Yule Greetings, Cards and Yuletide Blessings 🌟

As the Wheel of the Year makes another turn, the endless rhythm of the seasons continues. :snowflake:

Following this week’s Witchy Challenge of Holiday Cheer, I decided to prepare a few Yule Greetings cards. You are free to reuse them in any way you like, for example, add your name to it and send it to your pagan friends! :mage:

Click to print this Yuletide greeting card

Yule Blessings :christmas_tree:

This was inspired by a folk rhyme that invites Yule blessings: “Wreath on the door, mistletoe indoors, food and clothing donations, sunflower seeds outside for birds, ring the bell to greet the Solstice Morn, and perform magick for a peaceful planet.”


New Year’s Cheer

This one was inspired by “Bless thou to me mine eye”, a celtic prayer for the New year. I love the line “May my neighbor bless me”! :smiley:

Yule Greetings Postcard

I picked this Yule blessing from Aslinn Dhan’s Christian Witches’ Book of Shadows, it was originally much longer.

Yule Blessing Spell :star2:

A simple candle wish for the Winter Solstice. Always practice fire safety and don’t let candles burn unattended. :pray:

Yule Ideas and Correspondences

My Light Ritual for Yule

On my altar, I am celebrating the return of the light :sun_with_face: with some candle Magick. This ritual was adapted from a spell written by Cerridwen Iris Shead in Llewellyn’s 2006 Spells Almanac.

You will need:

Have a very Blessed Yuletide!! :santa: :snowflake: :gift: :deer: :snowman: :family: :christmas_tree:


I’m saving more than a few of these! I hope you have a wonderful Yuletide also! I’m excited for Monday to come. I have some things planned!


What wonderful cards! Thank you so much for sharing!


I saw the video when it was posted. I will use the ritual. Thanks @Francisco :gift:


Such a fun idea- thanks for sharing the holiday cheer with these gorgeous cards, Francisco! They came out amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And the lovely candle spell too- we are all blessed by your generous gifts! Wishing a very happy and healthy Yule to you as well :raised_hands::snowflake::heart::christmas_tree:


Blessed be “wise one” thank you! I am going to try many of your spells! Some say I’ll be wise too! Merry part thanks so much! Thanks for this nice gift! Happy Yuletide!


Just reading this now, but it still adds some holiday cheer just to see it. :slight_smile:


Happy Yuletide @Jeannie1 and @colin!! :christmas_tree: :santa:

Here’s another video I prepared, for making Moon Water on New Year’s Eve.

Warm Blessings! :sparkles: