Any other followers of An Morrigan?

Hi all. I’m a devotee of An Morrigan and am currently training to become Her priestess (if She would have me). Are there any other followers of the Great Queen here? I’m thinking it would be fun to connect with others who are on a similar path, perhaps in a chat group if we are all so inclined.

Thanks for reading!


I’m not a follower of The Mórrígan but I know there are a few people here that are :blush: I hope they come find you! :raven:


Greetings @nicole30!

I’m also not a follower of The Morrigan, but I know there is a lesson about Her in the Goddess’ Temple Course:

Morrigan: Goddess Offerings, Symbols, & Myths

As for followers, I believe @Siofra_Strega is/was working with Her at one point (Siofra please correct me if I’m wrong!) and She does come up rather often in conversations around here- here are all the discussions about Morrigan in the forum.

I hope you are able to connect with fellow worshippers, Nicole! :blush:

Good luck and blessed be :sparkles:


Hi! Yes, I heavily work with :triskele: the Morrigan :raven:, & I know she is around the most at this time of year for me… :smiling_face:

I also work with Brigid, as a sort of counterpart as it has turned out :thinking: but I have a strong connection with both Goddesses.

I would love to learn more & work with the Morrigan… I actually just bought a Connecting with the Morrigan box from @SilverBear through:


Thanks for replying! I worship Brighid too–I actually came to Her first, and after a year or so I ended up becoming more devoted to the Morrigan.

I just started a Discord server for followers of An Morrigan, if you’re interested! I figure if we get enough people we could have weekly video chats, maybe some group rituals and possibly a book club. Followers of An Morrigan

Edit: that looks like a sick (in the Californian sense of the word) Morrigan box! Tell me how it goes!


Ahh! Another Brigid worshipper! :heart: I don’t work with The Morrigan but I’ve worked with Brigid for a few years now :blush:


I actually was working with Brighid for about a year before I connected with the Morrigan. They seem to sort of work in tandem with each other at times for me… mostly this time of year I know the Morrigan is around a lot for me & there’s usually a good reason why too!


@nicole30 i am


Wow, that’s an awesome altar! Feel free to join my Morrigan Discord server if you’re interested!


@nicole30 thanks. Thats how she comes to me, as a badass. Ive joined your discord server.