Beginner Astrology - Guide to the Elements

Hi everyone,

I have completed my latest infographics to help those who are just starting their Astrology journey (or for those who want a refresher). This set focuses on the 4 classical elements and their meanings. I have included the following:

A brief introduction to the elements and which signs they are associated with
An outline of how the elements came to be linked withAstrology through the work of Greek Philosophers
The positive and negative traits of each element
The meaning of dominant or weak elements
A guide on how to find the dominant element on your chart.

I hope these are both interesting and informative to you.

Blessed be




I absolutely love your infographics! You are so talented! Thank you so much!

Love :heart: always


Oh my goodness, these are beautiful! :heart_eyes:

You’ve put so much work into these - I love them!


These are both fascinating and beautiful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
One of my favorite subjects too :wink: :revolving_hearts:

Here’s my elemental composition :fire: :ocean: :seedling: :wind_face:

Fire Water Earth Air
Sun 2
Moon 2
Ascendant 2
Mercury 1
Venus 1
Mars 1
Jupiter 1
Saturn 1
Uranus 1
Neptune 1
Pluto 1
Total 6 5 1 2

Still all about passionately bridging the opposites :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Cosmic_Curiosity Incredible work. I love your infographics, each one comes with a dash of magic


I always love seeing these infographics & the information within them! :hugs: Thank you so much for continuing to create & share them! :revolving_hearts: I’m going to make sure they are added to the Astrology Information :milky_way: post!


I got so excited when I saw this when working my way through the forum! Wow- this is amazing, there’s so much here to explore! :star_struck:

The history walk-through is a really great addition, and I’m fascinated by the four temperaments- it is so interesting to see how everything came together to eventually be associated with the zodiac! :star2:

Also I feel so called out by the dominant water description- wow, it is spot on :laughing: :+1: :blue_heart:

These are beautifully written and gorgeously displayed as always, @Cosmic_Curiosity- you have such a great talent for these and your skills really show! Thank you so much for taking the time to make them and for sharing them with us. They are truly a gift to be able to see and learn from! :sparkles:

Blessed be!


Thank you. I am glad that you like them and hope you find them useful. These are the kind of things I love doing and I do tend to get carried away at times but I am pleased to hear that others enjoy them.

Aww great to see that the scoring method works! I have equally prominent earth and air while also having weak Fire and Water. This would explain my obsession with new knowledge and how to communicate it and my persistence and patience to see it through. However, it also explains my reluctance to show emotions and the outbursts that it also brings at times. It’s fascinating.

I’m glad that you like them and I really appreciate you adding them to the master astrology post. This makes them much easier for others to find if needed.

I’m not sure why but something made me want to pursue the origins of the elements…it’s the dominance of air and earth in my chart :joy:

That’s when I then came across the temperaments and I found them fascinating; they are so similar to the elemental meanings of astrology and to think that this way of thinking from 1000s of years ago still applies today. I was also fascinated by the fact that the temperaments gave not only indications of personality, but of physique, hair, sleep quality, types of dreams, appetite and even the development of the mind. They also indicate the types of illnesses one is more likely to experience. This was all beyond the scope of Hesse elemental pages but intriguing none the less. Perhaps this could be another set of infographics, linking the signs and elements to the body as they all rule particular body parts.

My collection of astrology infographic pages is currently sitting at 90. My to do list for my final “book” currently still has:

Polarities (masc and fem signs)
Modalities (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs)
planetary Aspects
The astrological axes
The Asteroids
Astrology and the human body

This is an ongoing project for me but one that I am determined to see through in the hope of eventually putting it altogether and publishing as an ebook and who knows maybe even a paper version, if you have any other content suggestions or comments, I would greatly appreciate your feedback and input.

Blessed be to you all



It really is, I love that you’re kind of my polar opposite there! :blush: And still I’m definitely obsessed with new knowledge too, and can be very persistent following my curiosity! :sweat_smile: Having mostly worked through my social anxiety I’d say I’m a skilled communicator too, and love, love everything to do with languages, symbolism and meaning making. Besides my Gemini Moon I feel my Mercury in Cancer also has a big role there. So very different elements can lead to similar inclinations and skill sets, though I’m sure with a different flavor. That’s pretty magickal to me :sparkles:


@CelestiaMoon I have Gemini rising on my chart so I have that thirst for knowledge and the need to be mentally stimulated. My mercury is in Taurus(my sun) so I do tend to ponder over decisions but like to talk facts and use them to back me up. I am also clear and authorities in my communication, which helps in my job as a teacher. I agree that we can have similar traits but the extent of these will largely depend on other placements. That’s the magic that makes us unique.

Blessed be


Blessed be, and thank you for your insights :blush: :sparkles:


Isn’t that just the coolest thing? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There is so much that has changed over the years, and yet there’s also so much that stays the same- whenever I see something still relevant from many years past, it feels a bit like striking the core of humanity in a sense. No matter the time period, there are things that unite all of us together. I think it’s both humbling and encouraging to see :pray: :heart:

That is one impressive collection! :clap: It is clear how much love and dedication you put into your work, Alan- I feel very blessed to get to see this wonderful work of yours!

I am eagerly awaiting your book when it is ready :grinning: :sparkles:

Much appreciation and many blessings to you!


Oh wow, that’s an impressive amount of infographics! I wouldn’t even know where to start making them :laughing: They are very helpful & easy to understand, follow, & look at too! Great job!