Black Mirror how do I use it?

Hi all, I really want to use a black mirror I made a few weeks back but I do not know how and I also wanted to ask do I have to cleanse it as well (I assume I do) and if so, what consecration ritual do I use? Is there any particular moon phase I need to use it on or does it have to be used under moon light? Any links or idea would be helpful…


Congrats on your new mirror, @TheMuslimWitch! :sparkles:

I know there are a few folks who have shared their experiences working with Mirror Magick in the forum, so I’ll link to their posts and let their wisdom help guide you:

And a few additional related discussions to explore:

Wishing you all the best of luck with your mirror magick! Enjoy and blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Thank you i will be sure to check them out before doing anything with the mirror :blush:


You’re very welcome! Enjoy your Mirror Magick and please feel free to share how it goes for you! :blush: :sparkles: