Yule Pinecones 🌲

So, I was looking for an activity to do related to Yule. I came to find wish pine cones.

What you’ll need:
•pinecone :evergreen_tree:
•paper :page_facing_up:
•matches/lighter :fire:

What you’ll do:
Write a wish or something to manifest for the holidays on the paper.
Roll the paper up and slide it in between the pinecone pieces (idk what they’re called! :sweat_smile:). Hand it up on a tree or decorate your altar.
On Yule, take a lighter or match and burn it, releasing it into the Universe.

This is simple and easy to do. I thought that this woube nice to share with everyone :blush:


@Christina4 I love this… I love everything about it. What a great way to manifest for the holidays…

… and as always - you threw me a bone and I had to chase it. LOL

The seed cone usually matures in 2 (rarely 3) years. It is comprised of woody cone scales with subtending bracts spirally arranged around a central axis. The exposed part of a closed cone is called the apophysis. The umbo is the protuberance on the apophysis.

So the SCALES protect the seed BRACTS but don’t ask me to translate that last bit…but I guess when the cone is tight the only part of the SCALE that is exposed is called the APOPHYSIS…

May I suggest that they might be removed from the tree prior to lighting, unless you really want to compost your tree rapidly. :slight_smile: I do think they would make great fire starters!


Thanks for this! Although I’m afraid it would smoke up my apartment too much.


That is a great idea for making Yule ornaments and a beautiful tradition, I will try it as I can burn them in the hearth :fire:

Thanks for sharing, Christina!

And thanks for that extra information, Berta as well :+1:


Yes, I love more info. Thanks bc I couldn’t find much on this topic. Pinecones, yes but not the Yule Pinecones :blush:


Would you be able to do it outside? Or like @Francisco recommended, to flush the papers. I’ll be flushing them.


I don’t think I can burn anything around here, not outside. I don’t trust myself to lay a fire and can’t really drag my caldron outside to the front door to burn a pine cone, that would look weird. I may flush the papers, if I can be sure they’ll flush. That’s a good idea! :purple_heart:


Ooh I love this!
I love the scent of burning pinecones :heart_eyes: that takes me back to ‘glamping’ in Poland as a child and burning pinecones on the bonfire at night… but yeah no chance I’d get away with that at home :sweat_smile:
I reckon writing intentions on loo roll to flush is probably safest?
Or maybe burying the pinecone somewhere special?


:heart_eyes: Oh I’m going to definitely try this. Lucky enough I have a Pine tree in my backyard that has graciously sprinkled the yard with pinecones. :slight_smile:


:rofl: it may look weird, but it serves its purpose well!

I haven’t burned any pinecones lately, but I did see this I think last year. I’m in Florida now, though, and don’t have a fireplace because…well…there really isn’t a need here. If I can find some pinecones, I’ll burn them in my cauldron! Otherwise, wishes written on paper would work just as well.


Such a lovely idea for meaningful Yule decorations! Thanks for sharing, @Christina4 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::evergreen_tree:


True, but I may get arrested for causing a fire. Orange maybe the New Black but it would look horrible on me.


:rofl: that would make the two of us.