Any Ritual Magick practioners in the forum?

Curious to learn more on the Golden Dawn system of magick


Hi @Trey!

I lean towards less formal magick in my practice, as keeping things small helps make them manageable for me. So I don’t currently practice ceremonial magick and, now that I think about it, I’m afraid that I don’t currently know much about it! Apologies :pray:

That being said, I’d love to learn! I’m sure there are others around who are more familiar with more ceremonial/formal casting. Bumping this in hopes that it reaches those who can help you on your quest!

Much love and many blessings :sparkles:


These posts may help.

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Not that you must work with demons (though they are lovely to work with :grin:), parts of Demonolatry is ceremonial so there maybe something there that’s of help to you.

I practice Nordic and Chaos Witchcraft so I’m in the totally opposite direction :rofl::green_heart:


I’m not well experienced, but I have been studying some ceremonial and high magick. It’s just not very accessible, so it’s mostly on an academic basis.

As for the Golden Dawn… I can’t help you there personally, but I know of some books you may be interested in?