Witchy Weekly Challenge - Catch up: Potion Making!

For my entry to the weekly catch-up this run I will be offering my banishing oil. This oil is one that took me a great while of trial and error to come up with one powerful enough to work on a spirit that had hitched a ride with an old antique grandfather clock I had bought and at the same time banish an entity that was living in my basement causing issues. I would not recommend it for any spirit or entity over an LVL 7 though because after LVL 7 it is best to have someone who works with the harder spirits involved unless you really know what you are doing. I have enclosed the pdf and the invocation for all to use. @Francisco if you would like to use it here as well you are more than welcome.

banishingoil2022.pdf (814.9 KB)


Thank you for sharing your oil recipe & I’m happy that it worked on the stray spirit that was hitching a ride.

I hope you don’t mind that I linked this to the main challenge thread so it can easily be found when the time to give credit comes. :hugs:


Thank you. and I don’t mind at all.


Oh wonderful, thanks for sharing! I’ll have to download it and save it for later :blush:


Wow, @LadyDennaRahl- thank you so much for sharing your potent banishing oil, and an extra thank you for the pdf! :raised_hands: :heart: It is a really lovely recipe and it’s so kind of you to share- this oil is a wonderful addition to anyone’s BoS :open_book:

Great work and thanks again! :blush:


It’s my pleasure I have many other pages I’ve made over the years that I’m currently reformating and turning into pdf files.


What a fun project, Charlaine! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It must be really neat to go back through old recipes and spellwork and re-find treasures :sparkles: Hope you have fun with it! :blush: