Any tips for connecting with spirit guides?

Hello! I have recently been trying to connect with my spirit guides, I have gotten readings and had some success with communicating through meditation. Does anyone have any other tips or questions I could ask my spirit guides to get to know them better?


I’ve never personally worked with Spirit Guides, so I don’t have too much personal information to share. I just wanted to drop some links for you :blush: I hope you find something helpful here!

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Hello @aspen27,

Just wanted to second the resources Megan shared- there are some really great ones there that have lots of helpful tips for spirit guides! :star2:

If you’re still searching, the Spirit Tag in the forum has a huge amount of information and experiences about working with spirits, although it deals with spirits of all kinds (not just spirit guides) :ghost:

Since you’re already using meditation, two other options you might consider to help you connect with your spirit guide could be lucid dreaming (where you could consciously call upon your spirit animals while alseep) or astral travel (to visit them in whatever plane they exist in).

However you choose to proceed, I’m wishing you all the best with your spirit guide work- good luck and blessed be! :pray::sparkles:


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