Blue Moon 🔵

All right folks, it’s like nine days till the Blue Moon. I need ideas! What are y’all going to do? :large_blue_circle:


@Amethyst I’m with you I’d love to hear some ideas


Me too!

So far I’ve done some research on Blue Moon Tarot spreads. Here’s some I’m considering.

I also found a blog post with a tarot spread specifically for this particular blue moon.


Neat spreads!


How is it coming so fast!?! :scream:

Do you have any blue butterfly pea tea? A blue cuppa tea for the blue moon would be a fun thing to do! :blue_heart: :tea: :grinning:

Otherwise there’s a neat Blue Moon spell that uses The Empress card and some water:

Ohhhh these look amazing- thanks for sharing them, Chelsie! :pray: :flower_playing_cards:

I’ll be watching along for more ideas and spellwork- wishing everyone a happy Blue Moon! :large_blue_circle: :sparkles:


Sigh. That spell is wonderful but I don’t go outside at night, it’s too dangerous when it’s late and too crowded early. Thanks, though, I’ll think of something.


ooh this is wonderful! i’ll finally have a chance to make moon water!


Ohhh! This reminds me that I did a blue moon spell the last blue moon. It’s time to revisit it!

Blue Moon Magick for Health and Wellness - Spelling :honeybee: Challenge


Wow, Megan! That was a beautiful spell. I may do that with just a chime candle as I have no pillar candle and my carving skills suck since my hands shake so much. Don’t wanna give a blood offering accidently.

That was far more than I had come up with so far. I keep on getting stuck on the fact that on the Blue Moon, the stork delivers Baby Smurfs.


Safety first always! :pray: :heart:

Oh my goodness I’m going to have this stuck in my head everytime I think of the blue moon now :joy:


:notes:La la la la la la! La la la la la! :notes:

It’s one of those things stuck in my brain. Glad I could share it with you! LOL!


The plan is to spent time with my best friend at her balcony drinking wine :wine_glass:
She is not “witchy” but she enjoys and respects me and the craft so, if we are in the mood we might do a spell or a manifestation and a tarrot spread :full_moon: :mage:t2:


Thank you! It was at a time when I was really struggling with some potential health issues - turns out they were only potential and not actual issues! That candle burned down so fast :joy: because I had it lit all the time. I think I need to tweak the spell a bit for more specificity, but we’ll see what happens!


I’m doing that, too, among other things :slight_smile:


I got no idea be eager to find out what other are doing but i must say i can already feel it coming in my bones!!! :large_blue_circle: :blush:


Oh loving these ideas. I have some great things to go off of :blush:


I just read that doing research, I can’t believe I forgot. Maybe I should curl up for a good old fashioned Smurf marathon for inspiration cause I got nothing


I am eagerly awaiting a Blue Moon Slow Flow from Moon Medicine. I love her New Moon, Full Moon, and Sabbat flows.


I’m really excited about all these fantastic ideas! The rarity of blue moons is just ideal for boosting aspects like prosperity, success, and abundance. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to cleanse our auras and tools, giving them a refreshing recharge. Personally, I’m planning to seize this moment to let go of thought patterns, habits, and practices that aren’t healthy for me anymore. I’m going to do a release spell to clear all that out and make room for positive changes. I posted it here.


So if I’m following this right it’s on Tuesday England time?

I don’t know what to do, but I think a letting go of all the old me/belief patterns and embracing all of the new me/belief patterns is a good idea, thanks for this. Be interesting to find out what I’m still holding onto. There’s a lovely ritual in my deity devotional that would fit nice with this moon, but I think you could modify this ritual to work with any deity.
You’ll need:
A Candle/s to your deity
A mirror
1 unlit tealight candle
A notebook and pen

Cleanse your space
Place the mirror Infront of you and sit comfortably Infront of it. (Can be full length mirror or table mirror)
Light your candle/s (I’d use a large candle/s for more light)
Arrange the candle/s around the mirror so you can see your reflection in it.
Keep the notebook and pen near you incase you want to jot things down
All other lights out.
Breathe slowly, clear your mind.
When calm, look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and say a prayer to your deity:
For me it would be something like:
Hail Loki, father of monsters and bringer of light. I ask you to send me one of your three children, be it Hel, the serpent or the wolf, to guide me to a part of myself that I need to let go off. In your name, let them lead me to this demon and show me where it came from, so I can let it go.
Depending on your deity would depend who you ask to summon.
Then look in the mirror, who do you see your face reflecting back at you. What message are you getting from that reflection, what thoughts come to mind for you to let go?
Write it down if you like.
At the end of the ritual you thank the deity that helped you and ask them to guide you back from the darkness to the light.
Then take your unlit tealight, hold it in both hands, imagine that demon is swirling inside your body like black smoke. With each exhale blow that black smoke out of your body, through your hands and into the tealight.
Then light the tealight and say
I acknowledge this demon of (—) With the fire of this candle may it be gone
Let the tealight burn out.
Then, if needed cleanse yourself with the incense or however you like.

Just a suggestion, but I like @Amaris_Bane spell about letting go off the old so I might include that into this ritual.
Blessed be lovelies :sparkling_heart: Here’s to the coming moon. :large_blue_circle: