Advice for this baby witch 🧙‍♀️

Merry Meet to you all

okay so I have been a baby witch for some time now and couldn’t figure out what deity to connect with until a few days ago for some reason I have been drawn to Hecate weird I thought it’s almost as I feel her calling to me. So, I had been researching her and looking into the goddess and well she somewhat like myself and I was wondering if she is picking me and so I wanted to get a statue to honor her for picking me if that’s the case any advice on how to honor her. thanks, and blessed be stay safe.


One think ive always done to honour my deities is learn all i can about them, there stories, there history.


Definitely read about her. The are online sources, but also books such as Hekate Goddess of Witches, by Courtney Weber.

Quick summary: there are distinct periods that reflect humanity’s view of Her (basically three…). Which time period you are drawn to will affect how you relate to Her. Also, your relationship to Her is unique. You decide what it is and how it works. I have heard that some folks write out a physical contract with Her, outlining the agreement.

For me, She is my mentor and teacher. I honor Her at the end of each month, and at Dark Moon - for She is the Light in the Darkness. I leave offerrings at “crossroads,” the definition of which can vary. I also ‘randomly’ honor Her when I have time. I stir my coffee 13 times and say Her name. I whisper her name when I pet dogs. I grow herbs sacred to her.

There’s a lot of things that you can do to honor a deity, but start with reading about them and their stories. You might also search for a post I did a few months back “Hekate is going to eat your face.” Might be good for a laugh.


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I would also suggest reading about her Mythology & learning about her & the culture at the time. You will find personal ways to honor her.