Witchy Music What's Your Favorite?

Omystars! I went down the rabbit hole last night. I listened to hours of music and was not disappointed! The wonderful journey was exactly where I needed to go! Thank you :blush: this is one of my favs


@john4 What an awesome question! Wow! I’m blown away! I never knew about witchy music! I feel so stupid, lol. This is amazing and opens up a whole new doorway of music for me.


This is cool! I happen to love this Metallica song so she did an amazing job:)


Hello there my Lovelies!

For my witchy learning or practice I don’t have a favourite artists per-se, however I did find few very spiritually moving and mind motivating playlist on Spotify. Except the meditation bowls, which are always great, I often listen to Orgànica and Dreamcatcher playlist. Oddly enough sea shanties work wonders for me too, but mainly Polish ones, which may not be to everyone’s taste. However if you fancy trying them out I would recommend “Hiszpańskie Dziewczyny” by Ryczące Dwudziestki :ocean::shell:

Okey maybe I lied a little about not having an artist that works for me… André Rieu has so many moving tunes that go straight through my soul :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love it! :heart_eyes:

Don’t mind if I go ahead and add a direct link here for everyone to check out. Def adding this one to my playlist~ :dancer: :notes: Thank you for the recommendation, @Viss!


I’m only halfway through this thread, but there is so much amazing and new (to me) music here. It seems to range from metal to tribal to quasi-celtic.

But this far and away my favorite so far. One, I love the song, but this version is absolutely incredible. I am blown away by the talent and artistry of the handpan and those who can play it. So inspirational. Thank you for sharing this!


Wow…I love music and… I think I now have a crush on Candice Night! A beautiful woman, and that voice!


I’m a newbie but thought I’d share some music that I like. Hope you all enjoy:


I have a Samhain, Morrigan, & Brighid playlist on Spotify. Then I have some other songs wrapped into my other playlists & my kids don’t know the difference. I just tell them it’s my playlist, my songs. :rofl:


I’ve been hearing a different version of My Mother Told Me on the radio lately- but this version steals the show! :star_struck: I’m in awe- I love this :heart: Thanks for sharing, @Kate_TheGreenWitch!