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During the last half a year I’ve been learning everything I can about Tantra in all its ancient and modern variations, and doing practical exercises with a qualified teacher I’ve formed a beautiful bond with. :revolving_hearts:

Living in my head for years has left me a stranger to my own physical body, and painful past experiences have left their marks both emotionally and physically. Besides working through my emotional traumas with my therapist she opened the door for me to start working on them on a physical level too. Turns out dancing helps a lot! :dancer:

It has been a very transformative and empowering journey and opened me up to more magic too, after all it’s easier to be a conduit for energy the less tensions and blockages you carry around both in your physical and energetic bodies. I’ve gained a more intuitive understanding of the chakra system, and let myself open up and sense instead of trying to keep control all the time. :hugs:

Right now I’m exploring the relation of my body to that of others and the energetic feedback it can create, as much as it’s safe to do of course given the pandemic and my own boundaries. Hoping to be able to do more group events in the near future and maybe even start my own. :pray:

Would love to keep you posted as I discover more! :heart:

EDIT: How did I find my way here? Well… tantra seems to have interwoven itself into a lot of witchy practices and websites! Two notable examples, Lonerwolf and Dream Dictionary I’ve both been reading quite a bit. Quite a bit of emphasis on the chakras, Kundalini energy, the Ego and the Higher Self, finding enlightenment through realizing one is already whole, even the dance of Shiva and Shakti… feels very satisfying to work out where all these ideas have come from, and that many of them have been with us for thousands and thousands of years, divine origin or not… :sparkles:


@CelestiaMoon I have been utilizing Loner Wolf also for some things. I like their format & offerings for information. I sort of use them as more of a starting point for different things for spirituality, empathic ways, intuition.


Hi! New member here learning about Sea witchcraft! :ocean::shell:


I’m learning about numerology and Angel numbers. My sister and I are seeing 1:11 or 11:11 daily (we live in different places). Two days ago she made a joke about her guardian angel and I looked at the clock and it was 1:11 (she wasn’t looking at her clock). t’s odd. I’m not CERTAIN it’s not just a coincidence on the other hand, open to learning more and determining what it all means, if anything! What Are Angel Numbers? What Angel Numbers Mean — And What You're Supposed to Do When You See Them | InStyle


@mary25 There is a website dedicated to the Angel Numbers & reasons you may be seeing them. Try this site:


Currently I am studying the Seven Hermetic Principles (Natural Universal Laws), which are The Principle of Mentalism, Principle of Correspondence, Principle of Vibration, Principle of Polarity, Principle of Rhythm, Principle of Casualty, and Principle of Gender.


Welcome to the forum @jem! I hope you are enjoying being here & exploring. If you have any questions or find any topics of interest, please feel free to join in the conversation or start one.

Sea Witchcraft a Practical Guide

I also happened to find this information from Well Divined (the above-referenced site):

“The Sea Witch is often a solitary witch that honors a deep connection to the interplay between the land and the sea. Coastlines are a place of dynamic weather, shifting tides caused by the moon, and highly energetic elements at work.”

“The Sea Witch style of witchcraft works with the elements as they relate to one another in areas where land meets the sea, and it’s no surprise that the element of water plays a big role in their practice.”


Thanks, Siofra! Checking it out… :angel:

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@mary25 @Siofra_Strega I recently learned of a website of Angel numbers too when I suddenly discovered that my calendar name day (Celestia, actually my second name) is on 22.11 :angel:

The realization came with a dream too, and it inspired me to write this little poem :white_heart: :black_heart:

Darkened backstages of the world
Corridors long forgotten
Deep peace, restoration, calm
Easy to get lost and lose all light

I was given a key
From who, I can’t remember, or when
I was told “meet me there”
Time has not been kind to details

I squeeze my hand and feel another
I am not here alone
Like reading my thoughts she smiles
“I’m here, we’ll get you where you need to be”


This article is AH-mazing (as is the website). Thank you! This is turning on a lot of lightbulbs today.


That is a beautiful poem, Celestia :heart: thank you for sharing it :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’m glad you like it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The warmth and love in this poem is amazing- it feels so comforting to read! This is such a gorgeous piece, Celestia! :heart_eyes:


Thank you! It was a beautiful dream and I’m happy I could convey it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m so new to practicing practical magic. I’m intuitive as far back as I can remember. Today I learned that spell work is best done during a waxing moon and waning moons are for gratitude and rest.


I am learning and more about tarot cards


@DaynaLayna you will find the best ways to cast spells & how to approach creating your own spells & rituals too! Even though I feel like I know the best parts of the moon phases, I’m working on each phase & what is best to work with during those times too!

@gigiandbrad090621 tarot is also a very popular subject! We have a lot of information & I would suggest :flower_playing_cards: Tarot Poems by The Gifted and Talented Kasie & we also have the Whole Tarot Course. Feel free to search the forum or the site for other resources too!

Currently, I am working on learning Runes, I just recently found my connection to them & have been drawing 1 each day & learning about that rune or reviewing what I have found. I also have information posts in the forum in case any other people want to learn more also. I have put together a master post with the topics of runes listed so you can easily find the information throughout the forum: Runes Information


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Thank you so much
Blessed Be


Currently learning the old ways of majick by being a weaver of spells. Using mala beads currently to practice and with each little daily activity a little bit more of majick manifests. :face_with_peeking_eye:)