Working with Goddess Hecate

Does anyone here by any chance work with the Goddess Hecate? I have only been working with her for a short while but already have learned so much about the beautiful Mother of witches. I would so love to hear your stories of how you started working with her?


I recently started learning about Hecate, it came up out of nowhere, almost felt drawn to learning all I can about her. So that’s what I’m doing.
Blessed Be,


I’ve started working with her several months ago, after I kept seeing her name or symbols associated with her kind of everywhere :blush:
Same as @Rowan I’ve done a lot of reading, as well as meditations. There’s a lovely one here on spells8, here’s the link.
I also rearranged my altar a bit, putting out some offerings and crystals that are associated with her :sparkles:


Hi @yolande! There’s a post with lots of information about Hecate here:

And another interesting post and conversation here too!

In my opinion, if you’re drawn to her, trust your intuition and move forward with courage, hope and faith.

You may have to dive into the darkness because she is a goddess of night and the occult. Offer a sacrifice at a crossroads. For example onions, garlic, or any food item on a dish. Leave the dish too.


I do not right now, she is next on my list of Goddesses to learn about, currently I am working with Brigid and reading about other Celtic Gods and Goddesses. I know that there are at least a couple of people here that work with her though. I’m sure they would love to speak with you regarding what you and they have learned.