Black Mirror question

I am getting ready to purify my black mirror tonight but it has to be in the moonlight outside with 9 lit candles and the ritual I want to do would take too long and I could not devote complete focus because of the cold, snow and wind chill factor. My question is can I have the mirror sit outside for an amount of time in the moon light, bring it in and finish the ritual at my altar in my office? Or should I wait until summer?

TIA. Now I am off to take my daughter to work :confused:


I’m sorry @Magdelina, I really couldn’t say without seeing all of the instructions. I don’t see why not though. I mean, if you think about it, witches five hundred years ago wouldn’t do things out in the moonlight for fear of being stoned or something. Do what feels right to you.


Indoor rituals are just as valid as outdoor rituals! It seems that you have already figured a way to adapt the ritual to your circumstances :+1:

I agree with placing the mirror outside, or try charging some water with tonight’s Full Moon energy and then use that Moon Water to clean your mirror. :droplet:


I like @Francisco & @Amethyst suggestions & I feel the same way, if you have to adapt the instructions to work with you that is fine as long as the intention is there from you. I do rituals in the winter inside because my body cannot be in the cold, we’ve also had a lot of rain & snow so I can’t be outside at night. My crystals are really taking the brunt of this because I don’t have any windows that have moonlight! Of course, that would happen to me.

I hope that it worked out for you. Leaving the mirror out or the moon water cleansing should be enough for you & it’s a good adaptation.


Adding my voice to the wisdom of the others here- I also agree that it is perfectly fine to adapt the ritual to suit your situation and needs! :grin::+1:

When it comes to magick, it’s all about making it your own. Kind of like how clothes come in different sizes- we may all have the same shirt, but each size is slightly different to suit our unique natural shapes :tshirt: :blush: Magick is the same- it should be comfortable for you! :raised_hands:

Good luck purifying your black mirror! :sparkles: