Amulets and Talisman

Hey everyone hope your having a exciting week!!! And with all the troubles we have its important to stay charged with amulets and talisman. I was wondering if you all had any witchy ideas for "TALISMAN which is “TOWARDS something such as prosperity,love healing, guidance, and so on”. I am quoting this out of a book called High Magick bye Damiem Echols! Really good book and he also said that AMULET is AWAY! An amulet on the other hand would be used to repel things that hinder our growth and development or that no longer searve a purpose in our lives:poverty, addiction, conflict, any manufactured drama. I just never tried to do this and was wondering if you all could help me because I get the gist of it but just have not practiced yet and need a extra push! Its all about the intention right?


Hi @Jeannie1, I do not have any information other than I too am curious about this. Damien Echols, I know of him I think…West Memphis 3 right?
I’ll have to look into his book, it was sad what him and the other two were put through.
I’ll be following this post to see what valuable information comes your way.
Sorry I couldn’t be of help…
Blessed Be,


Hi Tamera, It is horrible about what happened to him. I just have all these trinkets and want to put them to good use. I think you can use crystals. Thanks Tamera for looking out!


Have you looked at this…How to Make a Talisman for Protection :nazar_amulet:


Besides the topic that Tamera linked, you may also want to try this one:

What you said is correct. And I love Damien Echols! We mentioned him a while back here: Magick saved my life

This is my interpretation on the difference between an Amulet and a Talisman:

  • Amulets generally offer protection by different means, for example attracting good luck, removing negative energies, bad spirits, preventing psychic attacks, anxiety and illness. Amulets are worn by people as a spiritual mechanism of defense , to act as a shield that blocks evil that surrounds them.
  • Talismans attract a more specific energy . You could create or consecrate a talisman to attract wealth, or a new job, or to improve your relationship. If you’re struggling with any particular aspect of your life, whatever it is, you can charge a talisman with the frequencies you want to attract and then wear it.

Thanks Francisco, I am actually writing this in my bos today. Trying to decide which trinket I want to use for my spiritual defense while I go to work.
You guys are so helpful! I AM GOING TO TRY THIS ASAP!
blessed be!!


I like the links that @Rowan and @Francisco shared. I also watch Damien Echols on youtube, he has a way with words! And years of practice. Good luck with your talisman!


Thanks to you, I’ve learned something new today! That’s what I love about this group. Thanks for asking the question!


This amulet vs talisman explanation is awesome, thanks @Francisco!


You’re welcome!

A good way to remember which one is which is by knowing that talisman comes from the Greek word “telos”, which means end, purpose, or goal.

So a talisman is for achieving something (a goal), while an amulet is for protecting or preventing something from happening


Tamera , thanks great video I have lots of information​:heart::star2::white_check_mark::crossed_fingers: