A Spell for My Intuition: Building My Trust in Me

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I was riding a wave of creativity yesterday, and it sparked the inspiration to craft a spell aimed at bolstering our intuition. Finally, I’ve tidied up my language a little and am ready to post this!

This spell is all about deepening our trust in ourselves, which, in my experience, is often the trickiest aspect to master. But it’s so important. Nurturing this self-trust forms the foundation of our intuitive abilities. Strengthening this bond with ourselves not only enhances our intuition but also empowers us to navigate uncertainties with confidence and grace.


  • A quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.
  • (Optional) A candle. Preferably indigo or purple to represent intuition and insight.
  • (Optional) A small crystal. An amethyst or moonstone are excellent choices for their intuitive enhancing properties.


:warning: Please note that these are mostly guidelines. I’ll share several visualisation ideas you might consider, but should your thoughts wander in a different direction during the process, embrace it! In fact, it’s a positive sign – it demonstrates that you’re already in tune with your intuition, allowing it to lead you in enhancing it further. Allow yourself to flow with this natural guidance and, above all, enjoy the journey.

If you’ve opted to use a candle, take a moment to light it. If you’re using a crystal, hold it in your hands.

Take deep, calming breaths and centre yourself. Focus on your intention to enhance your intuition. Visualise your intuitive senses expanding and becoming sharper, more attuned to the subtle energies and messages of the universe.

You can imagine that with each inhale, your being is infused with an ever-brightening light. This luminous energy originates at your crown and third-eye chakras, radiating downward throughout your body, amplifying your intuitive powers as it flows. As this brilliant light fills you, you become a beacon of peace and self-assurance. Trust in yourself and your higher self intensifies, guiding you effortlessly towards the paths that are most aligned with your true purpose.

Chant the spell:

Guiding spirits of insight and light,
Enhance my intuition, make it bright,
Let my higher self’s words come in clear,
May my visions show me what is near.

Let me notice signs when they come,
Show me the way like a trail of breadcrumbs,
Let inner wisdom flow like a river,
With clarity and insight, please deliver.

As this candle burns, so does my sight,
In realms beyond, through day and night,
May my journey be guided from within,
Show me what will be and what has been.

With this crystal, a beacon of power,
Sharpen my senses, from this hour,
Guide me down the path to take,
And from any doubt, let me wake.

Every day, I build my trust in me,
As I will, so mote it be.

Spend a few minutes meditating and visualising your intuition growing stronger. You can envision it as a blossoming flower, each petal unfolding to reveal a deeper sense of inner knowing and clarity.

You can also immerse yourself in scenarios where your intuition is your compass. Imagine facing a decision, big or small, and instead of hesitating or overthinking, you find yourself tapping into a sense of certainty. Feel the assurance that comes from this inner guidance, how it dispels confusion and lights the way. Whether it’s choosing a path in your career, making personal decisions, or simply deciding which way to turn at a crossroads, envision yourself trusting this intuitive sense implicitly.

Once you feel the spell’s work is done, blow out the candle, knowing your trust in yourself and your intuition is now enhanced. Carry the crystal with you or place it somewhere you frequently are as a physical reminder of your abilities.

Like any skill, intuition grows stronger with practice. Pay attention to your gut feelings, dreams, and the subtle nudges of your intuition as you move forward.


I have a collection of things that fall in the “help my intuition” category.

Also, I love purple things and moonstones, so it’s also kind of an excuse to collect them. :laughing:


Beautiful collection @starborn :purple_heart: :purple_spell_candle:


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Such a beautiful spell, @starborn :purple_heart: I’m gonna hold on to this one for my own inspiration - thank you for sharing it! :purple_spell_candle:


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Everything about this is beautiful - the suggested visualization, the spell chant, your collection of intuition-boosting treasures! And each beautiful part comes together to make a masterpiece :two_hearts:

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