📓 Year of the Witch by Temperance Alden

This thread is for everyone reading Year of the Witch for the Spells8 Book Club! :notebook:

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Feel free to swap thoughts and share highlights with one another as you read :open_book:

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Those reading Year of the Witch this session (Spells8 Book Club VI) are:


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I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! :open_book:

Happy reading and blessed be :sparkles:


Very excited to get started :slight_smile: I choose this book because this is my first year as a witch <3


This is my first year as a witch too – I dedicated myself to my Craft in February of this year :star_struck:


I did my self dedication ritual 2 nights ago now and it was such a lovely evening <3 I really did feel the change in my path but it wasn’t scary it was peaceful and accepting <3 I’m also a Norse Pagan so I had worked with Deities before exploring magic through offerings and seasonal celebrations from September 2020. I look forward to learning together <3 Blessed Be <3


That’s awesome that you felt such a powerful shift in your path! :heart_eyes_cat: I look forward to learning together and getting to hear more about your path, if you’re willing to share! :slight_smile: Blessed be! :slight_smile:


I’m glad I have people to share it with <3 I have good friends and family but they don’t understand most of what I try to explain to them, It’s not their fault though and they are awesome about it bless them :slight_smile: So much more yet to experience <3


That’s awesome that you have such a supportive family! :heart_eyes_cat::heart: I’ve yet to step out of the two closets I’m in to my family: both the Broom Closet and the CLOSET Closet :grimacing::see_no_evil:


These things can be hard <3 and as always the time is yours to choose <3 I’ve always been a little different and my family has always seen that even if they don’t understand it, I’m sure yours will too <3 From what I’ve seen of this community so far you will always find support and strength here <3


Yeah, I’m sure that at least my parents would be okay with my coming out of both closets, but I’m just not ready to open that can of worms quite yet :sweat_smile: lol

This community is AMAZING! The people on Spells8 are all so sweet and supportive! :heart: I’ve found the Pagan/Witchcraft/etc. communities to all be super welcoming and supportive in general too :heart_eyes_cat:


Hi @wade and @Liisa !
I am loving our book so far, I’ve jotted down a few notes of quotes I like. I’ve been discovering my path for over two years now, came to Spells8 last year. I’ve always had a sense I was not as many of the people I was related too, I was keen on my intuition and just embraced being out of the mundane circle of the so called “Norm”. Both my parents have passed, and I have cut off any connection with my siblings. But that is a good thing, they all were toxic, (one in particular) once both parents were gone the masks came off.
So my family consists of my husband and our kids, and of course our Boston Franklin… :heart_eyes:
Any who…I am so pleased to meet both of you and share this book with you. Also, Congrats on deciding your path or answering the call to it. @wade when the time is yours to share your beauty with your family and the world it will be amazing! But that time is yours to decide and you know when it will be.
Woot Woot @Liisa for your ceremony being amazing!
Okay so this quote just seems appropriate for right now:

Your intuition is the guiding light of peace that will show you through stormy seas once you have learned to listen to it.
Alden, Temperance. Year of the Witch (pp. 7-8). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

The unique power of the witch is the ability to manifest with nothing more than their mind, magick, and the power of the universe.
Alden, Temperance. Year of the Witch (p. 3). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

Blessed Be & Happy Reading


I’m on chapter 3 so far, just started it today :slight_smile: This post is beautiful it made me cry, but in a good way <3 Some family we are given and others we choose or create <3 I have always skirted on the outside of social society as well, I’m not sure but I think I might be an empath (or is that something everyone is and you have to find it?) and it makes it hard to be around large groups (which is fun working in retail). I love the simplicity yet deepness of the book so far, it was Noetic science that got me interested in energy, vibrations and the power of deep thought and intent a couple of years ago and I think finding spirituality an magick was the natural progression to that and this book reminds me of that notion <3 Blessed Be <3


Awww, glad they were happy tears. :purple_heart:
I prefer the family I’ve created…Lol. But you’re right.
Im finishing up Chpt 2 now, and definitely loving it! It’s an easy read for sure because it holds my attention.
I don’t believe everyone is an empath, I am. I have to “zip it up” when I go to crowded places, like grocery shopping, if not the chaos just sends me into overload. “Zip it Up” in case you didn’t know is a method of envisioning a protective barrier around yourself for protection. Enclosed large crowded places are where I need it most. I also use peppermint on my lava stone bracelet. :blush:
Noetic Science…hmmm I will jot that down to look into, thanks!
Blessed Be,


I’ll have to jot down “Zip it up” also :slight_smile: Sounds very good for work, I’m always very drained when I finish a shift and have to ground and cleanse to shake it all off. I got a rare weekday without the kids and work today cause they went to dads for a bit so I powered through a few chapters while I had time to get me caught up, I love a good book highlighting session lol. I feel you, I have one family member who is toxic and I have to choose to stay away because of the negative aura a feel coming from them. There is too much light to bask in to be dwelling on darkness <3 Blessed Be <3


Y’all are so awesome! <3 Thank you for your kind, supportive words! <3 I teared up a little too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m just now getting ready to start the book :smiley: I’m looking forward to it even more now that I’ve heard you guys are enjoying it so much so far!

I’m not familiar with Noetic science either – I’ll have to do a bit of research :nerd_face:

I 1000000% relate to the dislike of being around crowds :see_no_evil: I’ll have to try zipping it up next time I start feeling uncomfortable when I’m out and about :star_struck:


I’ll be reading this too, just waiting for it to arrive from Amazon :slight_smile:


Yay! :star_struck: Welcome to the club :star_struck:


Thank you @wade :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s been a good read so far :slight_smile: can’t wait to share everyone’s thoughts :slight_smile: <3 Blessed Be <3


Woohoo! Another reader for Year of the Witch!
Welcome Iris, glad you’re here!