Witchy Self-Care Routines

As part of my journey I’ve been doing a lot of shadow work to heal and practices to build my confidence and self-worth. We’ve had several challenges related to self-care or mundane magick in the past that I’ve enjoyed. I’ve started reading Magikare: Self-care Witchcraft for the Magickal Soul: Witch Wellness Rituals, Daily Practices, and Spells (Pamper, Protect, Nourish the Mind, Body, and Soul) by Glinda Porter (Amazon) and it’s made think about ways I can start incorporate magick into my daily routines.

Some things I already do I discussed in my entry for the Everyday Magick Weekly Witchy Challenge. With that in mind, I set about thinking of things that I could add to build my self-love and confidence.

While searching Google for ideas, I stumbled across The Witch of Lupine Hollow’s YouTube channel. She had a video titled 3 Steps to a Spiritual Skincare Routine that peaked my interest. I mean, I already wash and moisturize my face - I can easily add in a crystal roller step. So off to the store to find a roller. I found two, a mini jade roller and a double sided rose quartz roller. So my new skincare routine is as follows:

  1. Wash my face with focusing on purifying my face and cleansing it from not only from dirt/makeup but also the negativity and unwanted energy I’ve encountered throughout the day/night.
  2. Crystal roll my face. In the morning I’m using the rise quartz roller, focusing on bringing love, peace, and compassion into my life for myself and others. At night I use the jade roller, focusing on connecting with Mother Gaia and bringing her nurturing and healing energy into me for the night.
  3. When I moisturize my face, I think of water’s powers - focusing on wisdom, peace, and flexibility.

This will be my focus for the next few weeks before I add new items to my daily routine. Do you have magickal self-care routines?


Thank you for sharing this :heart: I’m going to try it! If I can find my crystal roller…

My self care-routine is stretching, exercising, meditating, gardening, journaling, and of course, reading and responding to messages on spells 8 :infinite_roots:


So I was told today that I am a creature of habit… in some ways.

  • 1st thing every morning is a cup of coffee, every day no if, and, or but about it. 1st thing each day.
  • Before 10 AM or as close as I can I do my errands, get them out of the way for the day
  • I am always in the forum before anyone else in the house has woken up & doing things like balancing the checkbook, checking emails & notices, things like that.
  • I always generally pick up around the house minus what is a “chore” for my daughter or sons.
  • I do at least 1 meditation a day but have done up to 5 depending on my levels for the day of energy & anxiety… it’s a fine line.

However, most of this will be in no real order. I haven’t made it to set routine part for that stuff.

My skincare actually starts in the shower, I take a cleansing shower whether chakra or otherwise, I use Lavender & Oatmeal body wash then wash with one of my crystal soaps for whatever crystal is aligning with me that day. I use Aveeno gentle cleanser on my face & then a moisturizer with SPF 15 in it for my face.

I have never thought of making my own or using a crystal roller, although I have seen the rollers sold in pharmacies, grocery stores, crystal stores, pagan stores… they are everywhere here :laughing: I just never knew what exactly you are supposed to do with or their purpose. So thank you for sharing.

My general self-care for right now is if I need to rest, I’m laying down & I will wake up when my body has processed what it needs to from the day. Due to my diagnosis’, I now have a kind of auto shut-off switch, too much past my limits & I just fall asleep regardless of what I’m doing. Other than that, journaling, meditation, spending time outside in the yard, spending time in the sun, finding the magic in the mundane, practicing energy or grounding or letting go exercises, reading, my forum family :infinite_roots:


I have had a self care day. Sometimes you just have to stop and do nothing. I had the covid thing for almost 2 weeks and rhen had to go back to work. This week was the longest 40 hours of my life by just being there. Today I was just present in my life. No chores, I just walked through my day, 1 minute at a time enjoying life. I needed that.


I did that on Thursday & I guess most of yesterday & today… for the most part… its been a good reset.


@Amaris_Bane I love the crystal rollers, I keep them one of those makeup mini refrigerators and it is so cooling over my skin. I know it’s extra, but hey…it’s self care!!!

@marsha Gardening, journaling and reading is my form of self care - I feel like I met my soul sister! :). I need to add in the stretching and exercising mindset because when I do them, it feels more like NOT self care lol x


@marsha I need to do stretching more! I also need to get back into my journaling practice. I used to write some everyday but it’s been a while since I’ve actually done that.

@Siofra_Strega :coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee:!! My order of tasks is I pee, my dogs pee, I make my coffee :joy::joy::joy:. After I’ve had my first cup, I then can start my day.

In the video I shared above, The Witch of Lupine Hollow actual just uses a smooth tumbled piece of rose quartz to run over her face. You don’t need to buy a fancy roller, you can use whatever you already have! I splurged on myself with the rollers because I skipped a nail appointment when I had COVID. Couldn’t let that self-care allowance go to waste. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@Ostara I understand! I’m still not 100% from my COVID either! Add twisting my ankle Thursday on top and my weekend is mostly laying around. We do most of our errands on the weekend so we are making a few adjustments (pick up or delivery instead of in store shopping, date night in, etc.). Sending you some healing energy so you can get back to normal!

@jan_TheGreenWitch I read about sticking it in the fridge! I may have to try that out. And I feel you on the exercise! It feels like torture, not self-care, :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Thank you all for sharing! It’s great to see that everyone is taking some effort to include self-care in their routines, especially in today’s hectic world!


Is there any more ways that I could love this statement?

Okay so I told a fib… only because my pupper is like an extension of me… so while I am making the coffee, I go outside with said pupper while he takes his morning walk around our house & yard to do what he does in the AM, I clean his water bowl & fill it, then he comes in while I’m making my cup of coffee & he gets a drink from his bowl. :laughing:

Threatening right? Omg he is such a dope :laughing: :rofl: Actually he kicked my husband out of bed last night so he could do this:

He’s a Blue Nose American Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull) :heart_eyes: & he is a climate-controlled mush. :rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m sitting right beside him on the edge of that blanket he has pushed over the top of my leg… he is a cuddle bug… :bug: :beetle: :lady_beetle: :laughing:

Ooo… using a tumbled stone… I have TONS of those! I already have ideas of use to them that way! I will have to bookmark the video so I don’t get distracted & lose it in the YouTube abyss called Watch Later :laughing:


@Siofra_Strega I woke up last night and I had a husband, 3 dogs, and a cat in our bed. Your picture made me smile.


@Ostara I’m so happy for your smile this morning :smiling_face:! I can definitely relate. At one point we had 2 dogs & 1 cat. This Queen isn’t big enough :rofl:

So, this here is Alphie aka Bug, Buggy, Alphamongus, Sir Alphington, Big Buddy, Alfred Michael Johnson, Alfredo, I can go on… those are the most used though. We need like a California King because Alphie here will just wait for hubby to fall asleep & just keep nudging until he gets my husband off the bed for the night :laughing:


I was thinking the same thing last night about our queen. I live in an old house and the bedrooms aren’t very big, so a king would literally leave me with no room to walk. The entire bedroom would be nothing but bed. Lol!


@Ostara we joke that we would have to just leave our shoes in the hall if we got a bed that big because it would just be a mattress with closets in our room! :joy:


@Siofra_Strega I think we are soul sisters!!! This is Cobalt, aka Coby, aka Goofball - he’s American Pit Bull Terrier with a “splash” of boxer. He’s one of my snuggle bugs.

He’s not the brightest crayon in the box, this is how I kept him out of a room when we had a house.

His best friend is Bender, my black cat. They have been inseparable since Bender was a kitten. Cobalt is so protective of his car brothers in general.

He and my other snuggler, Wilson (also a APBT) will lay with me when I’m having migraines or anxiety attacks. They can sense when I need comfort.


@Amaris_Bane I love them! Snuggly buggly’s they are & so squishy in the face! I could share pictures of silly pupper all day!

Alphie & I have a transformed relationship since his best friend passed, his best friend was like my emotional support puppy & I was his emotional support hooman :heart:


I love that the self-care thread has turned into a pitbull love thread. Pibbles deserve it, and they’re so good to those who earn their trust! I’ll never adopt another dog that isn’t at least partly pibble. (My current dog doesn’t look it–she looks like an English pointer if nothing else–but we’ve seen a photo of her mother that leaves no doubt to the pibble ancestry.)

For sure! This has been my mission this weekend, as well. Yesterday I just poked about the forums, did a little Etsy shopping, and read. I even refused to make a quick run to the store because I have a long history of denying myself self-care to make up for.

They are glorious! They must be such a wonderful part of your family!

I will say that we have been very consistent about keeping our pup in a covered crate at night because my partner is an insomniac and the pupper is a kicker and a fusser. You are all convincing me we made the right choice. They are not compatible bed mates and so we don’t put them in that situation together.

Though, back to this self care topic, we did discuss possibly spending a day in the small space of the bedroom, in the dark, with the A/C running, me reading and napping and my partner watching streaming movies and napping, and letting the dog up on the bed to join us as part of that day of rest. We are hoping she doesn’t mistake it for The Way Things Will Be From Now On. :sweat_smile: I think she’ll about explode from being able to lay on both of us at the same time, with nothing else to stress her (she’s a very stressed out pup because of her initial experience of the world for her first four months in a foster home that was not expecting a litter of 11 puppies the day after her mother was dropped off).


@Amaris_Bane i just love the stuff u post. Makes me feel all gooey inside lol


I’m sorry, I just realized I talked about my dog in a post showing off other dogs and did not include a photo!

Here she is, making sure I have to really work to type out this story (“The Coven of TAOS-9” which was published in Unfettered Hexes last year).


More self care today. I have been working in my Book of Shadows this morning. I have all of this beautiful gothic and Halloween scrapbook paper that has been sitting on a shelf taking up space. I’m filling up my BOS with the paper as back grounds and then I can write my spells and info on other paper and glue that in. I’m having fun!



Ohhh, I love the idea of a Scrapbook-shaped BoS! I’m a huge fan of scrapbook paper but I never got into scrapbooking to use the ones I bought!

Mine is US Letter with page protectors and rainbow-colored section tabs. I had purchased a soft leather binder in that size a while back to keep my daily tracking pages in, but then ended up deciding A5 was a better size for that purpose and wasn’t sure what to do with the leather binder. When I opened myself back up to my Craft practices, it was obvious why it came into my life! And it being so soft-covered means I can overstuff it without it stressing the thin plastic hinges of the usual binder types.

Now I want to go see if we have a “Share your BoS” thread somewhere, like the altar thread!