of my way to inject or invite myself or others into my circle nor try to fit into other’s circle. Partly because of this reason…So i havent expressed my way of the craft out side of my home except for my back patio area, the other night (last week) a neighbor from across the street approached Tim and I as we were getting into our car. We’ve never spoke before, but she let us know that two other women (neighbors) had been whispering that we were Satan worshippers. I giggled, at the reminder of why I stick to myself…none of these people know us but yet they try to force their own ignorant views upon us. So i went to Amazon got a Yule flag with a pentagram on it and a wreath, I staked my flag last night as the whispering women were conjugating outside, and placed a dry erase board on my front door, that reads We’re Pagan Not into Satan. If they’re going to gossip might as well have the facts. :rofl::rofl:


I hope you two feel better soon :people_hugging: it’s no fun being sick, especially when it’s you and your child at the same time!

I have the tendency to do this, too. This is why I much prefer to not label my practice. I will label my religious beliefs because that helps me find information, research, and have something to call the beliefs :laughing: but as far as niching my practice down into one or two types? Nope, not for me!

If I absolutely had to choose a label, this would be it :laughing:

Oh my Gods :laughing: I love what you did! It’s so crazy to me how people will gossip without even talking to the people involved :woman_facepalming: good on you for giving them the facts! :clap: