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Evening everyone

I know there are lots prayers out there that can be used. However, i woul .like to create my own to make their presonal between myself and the deities i work with but i dont k ow where to begin. Is there a structure i should follow or certain things i should make sure are included?

Your help and guidance will, as always, be appreciated.

Blessed be



I don’t think there is any strict structure when writing prayers. Somethings that I typically include are:

  • Identifying the God/Goddess: use their name and titles (e.g. Lord Hades, master of the dark underworld, honored host of our beloved dead…)
  • Linking with their myths (e.g., eldest son of full-hearted Rhea
    and Cronus of the shining sickle)
  • Bringing up past favors, given either to myself or others (e.g., Thou who pitied Coronides for their sacrifice and tuned them to a pair of comets).
  • Honor the God/Goddess: “I offer you my worship,” “I do you honor,” or “I praise you, I honor you, I worship you” are some that I use
  • ONLY after I have done the above, then I state my intentions, whether it is thanksgiving, as payment of a vow, or a petition for a favor
  • I then give an offering. My language here is on the spot.

I learned this structure from The Big Book of Pagan Prayer and Ritual by Ceisiwr Serith. The author does mention that other cultures have differing structures. I highly recommend the book. It has great information at the beginning regarding prayers and rituals, as well as tons of examples for many different pantheons that you can adapt.


That’s such a great question @Cosmic_Curiosity :sparkles:

I follow a more relaxed approach to prayer. I open with an invocation – so stating who I’m praying to – and then I generally speak from the heart. If I’m asking for something, I always give thanks and gratitude first, then state my intentions, and then give an offering. Usually my prayers are created on the spot and situational.

I think @Amaris_Bane has a great structure for more devotional or formal prayers which also works great if formality is your thing - or a requirement of the deity in question!


I think these are the most powerful prayers! My bedtime prayer is usually " off the cuff", with me specifying who I’m praying to but that’s about it as far as structure.


I use Rhymezone a lot when writing chants and prayers. It’s a great resource if you want your prayer to flow well.


My prayers are 99.9% of the time, “off the cuff” & whats in my heart, on my mind. After I have set up may space for them with an offering of some kind.

I do have a couple of invocations for each of my deitites that are kind of a prelude to my prayer or meeting with them.

If I meet with them through meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: it’s always what’s most pressing or weighing on me. I usually speak with them & will draw an oracle asking for a message afterward.

I do want to come up with a personalized invocation though for each of my deities. Now I may have to look into the link from @Amethyst! Thank you for sharing!


I also wanna bring this back to the discussion. @Francisco put together a sort of template for inviting a deity to ritual that I think could work well for creating prayers, too.

To invite a deity to join a ritual, you may follow this pattern:

  1. Greeting / Address: Use the deity’s epithets or their name and description (e.g. their beauty, abilities, realms).
  2. Make a sincere request. You can write it down, use an affirmation, spell or prayer. Clearly state your intention.
  3. If you like, promise a gift or a duty for their help.
  4. Give thanks and set offerings on the altar.
  5. Meditate. Like Krissie said, this is very important because you’ll be able to receive guidance, inspiration and answers. Also try to write down any feelings or impressions you receive.

@MeganB… it led to me journaling for almost 2 hours :laughing: & giving my ancestor altar a bit more attention too so it was a good experience for me today when I met with the Morrigan. I always leave an offering for her, then I leave them for either 4 hours or up to overnight. I return them to the earth or depending on what it was, I use it in Her incense that I make & let her candles burn through their entirety.


This is so helpful. Many thanks for taking the time to explain this to me. I will be making a note of it and putting it to good use! I am also going to look into getting your recommended book.

Thank you so much for that. I have been doing this. Jist saying what comes to mind. I felt flustered though and kept stopping midsentence because i couldnt find the right words. I didnt know.if the deities would disapprove!

Thank you for your suggestion. I use this regularly too when doing poetry with my class!

I love this idea. This is something ive never considered after a deity meditation. I have oracle cards with messages from the Egyptian deities so may put them to use!

I really appreciate you all taking the time to help me out here.

Can you pray to multiple deities in a single prayer e.g. if you work with a triad?

Blessed be



I can’t speak for other deities, but I know Hades and Persephone don’t mind if I pray to them both at the same time. Hel not so much. Aphrodite also wanted to be by herself.

I think the best way is to simply ask. Then do as @Susurrus mentioned and pull a card. I do this sometimes and will use a deck I have from Threads of Fate called The Illumin8rs Amulet (yes it’s spells correctly lol). I love using this deck to communicate with my deities.


That sounds like a productive meditation and meeting with The Morrigan :clap: :heart: I’m glad you had that!

Oh no, I don’t think deities would disapprove! :heart: I’ve often found myself sitting in silence after calling on a deity because I didn’t have the words but I had a feeling I wanted to share with them while asking for help, if that makes sense? It’s for those times when everything is happening all at once and the words just don’t want to come to me so I sit with them and my feelings. That tends to work well, too.

I don’t see why not :woman_shrugging: I would just be sure that who you’re talking to is clear in your prayer, so something like this → “I call on Gaia, beautiful Earth mother, to thank you for the abundance in my garden. I call on Luna, wonderous light in the night sky, to ask for your guidance. May your light shine on my path forward. I call on…” etc. But as @Amaris_Bane said, the best way to know is to ask them :blush:


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