A Tarot Ritual for Manifesting New Year's Goals

What a day for spellwork! :grin:

There’s exciting energy in the air here on the final day of 2020- or maybe it’s just me projecting my own enthusiasm for 2021 on everything around me :joy:

After my cleaning and cleansing yesterday, I got started today with the New Year’s Cinnamon Group Ritual- drawing on the properties of cinnamon and @Kasie’s lovely chant to bless both my home and some of the objects I used for this following ritual.

After welcoming in good things for the new year, I decided I was ready to get started manifesting my goals for the coming months :raised_hands:

This is my entry to the Weekly Witchy Challenge- Of Goals and Intent :scroll:

:flower_playing_cards: Tarot Ritual for Manifesting New Year’s Goals :star2:

For this ritual, I choose 8 goals to focus on:

-4 main goals
-4 lesser goals

I wrote my goals on small slips of paper- placing the 4 main goals in a circle around a white candle :candle: On top of the written goals, I placed 4 items (previously blessed) that symbolize each of these main wishes.

Following along with @praecog29’s fun goal guessing game, I won’t say exactly what my personal goals are, but the items I used are:

North- Dried Valentine’s day rose petals :rose:
East- An acorn :brown_circle:
South- Coin omamori from Fushimi Inari Taisha :shinto_shrine:
West- Aventurine blessed by the Full Moon :orange_circle:

To the right of each goal, I placed a tarot card symbolizing how I can make this wish come into being.

To the left of each goal, I placed a second tarot card symbolizing things I need to watch out for/be aware of in order to make this goal come true.

Below the circle holding my main 4 goals, I placed the papers holding my 4 lesser goals.

For these I drew only one card each, placing it on top of my goal. This singular card tells me what I need to know in order to make these lesser goals come true.

Note: I have been storing my deck with cards all in the same direction as of late, so this reading was done without any reversed cards. If you chose to do this ritual or a version of it, feel free to use reversed cards!

I’ve journaled my reading and personal interpretation- keeping my fingers crossed for good things to come in 2021! :crossed_fingers:

Wishing everyone a new year where all of their dreams come true :sparkling_heart:

Blessed be! :sparkler:


Nicu done! :blush: I’ll have to try this with my new tarot deck. Thank you Bri! :revolving_hearts::two_hearts:


I love this! Definitely going to do that spread. And that deck is amazing!

What’s the acorn for? :thinking:


So glad you liked it, @Christina4! Enjoy- and if you give it a try, I’d love to hear how the spread works for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hooray, thanks @Francisco! The deck is the Anima Mundi- it’s one of my faves :blush:

I decided to use the acorn to represent my hope for personal growth in 2021! :seedling::raised_hands:


@TheTravelWitch This spread seems a bit too complicated for me at the moment. I am still learning tarot but I might adapt it to the 3 and 5 card spread that I am learning. I did a simple green candle New Year’s wish ritual last night and my devotional to Cernnunos ended exactly at midnight. I wasn’t paying attention to the time so it was an awesome feeling. All in all it was a good New Year’s eve for me as well. I couldn’t get a hold of my sister in law but I hope she had a good evening as well with her devotions.

Blessed be! :tada:


It sounds like you had a lovely candle ritual and devotional to welcome in the new year, @CrazyT! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I know this spread is on the more complex side, so please feel free to adapt it to whatever works best for you :+1: A simple but well-thought-out 3-card-spread is always a great choice for a reading- it’s my usual go-to spread for most things. Happy reading! :grin::flower_playing_cards:

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