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Hello everyone,

I have a little silver athame with a black handle. I like it well enough, but honestly there’s some gorgeous ones on Etsy that I like more, but they cost more. (BTW the Etsy channel is called Mythospheria, I love all their items!)

My question is - do I keep my athame and just hopefully love it more as I use it? Or buy the ones I’m more attracted to? :dagger:

Second question is - when I call the quarters i.e the elements, the directions etc. before doing a candle spell etc., I feel…nothing. I think I’m doing it wrong. I also don’t feel particularly connected to or affectionate towards the directions or the elements. I feel a bit more attracted to the elements than the directions, but still…not much. What should I do?

Love and light! :heart_eyes_cat:


For your first question, if you are being drawn to a different tool, don’t be afraid to switch it out. I’ve done this with my athame, chalice, and offering bowls (the bowls get changed out a lot lol). You may find that you connect with both depending on the type of magick you are trying to cast.

As for your second question: First off, don’t feel like you have to call the quarters/directions/elements when you are doing a spell. Not everyone does, and I only do it if I feel I need extra protection and energy for what I’m casting.

Second, if you do want to continue to call them, I would suggest taking some time to try and connect with each element, maybe through a meditation. You will get a sense of what they are, how they operate, and what they expect from you. From that information, you can redesign how you are calling them during your circle calling. It took me a couple tries to get my process down. Even now, I barely feel East/Air and South/Fire while I have a strong connection with West/Water and North/Earth.

Can I ask what tool you are using to call them? If it’s the athame that you may not be fully connected with, this could also be why you don’t feel anything. Try with your wand, or even just the pointer finger on your casting hand (if you don’t know yours, for most people it’s the same as your dominant hand but you could be a weirdo like me and it be your non-dominant one; easiest way to tell is to join your hands together like you would if you were too hold hands with someone and see which thumb is on top - that’s your casting hand and the other is your receiving hand).


This is great info, thank you! Yes, I’ve been casting it with the athame that I’m not super into. It does the job, but it’s so basic and just…it doesn’t feel unique in any way, yknow? But I also don’t want to use money on items I don’t really need to replace, yknow? Otherwise I’d be getting a million tarot decks that I love the art for, lol, but I already have 3 tarot decks.

But! If a new athame would help me cast better, it may be worth it! I didn’t even think that that could be what’s wrong, so thank you for that.

I definitely need to try some meditations. Today I was thinking, since I like Nature, but if I made it more personalized? Like…thank you to the Air that provides the wind to make the acorn fall…to the Soil that nourishes the roots…I dunno, etc.

Are there any meditations on here you’d recommend for this? I’ve tried to Air and Earth invocations recently, for one of the weekly witch challenges.

I don’t have a wand, but I’ve also been eyeing expensive, pretty ones on that Etsy channel, haha…I think my dominant finger would be index of my right (dominant) hand but, gotta see! After all, I ended up shooting with my left in archery, because my left eye is dominant.

Thanks for all the tips!


You are most welcome! And honestly, I get the not wanting to spend money but it sounds like you didn’t really connect with the first one so I would consider it necessary to replace it when it is financially feasible.

And don’t get me started on tarot!! :rofl::rofl::rofl: I have 6 decks already plus 2 Oracle and have a BUNCH more on my wish list. Don’t tell my husband. :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:

I fully believe in making everything personal. It can be as formal or casual as you feel is necessary. Listen to your instincts, they will guide you to what is right for you.

I don’t use the meditations on here often as I don’t usually need guidance anymore (I’ve been meditating for around 3 years now). However, I believe it was @Siofra_Strega that introduced me to InsightTimer guided meditations. I have used their air and fire meditations to try and strengthen my connection. I’ve used a few of their other guided meditations for some personal matters and they are wonderful. The best part is it is free! They do have premium content you can purchase but their free content is amazing.


I second the amazing Free Insight Timer. The daily check ins help & I have used chakra, element, letting go, grounding, etc… they have something for everything. They run free courses all the time for just about everything. I use it daily now & my therapist likes the check ins for between appointments.


You might want to start a daily meditation routine that will assist you and feeling and connecting with the energies around you.

Start by lighting a single candle on your alter

Sit comfortably looking straight, back straight, feet, bear planted firmly on the floor.
Clear your mind.
Focus on the flame as it dances
Inhale deeply through the nose till you cannot anymore hold for the count of 3 or 5 and exhale through the mouth.
do this 4 or 5 times
after the last time begin to feel the energies around you (it’s okay if it doesn’t happen right away)
Feel the energies pulling you to the closest lay line or micro lay line near you.
While breathing deeply feel that energy begin to fill your body with a warm white or colourless energy. Picture the dark and muddy energies leaving your body with each exhale and new clean energy filling with each deep breath.
do this till your body feels warm and charged.

This can take a while to get used to. The hardest part of earning to meditate is learning to allow your mind to be free. take your time.

As for your atheme there are a few different things I can think of.

  1. You are just not connected to the one you currently have thus it is unable to work for you.
  2. the tool was not consecrated properly.
  3. The Atheme was used to cut something physical which cut its connection to the metaphysical plane.
  4. the atheme might have been handled by someone other than you without your permission.

Like our alters and our craft, our tools are ever-evolving and growing alongside us. Changing to one you are drawn to more is normal.


Greetings @chaitea43,

You’ve got some great answers here! :blush: Just wanted to jump in with a comment in reply to this:

If it isn’t working for you- no worries at all! Things like calling the quarters, drawing circles, using certain tools, etc all vary greatly from witch to witch.

It really is great to try new things, but never be afraid or worried about setting aside that which doesn’t serve you. Your practice is your own and, through trial and error, you will find the tools, aspects, and practices that work best for you and your magick :sparkles:

Blessed be! :heart:


I honestly, don’t cast a circle, don’t call the directions, & rarely call the elements. I do work with protection energy & the elements but before I do anything I don’t usually do those things. I actually have a small wand because I use it, but not a lot. I have a Selenite Athame, but I mainly use that for the Morrigan :raven:… she is associated with them & this is the one that gets along with me so it gets placed in front of her candles with a large piece of quartz on the other side and black tourmaline.

I have one that my husband made & I personalized, but it never resonated with me on a working level. I do have it displayed though on my shelf of deity items. I just can’t gift it, there is a connection but not in a way that I would use it in my practice.


You’ve gotten some great answers already! I just want to echo what Amaris said. It could be a whole load of different reasons why you don’t feel connected to your athame or to the elements.

Personally, I don’t cast circles, call the quarters, etc. It’s never been something I’ve felt the need to do in my particular practices. I think I’ve cast a circle maybe once or twice? I might cast a circle if I’m holding a ritual but that’s very rare lol

I’m sure you’ll find what works for you! It’ll just take some practice, some experimenting, and a lot of patience :heart:


U can always have more than one athame.


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